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  1. I'm surprised Teal forgot to mention "Split." Great movie to really make you think about Parts. Here's the trailer for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84TouqfIsiI
  2. Xendory


    Holy shit! That's awesome! Congratulations Blake and Julianna (sorry if I got the spelling wrong )
  3. Xendory

    June 16th

    Happy Birthday Teal! Enjoy your day off, eat lots of cake, and hope you enjoy your presents and community presence! Love you! Happy 36th
  4. Xendory


    I see so many similarities between myself and Blake. If we met and spent time together, I think we'd become great friends. Same with Graci, too. This is a great exercise to do with your friends. I will do this next time I spend time with mine. Lessons I have learned from my childhood friends: Chris: Be true to yourself and your desires, even if other people try to tell you how you should live your life Andrew: Always try to find the humor in situations (even work), so life can become more enjoyable From both: Embrace your Inner Child and Weirdness, even if others w
  5. Teal, You may not read this or respond to it, but a few thoughts just crossed my mind after starting to read your Article on Kindness for the next upcoming Ask Teal episode. You have articles, quotes, and videos about showing Compassion and Kindness to others, but claim you're a Brutally Honest person. Say you were being Brutally Honest with someone and your words hurt them. Being an empath, would you feel bad or hurt and try to apologize or reword what you said in a Compassionate and Kind way? Would you not apologize because being Brutally Honest is part of your Authentic self?
  6. Procrastination: grade school, college, work life, and personal life Speaking up when I feel I (or someone else) is being treated unfairly/unjustly Inability to lie even when I know it will get me in trouble (but not brutal honesty) Not knowing what to do in a given situation or task and taking no action as a result instead of asking for help
  7. Xendory


    I understand! She doesn't go super in-depth the way you're probably hoping for, but I think Is It Freedom or Is It Irresponsibility? (Commitment to Non Commitment) may be a good substitute until she does an episode just dedicated to Freedom.
  8. Xendory


    Not sure if any of the videos in this search are what you're looking for: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=teal+swan+freedom
  9. Xendory

    Hate Is Hurt

    This was the longest Daily Update I've ever seen! Needed to go back through and take notes on what Teal was teaching. My notes are a lot longer than this, but these are the key points: To get to a space of Compassion, ask "How do I relate to their pain? How do I feel the same as they feel in this situation or other situations?" Resentment is about a sense of unfairness Empowerment is about how you can better reach your needs and wants The deeper we go into resentment and try to resolve it directly instead of indirectly, the more empowerment we feel relative to
  10. Xendory


    Buffalo, huh!? I'm in the Albany area. Still haven't met any Teal followers out here. I'm the only one wearing a Frequency face mask whenever going into public
  11. Xendory


    Waterfalls a week ago and a volcano today? You're constantly making Costa Rica appear to be the perfect place to live. Sounds like the Teal Tribe needs a field trip.
  12. Since they switched to using Zoom for the Synchronizations, you don't have to submit questions beforehand anymore. Now, you can submit them during the Synchronization. If your question is a vibrational match, Blake will bring you on to talk with Teal.
  13. Extremely grateful to get the opportunity to speak with Teal! Still have yet to send her a follow-up progress email to what she gave me, but will be sending that out to her soon. Hopefully, she gets it and can reply instead of it going to someone on her team and it getting dismissed. Since this Synchronization, people have reached out to me via Facebook and the Teal Tribe group. Made a friend with someone from the UK and we message almost regularly. Had one session with a Completion Process Practitioner that was helpful and a success. Still need to message her to have another one or more.
  14. Xendory


    Thanks for clearing up the difference, Teal! For awhile, I've been saying I'm jealous of people, when I'm actually envious because I want what they have because I believe having what they have will bring me happiness and closer to realizing my purpose in this life. Here are a few things I'm envious of: People with extrasensory abilities Members of Teal's community My friend, Andrew, because of his family and successful career People who know what their purpose in this life is and are actively living it or going towards it People who don't have Student Loan debt
  15. Xendory


    I feel overwhelmed when I am given a problem to solve that I have no idea how to solve it or where to begin, but people expect that I know what to do. Also, feeling like I have to do everything at once in order to appease others
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