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  1. Extremely grateful to get the opportunity to speak with Teal! Still have yet to send her a follow-up progress email to what she gave me, but will be sending that out to her soon. Hopefully, she gets it and can reply instead of it going to someone on her team and it getting dismissed. Since this Synchronization, people have reached out to me via Facebook and the Teal Tribe group. Made a friend with someone from the UK and we message almost regularly. Had one session with a Completion Process Practitioner that was helpful and a success. Still need to message her to have another one or more. Thank you again, Teal for speaking with me. Also, thanks to Blake for picking my question and giving me that opportunity
  2. Xendory


    Thanks for clearing up the difference, Teal! For awhile, I've been saying I'm jealous of people, when I'm actually envious because I want what they have because I believe having what they have will bring me happiness and closer to realizing my purpose in this life. Here are a few things I'm envious of: People with extrasensory abilities Members of Teal's community My friend, Andrew, because of his family and successful career People who know what their purpose in this life is and are actively living it or going towards it People who don't have Student Loan debt Those who have the motivation to take the active steps to getting what they want in life Most of these stem from the belief that I'm not good enough because of being shamed into believing so. Also, because observing other people and believing they're better than me.
  3. Xendory


    I feel overwhelmed when I am given a problem to solve that I have no idea how to solve it or where to begin, but people expect that I know what to do. Also, feeling like I have to do everything at once in order to appease others
  4. Xendory


    Just submitted my synchronization. That rainstorm sounds brutal! Hope you guys are staying safe in Costa Rica! Love you all! Happy Thursday! The weekend and the next Sync is almost here
  5. Xendory

    Teal's Resistance

    "What is making it so that in your life specifically you lack the drive to integrate? What is demotivating you to integrate? What is it about it that's so much effort?" I want to integrate, but don't want to do it alone. When I'm by myself, it's easy to get distracted and do other things because there's no one to push me towards integration. I am aware that I don't do these things, but the lack of intrinsic motivation requires extrinsic motivation to get things done. I feel stuck trying to figure everything out by myself because no one else in my life seems willing to do these things with me because they throw their own demotivating viewpoints at me due to not agreeing with what I want to do or they're not willing to put in the effort. I want to change for the better. I want to put in the effort. I want to integrate. I want others to indulge these requests instead of judge or poke fun at it. Love you all! Happy Thursday! Teal, good luck with working with your team today! I'm sorry you're going through this!
  6. Xendory

    Orgy Exercise

    Since my friends weren't too helpful and I don't fully agree with my sister's list, I spent some time coming up with my own. This is my personal list: Samwell Tarly Eeyore Galileo Galilei Ralphie May Gandalf Archangel Jeremiel Landon Kirby (From the 'Legacies' TV show) A Pleiadian Place: An Arcade
  7. Xendory

    Orgy Exercise

    I just sent a mass text to a group of friends and my sister. I'll wait for their responses and post here once I get it. This does seem like a fun exercise and I'm curious what they say Update: Just got my responses. Only my sister actually played along, but still commented how 'Orgy' was the worst word to use. Her responses: A band playing rock and emotional music A male artist creating something An Italian Grandmother (I'm not Italian by the way) cooking on five different burners and just burned some stuff An Australian Shepard puppy Bookshelves full of STEM books An hourglass on a metal and glass end table My Parents Place: An arcade I think I should've left out the word 'things' in my text when I said '8 people, beings, or things' because she took that very literally. My other friends then commented on how I'm on drugs for asking this scenario in the first place and they question the shit I read online. My buddy AJ then gave a nice heartfelt response afterward: "You are compassionate, empathic, you care what other people think about you because you care so much about them. The world doesn't deserve your kindness. Your loving character and personality is something the whole world needs to esteem. The world is a mean place, the people and places within it are delusional. There is nothing on this planet to compare you to. Nothing places value to how much you mean to me." Not the responses I was looking for, but the heartfelt response from my friend just made my day. Thank you for this exercise, so the Universe could manifest those kind words from my friend!
  8. Xendory

    Parallel Realities

    Links to the videos: The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality - Teal Swan How To Call Bulls#!t On DENIAL - Teal Swan AND Consciousness (The Modern Day Replacement for The Middle Way) - Teal Swan For me personally, I don't feel like I'm going nuts or living in a Parallel Reality. This is due to an Open Mind and understanding that there are many reasons why whatever is happening in the world today is happening. Also, because everyone has their own perspective on what is happening. Everyone's thoughts are valid regardless if what they think is true or not. We just need to not be trapped in a bubble and listen to people without trying to change them. Love you all! Have a great day!
  9. Xendory

    Manifestation Frequency

    That frequency looks beautiful in the Work-In-Progress stage. Can't wait to see the finished result. I may wind up buying a print or similar so I can work on manifesting the things I want, need, to express in life. Answer to Pop Quiz question: Sirian Solar Invocation Seal. I didn't know this one off-hand, so I had to look it up. I don't have that one saved to my wallpapers folder on my computer, so haven't entrained with this frequency yet. Changing that now! Once I move back in with my family, one thing I plan to do is download, save, organize, and study all the frequency paintings so I can commit them to memory as best I can because I want to. I'd love to be able to see the frequencies naturally, but still have a long way to go in my spiritual journey for that to happen. I purchased the Crisis e-course this morning while it's still on sale. Still waiting for the most recent synchronization to be uploaded to watch it again, but I'm sure your team is doing everything they can to take care of it. Love you, Teal! Have a great day, everyone!
  10. Xendory

    How To Thrive In A Crisis

    Just purchased the course while it's still on sale as I would not have purchased it at the regular price. I'm willing to pay $144 for the course, but not $399. Once I move back in with my parents, I'll be spending more (hopefully most) of my time going through this course and the Self-Love course to get myself where I want to be in my life. Doing all of that along with more meditation and making lifestyle changes. I hope to make the transition from Lacto-Vegetarian to Vegan and strengthen my Third Eye chakra. Thank you and everyone on your team for making this course and being you! Love you, Teal!
  11. Xendory


    I don't feel as if I've ever created an Overlay, but I could be wrong. I'll do some thinking today and watch that video again to see if there's ever been a time I've done that throughout my life. As I haven't had a romantic relationship in my adult life, I'll have to apply this to my other relationships with family and friends. Teal, those Sunflower earrings are very appealing! They really stood out to me while I was watching this Update. Happy Friday, everyone! Love you all!
  12. This is why I follow you and want to learn as much as I can from you. My paradigms of the past may have been comfort and what makes me feel good, but what I really want is the truth. The truth of: myself and why I am the way I am; why others are the way they are; this universe and the different dimensions and how they function. With this knowledge, I want to become empowered and live the best life possible for me as well as encouraging others to live their best life. Like you, I want to find a solution for suffering and teach others to embrace and overcome their suffering. I hope to embrace my own Divine Masculine some day. This is why I am drawn to you and want to work alongside you. There's only so much a person can learn on their own. I really hope we can meet and work together some day! I Love You! I Love everyone here, too! Thank you for being the Mirror!
  13. Xendory

    Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day, everyone! I love the idea of doing a meditation to connect to Gaia! Will give this a try today and see what happens. Blake, I love that shirt you're wearing! You always seem to have funny graphic shirts on. My family and friends (myself included) have never really celebrated Earth Day much before. I still have not gone through a true Spiritual Awakening, so as much as I want to be connected to everyone and everything, I don't feel it quite yet. I hope to change this over the coming months and years. That way, I can truly celebrate Earth Day and feel connected to Gaia and everyone inhabiting her. Love you, Teal and Blake! I hope everyone enjoys Earth Day!
  14. Xendory


    Anytime! I hope you and anyone else that decides to use it find it calming.
  15. Xendory


    I will be gentle with my vulnerable aspect by practicing meditation while listening to my favorite Meditation Music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBUMIC3aFJ0&t=6351s Also, I will watch your documentary "Open Shadow" as that is something that feels soft for me to do. In general, I feel I usually practice gentleness, but can be harsh towards myself when talking about myself to others. I will do my best to not do that today. Thank you, Teal! Love you! Love everyone, too! Hope your Tuesday is filled with gentleness and Self-Love!
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