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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this Teal. It came at the perfect time. I am 28 years old, 10 weeks pregnant, about to start anew with the father (Colombian) in Uruguay...but first we will be apart for a few months while I visit friends/family in the US and get settled with my dear friend in Uruguay and he works in Argentina in preparation for baby. Everything you said in this post resonated with me, as my head is spinning with "new mom" worries. Your blog posts always speak to me, but this one did especially, and it told me to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. I am doing all that I can, and that is good enough. I have been following you for 3 years now. Last year while visiting this same friend in Uruguay, I was reading "The Completion Process" and having a hard time applying it by myself, even though there is a lot of work to be done there! I introduced my friend to your videos, and now she is going to be meeting you in a few weeks in Costa Rica for your Completion Process Practitioner Training! Besides being totally star-struck, I am so proud of her for earning this opportunity, and I can't wait to be with her come March, and have her help me process a lot of my shit via the Completion Process via your direct teachings. We are gonna be a power house to help change the world, just wait and see! And baby is coming along for the ride too Much love to you, your crew, and all that you do, the example you set for your son, your community, and the world at large. Dorothea Vasicek
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