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  1. Bea

    I see, thank you! I have a friend who is actually studying vedic astrology, and she agrees that it is very accurate. I will definitely look into it
  2. Bea

    I have Shravana as my birth star. I don't know much about vedic astrology but it seems very interesting! Is the nakshatra dictated by something specific like year or time of birth?
  3. Bea

    Hey, another 11th grader here! I know exactly what you mean; the small talk, feeling fake, I used to basically do the same thing with the youtube videos. I started getting into spirituality just before starting high school and honestly it hasn't been easy. I think the most important thing you should know is that you are not alone. Feeling like you are all alone and are unable to find people who understand you is one of the most painful feelings, I know. (Heck, I still struggle with this.) But we are out here. I've come to realize that being in this situation where I feel like an outcast and trapped has ultimately helped me. Negative circumstances in life serve that purpose, they force you to change your perspective and examine what you want in life. Isn't that how most people get into spirituality? They are pressed to find a higher perspective on life because of negative situations. And yeah, high school sucks sometimes, but it will not last forever. There are days in school when I tell myself "ok, this day will be good. Good things are going to happen if I follow what makes me happy". And surprisingly enough, things go ok. What you focus on is tremendously powerful. Sure, sometimes it feels like the world is going to end, but that is just one perspective. When things get difficult, try to focus on a more objective perspective. Despite everything, life goes on. And another thing, follow what makes you happy. I'm sure you've heard of this concept before, but emotions serve as a compass to direct you in the path that's meant for you. Life is a reflection of your inner beliefs, so if you convince yourself that high school will be terrible, it might will be. I know the people around you may feel fake, but believe me nobody has it figured out. I think we're all kind of lost and sad and wish to talk about deep things with others, but are afraid to. I hope this helps you ♡
  4. Bea

    Hello! Post about your favorite books Right now I'm about to finish A Tale for the Time Being, I really recommend it! The story is about a woman finding a teen girl's diary after the Japan tsunami. It has a lot to do with synchronicity and Buddhism. I'm also reading Deepak Chopra's "7 Laws of Spiritual Success", really worth a read
  5. Bea

    welcome i love your signature haha <3 legolas!