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  1. Such Gorgeous descriptions. My Mother has always wanted to go, someday I'd love to take her. Your description of the woman creature in your dream made me think of the story of Loreley. And the song Loreley by Blackmore's Night. Your connection with your ancestral lineage is so incredible* , even more so that you were able to 'feel' it right down to the cells in your body. Wishing I was there! <3 Be safe and Enjoy everything you can for all of us back in the states. Thankyou for sharing these experiences with us.
  2. ~Loved this one<3 I'll have to go there someday. The visualizations for healing and interacting with the present and ever present forms, inspiring.
  3. I always love how you're able to describe places with the internal feeling, and color, and vibrations, makes them sounds so much more beautiful<3

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