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  1. Did Teal ask you to represent her? Anyway I never said not to act, and Teal has done a video on how to pray.
  2. Teal, do you think there is any prayer that would help? Would it help to ask God to have people reincarnate on other planets that are more appropriate to their spiritual evolution, or asking that people be reincarnated into animal lifetimes so they don't suffer the difficulties of making stressful human free-will decisions.
  3. Maybe I felt wary of Christopher Robin when I was a child, because he was like me, but he didn't know enough to hide behind a facade of trying to act normal.
  4. I'v been thinking about why people are so polarized, political and violent. Seems to me that the cause (on the surface) is dysfunctional friendships. These friendships would fall apart without a common enemy to bond the dysfunctional friendship together. People need more unconditional aspects to their friendships so they don't need to have enemies in order to have friends.
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