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  1. Note to self: stopped at 59'
  2. The last time I did CP, I went back to a memory where I suppressed the part of me that loves my father. It would have been too hard to live life loving him and watching him go on long business trips, being insensitive and rude, emotionally manipulating me and so on AND loving him at the same time.
  3. note to self: stopped at 1:43
  4. Note to self: stopped at 48:00
  5. IndigoLight

    San Diego Workshop 2016

    Note to self: stopped around 2 hours in
  6. Note to self: stopped at 1:37:00
  7. IndigoLight

    Prague 2015

    Note to self: stopped at 1:41
  8. IndigoLight


    I am unlearning that crying and being vulnerable means there is something deeply wrong with me. Whenever I cry in public, someone shows up to hold me. Once it was in the subway in a city I was new to and my only friend happened to be in the same coach I got on and today in a church a stranger wiped off my tears and let me sob in his arms. When I was a kid, my mom would react to my crying as if I was possessed
  9. IndigoLight

    San Francisco 2015

    note to self: stopped at 4:05
  10. Happy birthday, Graci! Thank you for including us in your party!
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