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  1. KristaTerry

    Childhood Story

    Mandie.... There was a children's mini novel series (kind of like Babysitter's Club or Sweet Valley High) that was Christian and it was called Mandie. I loved those books and story so much. Mandie was a blonde-haired, blue eyed girl who finds out that she was adopted and is actually half cherokee and runs away from home in the middle of the night with her Uncle, who is full-blood Cherokee, who takes her to her real father. In subsequent books, she solves mysteries and gets to travel the world, because her real father is quite wealthy. That's very interesting. I'll have to think about this more.
  2. KristaTerry

    Game Of Pretend

    I can give you an example. This is how I ended up in an abusive marriage with my first marriage nearly 20 years ago. The guy I was dating fitted some of the picture of the man that I wanted to marry, and I completely ignored the aspects of his personality that I did not like. I couldn't see that he had anger problems, for example, because I was so focused on other aspects of him that fit into my picture in my head of what I wanted.
  3. I am excited for this one!
  4. I love you. I think you are exactly the teacher most of the world needs at this point in history. Not the one they want, lol, but the one we all need.
  5. KristaTerry


    I did this intuitively yesterday. I spend quite a bit of time listening to this girl's vlogs (link below). It doesn't really matter what subject she is talking about. She has the softest, most soothing speaking voice I've heard.
  6. KristaTerry


    I am actually proud of my ability to handle a crisis. To make a long story as short as possible. In November of 2018, I found myself stranded in the airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I had my 2 dogs with me, and one of them was not allowed on the plane because it hadn't been long enough since his rabbis vaccine. I was not going to leave my dog behind. So, with EXTREMELY limited Spanish, in a city where I knew no one, I managed to get myself and my 2 dogs to a hotel for some rest, then network via friends to find someone I could stay with a few hours drive away who spoke English. It was one of the most stressful ordeals of my life, but I handled it quite well. It did not take long for me to get out of the denial stage and into "this is what has happened. What do I do now?" part. I made the decisions I had to make, and 9 days later myself and my 2 dogs were successfully on the plane back to the US. It was traumatic, and once we landed and were all safe, I allowed all that stress and trauma to flood me and process through. But I am very proud of the ability I had to hold it together and survive and get through until we were somewhere safe so that I could then process the emotions. I am also proud of my intelligence, which took me through massage therapy school with a 99% overall average. And I am proud of my ability to simultaneously hold to my own beliefs while still being open minded.
  7. YAY! Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to these 2 workshops.
  8. KristaTerry

    Self Sabotage

    I love you too!
  9. KristaTerry


    Hi Teal and team! I love you guys so so much. May I make a request? Since in-person events coming up in the short term are cancelled, would you be willing to do more online workshops? I think it would be fantastic, a way to get more people on your premium subscription which will help at least a little bit financially, and that way people will still get to connect with you. Lol, it's probably already in the works, isn't it?
  10. KristaTerry


    I just did this today! Better late than never Thank you for the suggestion, Teal!
  11. Oh! Those stories, now you are making more sense. Um... both. We are all part of Source, yes? So it is impossible for a guardian angel to be completely "separate", because it must also be part of Source. As part of Source consciousness, they are of course linked to everyone and everything else in existence because we are all part of each other. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't a little like superheroes as well. They are not just a creation of our 3D brains or a manifestation of our emotions.... yet they are a manifestation of our greater Self on a higher dimension.
  12. I have no idea what story you are referring to, so no, we don't all know that story.
  13. There's a language barrier with this guy, he doesn't understand the metaphorical "container" and keeps thinking that she means that he needs to contain his emotions, but that's not the same thing.
  14. I think that quality, being able to empathize with and see yourself in all of these different perspectives, is exactly what it means to be "balanced". You can work with anyone, because you can understand them.
  15. KristaTerry

    Energy Technology Pt2

    Almost $5000 in price, among other things. The gold one is more effective for stimulating self-healing in the physical body, in addition to the rest of the effects, according to their website. I've been reading. It's also has a Tesla coil in it, which is cool.
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