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  1. Zenzizenzic

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    That episode is already posted in Teal's articles for those who can't wait! It's about the blindspot for niceness. Growing up around "a helper" who I was constantly indebted to without getting many needs met, that article is more super validating than challenging, and I think it will be that way for those of us who tend to "want rescue" rather than "being a rescuer".
  2. Zenzizenzic


    Uhm I took what you said seriously but nevermind.
  3. Zenzizenzic


    I don't know where I assumed. But I take back all suggestions. What would have been valuable to you instead?
  4. Zenzizenzic


    Advice like all but the first two sentences of what I wrote, or which of it? Misconceptions and manipulations like what?
  5. Zenzizenzic


    I hope Teal will make content about retraumatization in attempts to heal or attempts to reach out. It sounds like you have had to deal with a lot of shit alone. How do you feel about "continuing to be stuck" in pain? It sounded like a choice when you said everyone would turn against you then. Of course we know no one wants to be stuck in pain, if it appears so it's just that it's worse to pretend to be pain free. Get clear on what is the most you can hope for about each struggle, for example maybe you can't believe you will be pain free, but can you hold the desire of someone to be present with your pain? If that is not believeable to you, can you hope for redress or the acknowledgment that you were let down in the worst of times? Anything you can hold in mind that is a going-towards instead of a push-away. Regarding karma and next lives, what do you think the illness and extreme pain could have as a purpose? Or what have they resulted in? I also wonder whether it is right that we will be sent back into a life of magnified struggle if the struggles we had in this one didn't resolve? I listened to some audios by Rudolf Steiner, and I didn't find him referencing your situation specifically, but I think he said that to choose death could lead the person to seek progress in another world. Or interpret for yourself at 35:40 https://youtu.be/zd9-daVRm1I but I don't think we are given the same challenge in the same way twice. (If you like him see this as well https://youtu.be/PNf3XpxzTqc )
  6. Zenzizenzic

    Hate Is Hurt

    Wishing and Willing Harm was my blindspot card of the day, anyone else?
  7. Zenzizenzic


    Great, thank you.
  8. Zenzizenzic


    Thank you for this message. These few last days have brought up suppressed things that have made me feel like everything that was worth living for, life itself was being taken away. It was very hard to remember anything I've learned in that state, but I vaguely and mechanically remembered only the phrase "respond don't react" and sat outside on the stairs with the full moon until 2.30 am because the reactivity never ceased. Does the Completion process book address what to do when you don't remember the first time you felt something, or much of your life at all?
  9. Zenzizenzic


    Yes I'm the same with gratitude exercise! Never connected them before. Thank you for your videos! I like that kind of sober spirituality. You are very tangible at the same time, and analytical and true. Yep, let's talk there I have some walls about positive interactions too, like withdrawing to preserve them.
  10. I'm so sorry. You deserve being all of yourself.
  11. I'm so glad! Love that becoming a burrito was part of the solution. Maybe it was a young need since infants are often wrapped... Can I ask which part of you didn't want to sleep? Unless it's private. ☺
  12. Zenzizenzic


    This is so strange because I randomly scrolled and clicked on a heart wall video of yours (only after watching the garden video)! A video with a beige sweater. When I tune into my heart it is surrounded by dark red, almost black bloodied wall fragments and clots. Or tar? I will watch your newest videos on receiving as well, and healing the solar plexus chakra. Thank you for sharing and connecting despite our walls. I will meditate presence with the heart aspect we share relating to self-impatience. What aspect of feeling failure relates to it? Is it like you feel something is required from you to earn love? Today my connection walls touch on feeling required to be and do something, and afraid of being a burden. My father had a primary need about being valued, so I have a deep habit about pretending to be thankful and pretending to have been helped. I feel I have to "be valuable, be thankful, and get out". Does any of that resonate with you?
  13. Zenzizenzic


    Thank you! Oof. I have a variation to your receiving theme. I'm drinking 3-4 litres every day but still dehydrated. Maybe that means not being able to receive even when physically putting oneself in loving situations?
  14. Resistance to processing a trauma? What are the nightmares about, we process negative feelings through nightmares, when we aren't owning them consciously. Insomnia is so debilitating
  15. Zenzizenzic


    Fun topic. I was thinking too, with caffeine we're borrowing something else's energy like our activities don't have enough intrinsic value. I get extremely dehydrated from the smallest amount of coffee, what is the esoteric meaning of dehydration?
  16. Zenzizenzic

    Physically Mirrored Trauma

    @Alma Devereaux no I wasn't sarcastic at all, and thank you so much!
  17. Zenzizenzic

    Physically Mirrored Trauma

    It's in my wishlist but kind of expensive, can you help motivate me or sell it a bit? what kinds of symptoms is she mentioning?
  18. Zenzizenzic

    Bypassing Questions

    Fuchsia is really your colour
  19. Zenzizenzic

    Guaranteed Happiness

    @Ana Stroe Maybe we should ask ourselves under which circumstances we would choose happiness and under which circumstances would we choose freedom.
  20. Zenzizenzic

    Terms Of Rescue

    Yes, it was in like the last two minutes of the video.
  21. Zenzizenzic

    Terms Of Rescue

    Thank you for all the guidance through this. In the self love q&a video you said health would be the new discriminator. Can you talk a little more about that? What should sick and bedridden people do?
  22. Zenzizenzic

    Acceptance Challenge

    You could also watch Gigi Young's corona video to get more clues. I hope it's okay to post this on Teal's premium, in my perspective they seem to be of the same convictions. Interesting that Teal and her published the same day. I did not pay attention to what happened that day (March 15.), has anyone else? Anyway I crudely summarized some of the points she mentioned: - it's hard to have a conversation about things when reality is so different from consensus reality - the big picture is we're heading towards a golden age, the small picture is what we are doing today impacts the details of how this golden age will turn out (and how the next dark cycle will turn out) - the transition can be difficult or smooth, depending on how we respond - this is a culmination, not an event that is separate from and happening to us - these times were predicted, but what cards will be played is still unknown (which concrete events will follow) - wars have been fought where both sides were funded by one group (division as a tool) - banking is corrupt today and encourages debt-slavery -trillions of government money are fed into a black budget - our technology is 100s of years ahead of where most people think it is - as we know consciousness has been broken down to a scholarly discipline by certain groups - we have normalized surveillance, something we have been warned about - we are living in concealed censorship (shadowbanning as example) - what can we do? Just the act of talking about it makes a huge difference. Talking allows for leaders who are grounded nearer to objective reality to rise. However there will be people (also in spirituality) rising to hijack the narrative - AI is a magnifier of power to those who control it - today you have to be at least somewhat corrupt to enter arenas of political power - a third party is needed to destabilize the gridlock of the left and right - these times are shaking corruption to the roots - the people we see in power are easily controlled and answers to a smaller group of corrupt people, who control all political systems on our planet and who are betting on society's shadow. - these people have limited esoteric skills and knowledge. From what I understood they believe they have been conversing with gods who have been feeding them plans, but who they believe to be gods are a group of lower astral beings. - those who appear to the public as authorities know change is coming and are fighting for and holding on to their middle management power positions - as the pie gets smaller and smaller people in power will likely tell on each other's corruptions (she mentions sexual perversions vs materialism for the two main factions). The next 3-5 years will be "years of the snitch" - she warns against hatred by default and taking sides, instead we need to be driven by our future vision. Figure out what you want by yourself, don't think you have to pick between alternatives others try to sell you. - when the reputations and thus positions of people in power are threatened, they will want to systematically and permanently reduce people's rights through making us more comfortable with martial law, with things like being in quarantine and having freedoms taken away willingly just because we are afraid and think it will save us (and that it is our own idea) - the corona-virus will happen in tiers, controlled release and narrative dependent on the public's reception and reactions - we might start seeing celebrities getting sick, tragic news stories - she too emphasizes how controllable people are when scared and distracted, and advises paying attention to which changes people in power are trying to make (though just look at changes that are attempted, not the people making them), which laws are being passed, which moves are made. - our suppressed aspects will be coming out from all the pressure. She advises to stay present and purge consciously - prepare in advance (food reserve, candles etc) so that you are relieved of stress and fear - they are dependent on our permission to take away our rights - unity
  23. Zenzizenzic

    Self Sabotage

    Yes or have a team member channel those who don't have video. That seems to have worked great in the past as far as I could tell.
  24. Zenzizenzic

    LIVE Today

    Let yourself have pizza in bed and not be motivated. You'll know when you're done If junk food is habit though, you can practice sitting in the feelings that pizza cover up when you get the impulse to eat, a little at a time. You can just start by postponing it and slowly build more tolerance for those feelings while you examine what they're all about. (Also, does something need to be done and is the time to do it now?)
  25. Zenzizenzic

    LA Workshop

    Can you really lose divinity like this? The meet & greet can be a way to make more people feel included and involved and maybe awaken people into connection mode. Many want to thank her and she may want to show appreciation in turn. I think it's a situation which can stir someone who reject their own significance but the divinity in us is untouched. If we are to not make anyone a symbol of something, everyone would have to fully own their own inner teachers and artists, or whatever they symbolize to us.
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