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  1. username3

    What Causes Bipolar?

    I saw her 2017 workshop on schizophrenia now and here she said it was a split that was disidentified with, so I actually think I just made a plausible sounding explanation in my head.
  2. username3

    Relational Psychology

    I couldn’t choose a favourite colour, I like certain nuances of each colour. If it’s possible to have this as my answer, the reasons for this is that I want a little of everything based on mood and needs. Rich colours are nourishing and grounding, clear ones are refreshing and uplifting, dark ones I can disappear into. Symbolically my favourite animal is black panthers. 1) I like that they are more subtle than conspicuous and showboaty. You need to read between the lines, and you see their impact in their wake, they’ve already moved on. 2) Their being stealthy, black and a night animal re
  3. username3

    What Causes Bipolar?

    Have I imagined this or did you say schizophrenia was a manifestation of experiencing gaslighting to the point one was forced to validate one's own reality even when it contrasts with others? I would love a book or collection of the hidden purposes of different illnesses/adaptations like this
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