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  1. Did anyone else notice that the girl was not really voicing her real question and because of that felt triggered the entire time invalidated and she kept trying to take it back and it was basically a tug of war the whole time? Feel bad for both of them. She was basically feeling like teal didnt have her reality the entire time. Teal didnt notice at all. The girl probably had a question but blanked when she got up and unfortunately drowned in the feeling of feeling like she didnt exist the entire time. That's why she kept trying to get teal off the issue so many times...she really shouldve tried to say hey stop that question actually wasnt what I wanted to ask. I panicked but now I know. I think she was dissociated when she got on stage. So it was all downhill from there. Wish teal had noticed.
  2. I empathize completely. I actually bought "the way" shirt bc of my ocd about this. So I would always be with the way. But then the worry surrounding all of this just is insanity..and new information produces more worry. And bc I'm so dissociated I'm having trouble. And other people just make me try to believe that it's a self fulfilling prophecy problem which makes me worry about worrying. I dont know how I'll make it. I'm sorry your going through this as well but it's good that h you posted bc it makes people like me feel less agitated about it bc at least its valid.
  3. I suppose I thought that at least someone was paying attention to me. I felt less alone. And of course it worried me bc it's hard to even hear from a friend that they think you have problems and that they are concerned. Or that you have issues. So I also felt like it made the idea that I was suicidal more valid. Which maybe was a prompt to integrate. Oh I'll have to watch that video. I havent heard of a somavedic. Teal has an amazing article on why Crystal's work. It's perfectly scientific. Idk why more people dont look for validation with Crystal's when they are so readily availiable a tool. And a good tool at that. And they arent human and you dont need to feed them like a dog. I talk to mine sometimes.
  4. Btw. Theres a completion process practitioner called charlie Robinson who will do phone calls at least for only 15 dollars. Like a coach. He is amazing. His sessions are only 88 dollars. I use him. Weekly. Or bi weekly or monthly. Just depends on my finances..
  5. With synchronicites, if you're new, real has a meditation that involves visualizing something you dont care about for ten minutes a day for two weeks. When you start seeing that thing popping into your life you will understand how powerfully relevant they are. It is the universe's way of telling you where to go when you're lost. I had a powerful experience when I went down to the lake one day when i was considering suicide. Synchronicites are things that cannot be explained by cause and effect. That day at the beach i was going to do what teal said about suicidal thoughts and when i arrived at the beach the universe caught me so off guard. I was making my way to a place where i wanted to lay down and visualize but was flabbergasted as i counted all of the small minnows that had died during the low tide and a large fish as well dead butterflies dead wood. At least 21 small fish!! All dead and a day later they all were cleared from the beach inexplicably. I took photos of each one. As far as food do respect your allergies (I have a gluten allergy so I understand a bit about having limitz) but watch her cancer video, um definitely the chakra series bc theres a lot of info there but also her vid on nervous breakdowns and her vid on is there a spiritual diet. Crystal's wise I like red jasper. I also have recently purchased danburite and rhodonite and am looking to get all the Crystal's teal recommends on premium for anxiety. I also want a himilayan salt lamp. Citrine is supposed to be great and also many of the positivity Crystal's. In the premium content for those vids she has these anecdotes she makes like side comments about her use and interpretations of crystals... so interesting! When I recieve all the new ones I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks for listening and I really hope you benefit. If you wanna ever ask me anything about teals stuff or something personal I can oblige. Who doesnt like talking about themselves? Lol , but still it makes me feel good to know you might be a little better off with some more info. Keep your head up.
  6. Well. I can tell you I've been through the same. And what I did was pay attention to synchronicites. At some point I downloaded talk life and some other apps for people with mental health issues. (Teal trive has a lot of teal trained practitioners btw) I posted something in the education section about wanting to talk to a counselor even though I know the way most people get someone is through traditional methods. In this way I began a conversation with a scientologist who lives in israel. He is a mature man who is 40 or older but he is my kindred spirit and one of the best friends I've ever had. We live together now because my family has never taken my best interests to heart and bc of thier victimization and treatment of me I almost committed suicide but now I use the help of this man and also talk to a therapist who does parts work, and also a completion process practitioner. This is the way I plan to heal. He protects me when I have nervous breakdowns gets groceries gives hugs and even though I am the family scapegoat with a million issues like extreme anorexia, sometimes bulemia, hoarding, walls built to keep pain in, nervous breakdowns and panic attacks he is able to be there for me. I also use a lot of teals crystal recommendations and food ideas. Btw. If you dont understand synchronicites....please please use these!!! The only way I was able to make a clear decision to recieve all of this help was by the power of the intuition and the heart. Please learn about this and if you dont have anything else to do for the day or feel stuck, let the universe choose your message will start speaking to you. I try to see what messages I get the most to try to prioritize what to work on. Also. If you tell a therapist, hopefully a completion process therapist now that you know about them, about what messages you've been getting maybe they will accept you, bc I've received a lot of offers for support through teal tribe and the completion process community. One last try now, ok?
  7. First comment dance! Suicidal and self hating but still breathing.
  8. MMH1001

    The Eulogy

    The mantis beings sound amazing.
  9. I'm glad you wrote this. I'm there too and I'm not sure what to do. Maybe try disappointment or teal content on disappointment. I just think when it's hard to find feelings triggers are gold. For me sometimes I have to hear others validate what I know is true but cant Express. Give presence. Bc I feel so helpless I cant even say anything. And then I delude myself if I cant fight my fight. Shes working on a center for borderline personalities. I feel so hopeless deco vcd very seems like a pipe dream mostly bc I feel trapped in my shitty existence with no way out bc everywhere I go just stifles me more. Anyway. I'm probably a sociopath. Also maybe sit with denial. Anyway I'm just glad you posted this.
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