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  1. I was revealed this truth about seven years ago when I had discovered that my son had a very bad case of head lice. He had been returned to me after having been with his father for an extended visit of about 3 months. My son has beautiful thick black curly hair but as I examined his condition further I realized that in order to effectively treat the infestation I had to shave his entire head. Oddly enough upon calling our pediatrician I was advised that my sons asthma, which was noticeably flared since receiving him, would get significantly better once I took steps to fully remove the infestation. As lice like many parasites cause histamine to be released thus causing his asthma to be affected. Upon shaving his head I discovered that the lice had actually formed dense colonies on his scalp under which were horrible fungal patches that had resulted. Heartbreaking. Soon after treating my sons scalp and noticing his almost immediate improvement in lung function as well as emotional well being I was observing in dreamstate that the earth was suffering in the same way my son had been. Ever since that dream I have experienced major and continuous shifts each has formed my lifestyle to a very distant likeness as the one I led before.
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