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  1. I hope I am not wrong in saying this. I would give humanity compassion. If they have compassion for everyone and everything, love and unity will be a result. Truth will be accepted. Understanding a given. It wouldn't just be for humanity because compassion would be for the whole world. The ability to feel and know pain. Compassion will give them that. So noone takes just only takes. They also give. Self interests would become obsolete. I'm sorry but I want the world to be one big ball of love. I am not wrong in wanting this. Freedom would come from that. Liberation. I hope compassion is a virt
  2. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Election Anxiety

    The best thing you can do is love others and hold onto the ones who you know love you for dear life. Reach out to others because you are not alone in feeling like this. Everyone is scared at some point if they want to admit that or not. We have to get closer to one another for that to change. The farther we are apart in connection the worse it will get. People don't truly realize what a stranger means to them. Nobody knows how important we are to each other. If people don't unify, we wont stand a chance. People have been saying this for years. Yet are we any closer? I wish you love and light.
  3. The_HQ-Lacerta


    Teal we all know you actually do this daily. Different ballgown every time. love you.
  4. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Seasons Change

    Teal there are things in my room that want to be moved around. I was watching this listening to you and I heard something move behind me. I don't know what it was but they are trying to send me a message. They are like move us!! too funny. I guess I'll be doing that today. I can't believe that just happened. I was thinking about how some of my crystals want to be moved, like on my book shelf or something scattered around the room maybe. That's when I heard it. love you teal.
  5. I have the oracle deck. I need a new one. I used it too much. I took the sigils and I made artwork out of it. So they are all on my wall. I'm scared for the world to be honest. I can't seem to do anything about it though because the world doesn't see me. Thank you Teal, I love you.
  6. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Frequency Heels

    ive been eyeing those heels for the longest time. A year. I want the lizard shoes. They looks so pretty. thank you.
  7. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Inner Critic

    I'm in a situation where it basically is conform or get ignored. I don't do well with this manipulation. I'm also giving too much to people and supporting others while they blatantly ignore me. I either conform to get acceptance with some or I basically stay hidden in a box. I should never have to change myself for anyone. I currently am behaving in a manner that suits the narrative I am experiencing. I also do it in defense. I changed because I'm mad and sick of everything and these people want me to conform. lol. So what is going to end up happening, I'm going to leave and start new and neve
  8. I like snowboarding but I doubt the place will be open this year. they are starting to lock down everything again. I love you Teal. thank you.
  9. I been in a holding pattern for months on twitter because a group wanted to attack me. I kept telling twitter they didn't care about me. I was even in fear for my life. They didn't care. There is some cam girl who seems to want to keep me in a holding pattern for the rest of my freakin life. She even has the friends of the person i love helping her out. They been doing this to me for years. So now im not saying anything. They ruined my whole page. First twitter I ever had. First social media I had in 4 years but these people think they are Gods. that they can hack my things, use the platform t
  10. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Adorable Teal

    What isn't adorable about teal? She's just a big ball of adorbs. That's why I love her. It couldn't of been any other teacher, who had me learn so fast. She was so adorable and beautiful. I was under a spell and took in all the words. I love teal. She is the best teacher out. If you were to ask anyone what the most adorable thing about me is they would tell you nothing. they all think im a horrible person or at least they say. lmfao. It's not true but I had to be honest here. I am not meaning to sound negative. Love you teal. Thank you.
  11. The_HQ-Lacerta


    This had me in tears. I was just talking about this earlier today. I am so sad right now. Thank you Teal. I love you.
  12. The_HQ-Lacerta

    A Closed Door

    I act like a old person by doing the same thing all the time and knowing it needs to change but not doing it. LOL. Also my ideals are old fashion. I don't get the whole sharing naked pictures thing that the younger generation does. They act like going into a forum and sharing a nude is just like showing baseball cards. There's like no saving for a later date or waiting for someone special. It's just like, HERE I AM!!! I don't like it. I do not understand it. I will never see why they are like this. Or posting about sex all day on thier pages. It's not like they would ever want to get a respect
  13. The_HQ-Lacerta


    It's seems like I've been on a disappointment roller coaster. There have been so many events. It's put me in a place of sadness for sure. It's also put me in worthlessness, disempowerment and depression. It's only had this magnitude due to the fact my disappointments have been VERY public. Love you teal. Thank you.
  14. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Dublin 2016 - 5/6

    What do you do when you try to reach oneness by going back for what has been forgotten? If you go back for a person, who represents a aspect of you, that you love and the majority tells you they are not one. They are not one and you are to move on regardless what happened to them. What happened to them is a secret or a thing that is NOT openly expressed. What do you do then? How does the collective have the right to pick and choose what is one with us and what is not? I would think that is NOT a right. You don't get to choose. It just is. WHAT if they are torturing you just because you w
  15. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Haunted Painting

    I have one of these objects. I went to a goodwill store and I saw this white paper box. I opened it up and to my surprise, I found a doll. One that someone made her into the queen of hearts. They personally made her a gown, a crown, heart earrings, and even put hearts on her shoes. It was the most beautiful doll. There is no other doll like it. Her attire was personally made. This doll moves her arms. She moves mirrors. She moves them slightly when I look into them as if she wants a glimpse of herself. So I always take her out of her case and show herself to herself. I also have had moments wh
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