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  1. The_HQ-Lacerta


    I have been recently heavily immersing myself in the completion process. I'm talking hours upon hours of aspect work that I have recorded. It's helping a lot. It's also interesting to go back and listen to the aspects and what they said. I'm doing it in a channeling sort of fashion. To become aware. I must have like 70 hours of recordings. That might be a exaggeration but it's a lot. I keep trying to post them to my page but I haven't unlocked that yet. Thank you teal you are the best teacher in the world. Thank you.
  2. The_HQ-Lacerta

    React VS Respond

    I live in Teal's favorite city....gotham. We have many people going to the streets to fight the rioters. We have had cops dragged down the streets by rioters. There was someone killed and shit a block away from where I was visiting. I think that the events of covid and the events of the riots are connected with one another having to do with the limitations that were placed on us. This is means to extend what shouldn't be extended. I hope most can open their eyes and realize the main component that has happened to us this year is the fact they are taking our freedoms away in every situation. 6pm curfew now anyone? The smaller businesses are destroyed only causing more power to the businesses that thrive and have done so throughout both situations. Police are told to stand down. Stand down to the individuals who are destroying cities in America. This signifies in our minds that they may have no control. So no control leads to more restrictions. This event of riots can lead to the main objective of microchipping each and every one of us. This I think is a central theme for covid and now a central theme for the riots. The reason, we need to pinpoint who does destruction to our land. Since we can not pinpoint we will microchip. Not only that we will make that digital wallets because of covid. We will monitor your health through the chips. If you wish to travel you need microchipping as to not bring another "covid" back to America. This is what I think they wish to do to us. This is means for more control. They are stating that police officers are not enough. They are not enough to control. They are not enough to protect us. When they have been ordered to not do so. I can't lie I feel bad for them. The hate that has arisen showing just what we think of them. Punishing each of them for one who did wrong. We are just feeding what they do to us. Generalizations. The rioters are feeding into generalizations when they are trying to fight that very thing. I hope everyone is safe. Thank you teal. You are the best teacher in the whole world.
  3. The_HQ-Lacerta


    The current trigger I have now is people not letting me move forward with things I want to do. Outside influences getting involved where they shouldn't be. Preventing me from staying with the flow that I need to move. That is the most overwhelming thing for me at this time. Love you teal. You are the best.
  4. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Childhood Story

    Dorthy from the wizard of OZ. I resonated so much that I was Dorthy for Halloween 5 times in a row and won 3 Halloween contests. My childhood home wasn't really the best not really sure why I would choose a character that said, "there is no place like home." It was going off to a magical land that I resonated with the most. That is what I really wanted, to go away and run into some munchkins, maybe a witch or 2. Except when I got to the Emerald City I would probably ask for a different wish. I don't think that I would even seek out the Emerald City. I would stay right in OZ. Now I can completely resonate with why I loved that character. I just probably wanted to go home, to another planet. P.S. I watched that movie back to back. All day. Every day. I would get sat in front of the tv and would watch it. I still know all the words to that movie. I know every song. I'm even drawn to the music even now. I sang Somewhere over the rainbow for a play. I was even Dorthy once in a play for a college. I resonated that much. Some may say that I resonate most with the scarecrow LOL. If I only had a brain. ha! But no I resonated with Dorthy, still do. Now I know that one of the themes in that movie was to have Friends. Even though Dorthy was in a place she didn't know, she had people who loved her. She also ran away from home for something she loved. I really love that movie. Your the best teacher Teal. Thank you.
  5. I did something that made me feel better yesterday. I used the recording thing on my computer to just rant about everyone I have a problem with. I went from calm to 100 in a very short amount of time. Then I listened to it to see what I said. It was pretty funny to hear how angry I got. Like whoa Harley slow your roll. Not really. I didn't see this till today. It's really hard to come up with things that bring you joy when you are drowning. Drowning in sadness or heartbreak. Sometimes it's hard to be happy. Love you Teal.
  6. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Own People

    I have no problem with someone having ownership over me just as long as I'm happy and in good hands. Keep me safe, know what is right for me and I would be happy as a peach. The only problem is when that ownership pushes down my happiness. I don't like to be disregarded in my opinion or what I want to talk about. If I believe in something and state that I believe in something, the person who has ownership shouldn't tell me how stupid I am to believe that very thing. If I say I don't like how animals are treated, he shouldn't tell me, you know Harley your so stupid. You don't know what your talking about. That happened to me once and it made me feel horrible. I believe in being owned and vice versa just not when it becomes toxic. Some people take ownership to a whole new level and abuse it. That's the reason why in most relationships there is ALWAYS fighting. One wants to own and the other is just like no that doesn't make me happy. Then the other ones like so what, do what I say. Then a fight ensues. There should be no problem being owned if you love someone. Freedom should be apart of that. If there is no freedom then it can't be positive. I am just rambling. sorry. If a relationship isn't easy well then maybe there needs to be evaluation. I wish relationships could go back to how they use to be. The problem is women think that if they make more money then a man, the man doesn't have a right to own them. I think a man should always own. Teal your the best teacher. Love you.
  7. The most painful thing is realizing that nobody cares about me, even my own mother. I can't remember how many times I've cried in my room and her tell me to shut up. When I'm crying because someone has hurt me and I feel nobody cares about me. When she does it I feel more pain. I asked her the other day, "why don't you watch my Youtube channel, why don't you support me, you're the one who told me I should make on." She was mad at me about something and said, "support you? why would i support you, You are a idiot." I agree people really need to master relationships. They need to master caring about other people. It's hard to master relationships when people are not willing to even see they are hurting others. It's always going to take two people. That is the hardest part. Love you Teal. Thank you.
  8. The_HQ-Lacerta

    The Most Difficult

    I have to be completely honest, the hardest part for me has been the loneliness. I have this but no social accounts like facebook, minds or anything of that nature. So, it is hard for me to connect with anyone. The catch 22, on social media websites, government tracks everything. They get all your data. Privacy is that of a concern even just browsing the internet. Then there is that fear of what they will do to prevent this happening again. You can't go outside. It's as almost they have complete control in every aspect that is life. This might raise peoples' fear. They are making the only means of connection that we have to other humans, the internet in which they see all. You want to talk private, now you must do it on internet. That has been the hardest part also for me. I find even on internet people over look other people and their emotions. The other part that is hard for me is when I do go outside. I see how much lack that people have for animals on earth. I see animals still getting hit by cars even though with little cars on the road....people don't have to speed, people don't have to hit them and there is plenty room for them to move out of their way. People seem to not care. This is causing me to feel depressed because I can't do anything about this. The hardest part is feeling like you have lost complete control over everything. The moment you stand up and say, anything that is deemed negative, anything that questions misbehaviors, anything that you believe in that you feel in your heart, you get pushed down. You get hidden. You get shadowed. You get shut down so fast. What do you do? I am talking about the internet. This is why people can't express themselves, how they truly feel. It's not just the internet. It's life in general. Not only do you have to worry about higher powers doing it to you but you also have to worry about hackers. I've come to a place that I can't trust anyone. I never feel safe. I recovered my computer 20 times in the month of May. I still don't feel safe. I finally got a sub on my channel. After i had deleted it 4 times. I was getting hidden. I finally fought and earned a spot that people are checking me out but the fear they will shut me down again, hide me again is overwhelming. I've suffered for a month and nobody knows that I have. That is the hardest part because we can't leave our houses. I have to stay where I am even though I'm just trying to get some type of connection with the world. If it wasn't for teal swan premium, I really would have no place to go. I made a website but I've only seen one other person there. Sorry for rambling. I think this is hard for all of us. I feel sad for all of us. I feel sad for the world. I probably need grounding, I'm not being a very good student. Teal has given me everything to fix this. Well that's fine because we all know, we are not perfect. Love you teal. Thank you for being the best teacher.
  9. The_HQ-Lacerta


    I will have to think about this one. I know I have had a few. Thank you so much to Teal and Blake for always telling us your stories. Love you teal, you're the best.
  10. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Lucid Dreams

    Is the concept of the movie Inception based off of lucid dreaming? They would go into the deep recesses of the mind and extract information of a individual to get them to do something in waking life or place a memory in order to change someone's thought patterns. It is one of my favorite movies!! Thank you so much Blake for sharing this! Love you teal!
  11. This is something that I am struggling with. I not only have "the problem" but little sub group authorities. Sub group authorities that I feel have more power with the issue. Let's call it a king and it's knights. More than one authority to a issue. This is my initial reaction to this video. I haven't asked myself the questions yet or pondered the issue but I resonate. I'm having trouble relinquishing my power because my power is measured by a force who controls where the power goes. You can be a extremely powerful force and individual but if someone puts you in a box and glues it shut, throwing you in without a sledge hammer. Thinking of escape routes is hard, since your completely in the dark. Then since the king does not wish to be open to your pleas of freedom. Though talking just now I came up with the perfect idea to escape. Going from the outside, coming in. Utilizing the other kingdoms who can make the kings power less powerful. I'm talking to myself. I'm sorry. LOL. Thank you so much teal. You are the best teacher in the universe.
  12. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Quality Of Life

    People in my state are starting to realize this. They say if the governor can go to Florida and party and the major of Chicago can get a haircut, why can't we? LOL. OOh they opened up golf courses today......BIG DEAL. The main thing I hope people realize is not just the restrictions that have been place for the pandemic. I hope people realize all the restrictions as a whole that prevent US from living the life we live. Some people are privy to this. Some people are starting to action towards those restrictions. It's starting. I remember, 4 months ago, a promise that we would be able to beat this in 14 days. Maybe that was a error and they meant 14 months? LOL no how about 14 years? 14 lifetimes. That seems pretty consistent with the information we all have received. They must have meant 14 years. Almost definitely. Love you Teal. Thank you.
  13. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Teal's Resistance

    I think the underlying theme is uncertainty. Someone who has all the tools to do integration, may not due so because of uncertainty. They don't fully trust they are capable of achieving that integration in themselves or with someone else. So it's two elements in resistance to each other. I don't think it's lack of motivation to want to integrate, I just think as individuals they don't feel confident that what they are doing will work. If they don't feel the integration automatically they feel uncertain about if it was done correct or not. The reason you may not do integration with another is because of their resistance. The other individuals also their own. The desire to accept the negative attributes, the other person displays, sets off a lack of desire to be close to them. The perception would be, why should I put in HARD work, to see a common eye with someone when they treat me this way. When they display attributes I do not like nor do I want in my life. It's hard for some to look past what is directly in front of them. The aspect of another person that is in resistance to you, brings out the aspect of yourself that is resistant to them. So because it's hard to Want to do the work to integrate that aspect, we let uncertainty that we will be able to do so win. You are uncertain that if you even try to break down that negative barrier, that it will pay off. It's the lack in in confidence in the other individual, that they will accept the Desire to integrate. Humans like instant gratification. We like it now. If we don't see now.....we consider it Not in our desire or best interest to pursue. Commonality is a really good tool when looking at what is in resistance to us. If others don't care about the words they use then the aspect of you that lines up with the information comes right out. Then you don't care with your words. Emotions will trigger that reactive response, automatically. If you look for commonality in both sides, that will make the emotions that arise more subtle. If you think in terms okay this person doesn't like me, so what aspect of me doesn't like me? what do i have in common with those people? You think that right off the bat then your response will be more subtle. It won't come off so strong. P.S. I was in this one situation once, where 3 individuals were attacking me. They were berating me. They were hurting me with their words. I literally removed myself mentally and focused just one one individual. One individuals words, which was the one most likely I thought I could relate to the most. Then i completely ignored the other two and didnt even read what they said. I focused on one person. Did it fix the problem? no it didn't but i saved myself from blowing up. I saved myself from extreme mass amounts of pain. I focused on the one individual who was using less painful words. I had to control my emotions. If i didn't control my emotions they would of hacked and attacked me further. It was in my best interest to not blow up or give a negative reaction. For me that was hard. I am normally a emotional individual. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I had to control the one aspect about myself that I loved about myself the most, to make it through. It was because they didn't care about the aspect of me that did. I understand that i shouldn't of done it because I abandoned myself but they were dangerous people. I had no other choice. They didn't care about my emotions. i don't know why i just shared that. I'm sorry. I love you Teal. You are the best teacher, in the world.
  14. Hey! I made myself my own website. I went back there. It will be my job to show videos on other platforms. This will be more work but I'm willing to put it in. I found another video platform, I can post my work and also link them to my page. You are spot on! I can also use some social media to direct them to the correct place. I didn't make it a guess that I was a student of Teal's. I even used her decks. I worked hard. I offered great content in words. I made beautiful thumbnails. I had like 200 vies in less than a week until that lady. Then I put out 2 videos even with nicer appeal. They got no views at all. I didn't change anything in the way in which I uploaded. Not only that, they stopped me from making my channel a brand account. They kept telling me they couldn't verify who I was. I went to a different email and on that same browser.....made a brand account. What do you know. When i called them out for helping that woman, they removed all their little bot accounts that came to my videos saying GREAT VIDEO! KEEP LIFTING PEOPLE UP! I hid my channel and what do you know that same woman, stopped with all the little things that I was doing on my channel. Just like that. Thinking I was gone. She gained 5k subs since she took my idea. It got so bad she even would use the same exact things i said the next day after I posted my video. Like down to the T. She has 500k subs don't ask me why she has to take a new channel with like 4 subs and do what she did. Personally I think that platform is getting "bots" to scan the newer smaller channels. Then they are taking and giving those ideas to the channels that can make money for them. Then they are hiding those channels so the bigger channel can keep on doing what they are, it's all about money. Funny enough i made a newer channel the other day, posting my website, posting a business email. I subbed to Teal. 10 minutes later. The sub to teal was gone as if i didn't sub to her at all. I found that a little interesting. They disempowered me but believe me I bounced back right away. I knew nothing at all about making a website but in the end, I got it done. Oh and that woman also discredited me. She would directly say that what i was doing with light had to meditate first. NO YOU DONT. I said they are like subliminal messages and i am not to be discredited. I got marketing appeal like you wouldn't believe. I am a brand now. I have a website. i have a business email and no matter if they like it or not. Certilia 5 has landed on that platform and Certilia 5 is staying there. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it very much. Have a great day!
  15. The_HQ-Lacerta

    Parallel Realities

    I've been watching the people who are acting and staying the person they were before this quarantine. Their attitude hasn't changed. The way they try to help others hasn't changed. They are still doing love readings. Things like that. I call denial on those people. If you haven't changed your behaviors or the way in which you try to "help" other people you directly are in a reality of denial. If your life hasn't changed much, you are in a separate reality compared to others. If you are forgetting covid like I did once, you are in a different reality. I would say this goes for any major change, not only in your individual life or in a collective change. I think these realities can be very sneaky sometimes. They can be sneaky depending on your level of connection with other people. How many people do you talk to. Yet that's the sneakier part when who you may talk to denies your reality. This was a good topic for today because it's those realities that ultimately affect all of us. It will effect the future at large. I did a channeling last night and I found that people are NOT expressing their emotions. They are suppressing how they feel, to everyone. They feel they will be punished for expressing how they feel. They are accepting that life is to be struggled. That this is normal. Happiness and freedom are looked through the lens that it's a BAD thing. That suffering makes you connect more with others. They need compassion, kindness. In short they need human connection just like teal said. I also know a lot of people still haven't accepted things are not going to be the way they were. They still actually believe everything will be as it was. The very thing that everyone is doing goes against the very thing, we as a collective need to get out of this. They are pressured to do this. That is in short what I got last night but it makes me worried. Everyone really does feel powerless especially when the pressure is put on. I witnessed that in myself first hand. What matters the most is your ability to bounce back from that. There are many who don't bounce back at all. This is why some things are in the state they are in. I love you Teal. You are the best teacher in the whole world! One amazing teacher, person and energy. Thank you for all that you do. P.S It's a major problem when people are too much into the gods of the world. Telling people this spirit will come to help you. Instead of focusing on the fact everyone is divine in their own right. What i mean is instead of EMPOWERING WHO they are on the 3D plane. It's not a good thing to tell Joe schmoo that this month you will be saved and receive blessings so....don't do anything else. People need to come back down to earth and lift up all the others to a higher state of mind. Tell them how. Don't say it's OUTSIDE themselves. sigh.
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