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  1. People I Love , need me To be there for them . As if I’m can’t have me and have you at the same time.
  2. To have the relationship with Toon right.
  3. 1: creating beauty, loving my friends and family and stability in my Life 2: love pattern with my lover
  4. Weekly : challenge/ shadow. Daily : collective energy
  5. I dis the exercice with my main ex-boyfriends, had différent résults. Consistent in roses on the bed and sleeping person. does it change depending on your boyfriend? I guess so
  6. My ability to feel so deeply, teal swan, het advice to write scenario’s down
  7. Pro: ecological Products, bio food, sustainability , thinking about the next 3-6 generations, clean air, clean water against: building more and more, buying better and better cars/cellphones/..., lies,
  8. Top cohouser, selected by synchronicity! Attracting florists! Going to Oud Heverlee!
  9. Analyse their personality/problems/...
  10. I’m very dépendant of my parents
  11. How other people really think
  12. Flow of cohousing, support of my collegue, availability of my best friend on the FaceTime , the food my parents prepare for me!! The tea I got from a Dear friend!!
  13. Virtue: love louder! humanitarian act: free group lessons about health, sport groups, Free public transport, fruit trees in parcs,

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