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  1. christine96liu

    Cancer, Bone Cancer

    evette rose does that in metaphysical anatomy
  2. my need for attention!
  3. good one bro. right on
  4. wanna join ^_^ thanks for the awesome vid!! now i have something to aim for in
  5. i feel like im standing on the edge of a cliff during a thunderstorm, with nothing but monstrous, churning waves and pitiful wrecked ships below me. i yearn to be free and soar through the water like i was born to, but im scared of the sharp jagged rocks i cannot see hiding on the cliffside and within the water below. and so i wait, i wait, and i wait, but the storm doesn't ever seem to end, and the waves keep rising higher................
  6. im sure if you write in portuguese someone here will understand!!! give it a shot ^_^
  7. the intensity was sizzling across the inter web-streams and across the whole wide earth...i got chills watching her write this. Thanks Teal!!!
  8. yup, was in a deep ass spiral toady and lost my fucking mind :') well time to go upwards!!
  9. i feel ya gurl wanna be friends?? ^_^
  10. i listen to music. i stay in a country i hate and live w my mom. i talk to my friends and pals in 5D cuz i ain't got any earth friends who as cool as that lol the downside: i know i have issues but theyre too painful for me to handle. i dont know how to have relationships. i dont know how to meet people so i stay w my mom. i wander through life knowing smth is wrong and watch the rug slowly be pulled out from under me. i know i need to change, and it will get unbearable if i dont...
  11. christine96liu

    The Most Difficult

    im scared that someone will betray me and turn me in, bc ive been vocal about these issues. im also scared of being forced into a corner and potentially having to choose life and death/vaccine no vaccine. im also a serious catastrophizer i just noticed XD
  12. the key to a happy life is to master relationships........ oh my gosh
  13. you saved my life.
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