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  1. It comes like that to me, and it's simply a felt sensation. I don't feel like being a mother. It doesn't seem right. I feel like I would die if I had to take care of a child. At least I give birth to some pieces of art. Does that count?
  2. Monika Zimová

    How Do You Wake Up?

    This is so interesting. I would not otherwise say that I am "novacaining" myself daily. But when I wake up from sleeping damn.... It's real bad. The emotions are there, so freaking close to my throat like they want to choke me. When I wake up, all these positive things that lead my attention away from the big bad hole, they are not there. Me imagining being comforted by someone's presence, it's not there. What is there is the freaking dizziness and uneasyness in the stomach when I realize... Crap... No one is here, no one will be, i am alone, and maybe I am in fact not really lovable. I
  3. Monika Zimová

    Haunted Painting

    Magic does exist That makes me so happy. I love the idea of creating something, and imbuing it with life, or energy. I'm a painter and it's always my desire to create something that carries magic. I love magic. It's a bit like returning to your childish mind! Some people say, it's just the technique, it's just a canvas, it's just some paint. And that doesn't feel good to hear! It is something more, it is a piece of magic. And the drive to create it in the first place, was also magic. I am so interested in this topic, I would love to listen about it for hours!
  4. Monika Zimová


    I would go study abroad to a specific country, preferably to a mountain region. If I found friends, I would move in that country. I would go on hikes and nature walks and paint and create music and buy stuff I need and have fun with my friends. I would go camping or road tripping all the time and I would own a car or a van. I would visit mountain cottages where you can sleep. I don't want to own a cottage myself, i just want to sleep in different cottages. I would visit museums, concerts, theatres and exhibitions. I would often go swimming in the lake or the ocean. And if I had so much money,
  5. You wrote something honest. I feel like you. I neither feel like "oh awesome, so much love and light" and I don't understand how people can feel like that right now and why they write it. I feel depressed and slow brained and sad. But you know what's even worse, the people you reject are all parts of you mirrored externally and it's hard to take it like that.
  6. Teal, I don't know what you mean by telling me to decide what I want to give up. I don't want to give up anything. And I don't even know what you mean, like do you mean to give up something negative like for example binge eating, negative thinking or do you mean give up something precious like time for myself in bed or my alone time? Thank you for everything but I don't get this one and it kind of hurts.
  7. Monika Zimová


    I like writing with my hand too, because it somehow calms me down. It's like I have control over the letters and that makes me calm. I like how I can do the curves and peaks. I like the shapes that I create. Especially the curves. And I also think it's unique, because I can always recognize my writing.
  8. Monika Zimová

    Life In One Word

    Dreaming. I'm always going to a dream, but I can't completely make it a reality. My life without my daydreams would be nothing. But with it it is fine. i don't know if this is an overlay or positive focus or shitty manifesting
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