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  1. Torero Astral

    Spirituality 101

    Hehe! Nice to have a clairvoyant around
  2. Torero Astral

    Protection Stones

    Stones work multiple ways. You can even use them for an intense offence, not just for a defence. Only if are not too heavy. Some people may run away then.
  3. Torero Astral

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    doing all this work for us.. thanks for playing your role team Teal (and Teal), sure there will be/is enough compensation
  4. Wow! 04:52! First time someone rather than Teal to nail a slipping issue. Maybe some meditation is going on there. Good. Good
  5. Torero Astral

    All Things Teal Tribe

    have a nice year Teal Tribe.
  6. Torero Astral


    I think that you are too tough with yourself. You think that you are not fighting, but behind the curtains all energy lost is because you are fighting the subconscious, which by the way is trying to help you (just doesn't know how). Does this sounds right? "Whatever I do, it won't change the situation I'm in" - full desperation as a result. I had it the same for years. And Teal's approach helped me: "don't fight it, try to understand it". This plus the completion process plus two helpers were the refutation: Building willingness to see myself as I am without lies and illusions. Jumping into the fire. Honesty and understanding! Gentleness towards the mind and the emotions. They are doing all this to save us. Just still don't have the evolution to execute it right - they need help and time. And know: It is hard! It takes time! I had a massive help! Teal.. Teal has a massive list of soul qualities that is not exactly clear when the average human will possess . Watching and listening her it looks easy - but it isn't! Of course Sweet Teal is innocent. She is so cute trying to help. Her mind catches so many things, resolves them and explains them. If she knew there are certain qualities you need to posses during this process would probably make a full video for each one. I think, for her it is not exactly clear what is obvious for us and what is just complete mystery. Oh that was too long. As short advice: start solid with a meditations (type: examining a topic) on the 2nd tip - "Gentleness and understanding towards mind and emotions.". And find people you can write about the process. I'm not an expert, but probably can answer some questions. There should be other people to do the same hire.
  7. Torero Astral


    Hi! Is this Workshop familiar to you? I have a rule "When you are stuck, return to basics". In this case practical basics, not theoretical. In Vancouver she shows explicit exercises (explains how to do it and tells when it happens) and implicit (hidden that practises without even mentioning). The overall effect is if you try to catch as much as possible of what is happening it will make you boost your own state alone! Best of luck! "Train hard, make it a part of you. When you are stuck, return to basics. Question what you believe, find better approaches and... Don't take yourself too seriously." - Lea Zavodnik
  8. Hi! Is this the video you have watched How To Express Your Emotion - Teal Swan ? At 11:15 and 11:44 I think she gives the answer. If I can give you a tip (because probably am on the same "E. REVEAL ROAD") I would say that all "double check", "suppress now - express later", "explain" etc. is an escaping from being vulnerable or escaping inner punishment from expressing emotions (video 4:25). Another topic is that she suggests to surround yourself with people who are informed that emotional reaction may occur. Then just the words "Shadow moment!" will make them ready and to know that the expression is an emotion and not a statement against them. (but i can't find any of these workshops so might be wrong) And if practising this - the root mush be resolved. Not saying "Shadow moment!" everyday for the same e. reaction for years. (which is not something bad just means the person is not facing the problem - probably has no courage, no power or needs help) and finally - you can also check Vancouver Synchronization Workshop 2015 - 1/2 from 11:20. Reactivity and the method "Just Told" (not sure about the name, but something similar) are gold! Best of luck!
  9. Interesting line of thought! Actually really close to mine. But do you think there is a way this to be the physical manifestation? This "spirit family" to be predefined? It is dangerous to call something "spirit contract" if you are not a really really strong clairvoyant, but i think that he has some supportive qualities that Teal couldn't be the same public figure without similar person next to her during life.
  10. Pretty sure that i remember a different variation - how Blake met her as a kid when trying to be friend with all other kids and her vision revealed the motivation of his behaviour. Remembering this story because it make me think how and why i do/did the same. Also how and why i'm not seeing motivations behind behaviours. It was (and still is) a great double lesson. But who knows? Maybe the universe is hitting me with the Mandela. Or maybe they are hitting us with some deep consciousness-memory lesson (don't believe it, but it might though). Anyway. At the end of the day Teal is Teal.
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