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  1. I am trying this recipe tonight but instead of adding corn, I will be adding chopped butternut squash and a chopped peach for flavor and sweetness. I will serve it with cornbread and avocado.
  2. Jamucha

    Race Wars

    Of the people I now know, I can feel some them do have reservations about people of colour which comes from a place of fear and the unknown rather than a view that they are superior to people of other races. Great blog and the bulk of it is spot on the money and so eloquently expressed, as always with Teal. Hi SpiritualSeeker2020, I agree with most of what you say. That is, not everyone is racist - I would agree. Yet everyone has a group of identity (unless they are a totally isolated and a loner which has its own problems). This group of identity, for mo
  3. Jamucha

    Race Wars

    Powerful message Teal...
  4. Jamucha

    Everyone Has Prejudice

    Stopping it and protecting the woman from further abuse is not shaming. Shaming and taking immediate action in a destructive situation are two different things. You can stop the situation and be firm that this going to stop without violence in body language and voice and shaming. Shaming is more about disowning your reflection. You can't be present for this abuse if it is not within you. Instead, people want to be "the hero" , disowning this aspect within them. Remember you cannot attract what is already within you. Also, your comment that a woman being beaten by a man would not be
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