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  1. I am trying this recipe tonight but instead of adding corn, I will be adding chopped butternut squash and a chopped peach for flavor and sweetness. I will serve it with cornbread and avocado.
  2. Jamucha

    Race Wars

    Of the people I now know, I can feel some them do have reservations about people of colour which comes from a place of fear and the unknown rather than a view that they are superior to people of other races. Great blog and the bulk of it is spot on the money and so eloquently expressed, as always with Teal. Hi SpiritualSeeker2020, I agree with most of what you say. That is, not everyone is racist - I would agree. Yet everyone has a group of identity (unless they are a totally isolated and a loner which has its own problems). This group of identity, for most people goes along traditional lines - place of origin, nationality, ancestry, religion, race, clan, tribe, ethnic group, group "story = history", shared ideals/beleifs/expectations, etc. Some people have rebellious group identity where they take on the opposite. In fact, a lot of the identity is created based on what this group "rejects". This is a mirroring of ego that often defines itself by what it rejects as itself and it is always inferior. Not all cultures may highlight race, but many do as it is so obvious. Yet, all groups have a scapegoat. One only needs to study the group to find out who their scapegoat is - the mythologized source of most of their problems. The scapegoat can be another race, it can be Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, political beliefs (which has been happening in the USA with political parties), classes, ancestry, and the list is limitless. I had a wonderful teach years ago who said, if you want to be an aware and compassionate human being and stand for change then you ask yourself, "Not do I have it but where is it?" Unfortunately, all human groups have the archetype of the scapegoat. Meaning that if they control or get rid of the group causing their problems, life will be ideal or at least much better. Of occurs,e for all involved, this denies their reflection and law of attraction completely. Few people have done this as it entails taking one's enemy as oneself. Many White people in America think they are doing this with regards to racism but the truth is, they are not. They are scapegoating someone else like the police or government authorities or conspiracy theories, etc. The only way around this is to find the group that you hate and/or want to blame and take it as past of yourself. In this way, all humans are victims and victimizers of propagating prejudice and scapegoating. I know a lot of people who are in denial and claim they don't do this but if I sit with my clipboard and if stye give me 10 minutes, I'll be happy to show them where they are scapegoating and blaming. The making "racism" the new shame and morality and to treat them as the only scapegoat also means they are choosing a different scapegoat (probably not based on race but something else). So I agree, not all groups use racism as their primary form of scapegoating but they have something in its place. I want an end to scapegoats. That means I have to deal with my reflections on all levels , not just some. I also means that we have to acknowledge scapegoating as hard-wired in human nature at its present level of conscious as we cannot find a time period or group that doesn't have it. The change of consciousness comes with, "I am that" not just with "victim" or "hero" reflections but every single one of them (including scapegoater) - now that's a powerful, courageous and conscious person and, yes, at our present level of consciousness it is hard and with little support. Yet, places like this forum is where we can get support. In the end, owning ones reflection is love. We are standing for love and "love thy enemies".
  3. Jamucha

    Race Wars

    Powerful message Teal...
  4. Jamucha

    Everyone Has Prejudice

    Stopping it and protecting the woman from further abuse is not shaming. Shaming and taking immediate action in a destructive situation are two different things. You can stop the situation and be firm that this going to stop without violence in body language and voice and shaming. Shaming is more about disowning your reflection. You can't be present for this abuse if it is not within you. Instead, people want to be "the hero" , disowning this aspect within them. Remember you cannot attract what is already within you. Also, your comment that a woman being beaten by a man would not be tolerated is not accurate worldwide and even in our country. Many places in the Middle East, it is expected if a woman "does not do as she is told". I taught in the ghetto and the comment by males that, "You have to control your woman was common," "or she better do as I say and know her place." Listen to rap music and how many people have made these rappers millionaires when some of these popular raps are advocating abuse or disrespect of women blatantly - and people still buy these raps. I lived in Asia, and wife beating was considered "none of your business". Often women are shamed, including in the ghetto, for complaining about it. We had to give a course in an inner city school, as girlfriend abuse was so pervasive, and we were attempting to get teenage girls to stop expecting it, and empower them to report it and not accept it as normal expectation for a male-female relationship. Many countries have zero laws against abusing women. Rodney King did a "hit and run" with his wife, threatened his girlfriend and daughter, indecent exposure, hitting his girlfriend in the face, and the most he got was batterers program and 90 days in jail for another incident. When King was beaten by police, hone ex-girlfriend said, "good, no he knows what it feels like," but there was no national news and most people don't even know about it...as usual, abuse of women doesn't count. It i snot news and King suffered no long-term consequences but no one seems to care. Other countries may have a law, such as Egypt, but it is not enforced. Look at the convictions rates of men abusing women per country and it will be laughable, perhaps, non-existent - yet these countries have other laws or these same people complain about racism (Egyptians and Palestinians are an example again). Many African countries have the lowest protections for women and the highest levels of female abuse and zero convictions (or laws against it). My sister in law is Hispanic and she'll talk about the "split" in attitudes outwards women and also look at the conviction rate for "beating women" or sexual violence. The numbers of women harmed by violence far exceed police violence towards men - and no one seems to care except in the abstract. If this "Shaming" were to apply to women abuse how about public outcry and burning of all of these rap "hits" that degrade women. How about the rappers come out to apologize. How about having men apologize for thousands of years of abuse - not a few hundred years. There is not one headline about abuse of women, not one riot, not one protest, etc. I have not even begun the list regarding people's reactions to abuse of women...so your comment is not accurate - I wish it were accurate. Abuse of women is alive and well, including by minority groups claiming racism and it is still considered secondary to abuse of males. There is spiritual zero public outcry or serious demands for change about it. It is considered a personal issue - worldwide? For thousands of years? Maybe, you could start there with yourself as Teal suggested - a prejudice about how women are treated that does not acknowledge how they are actually treated by men and how much injustice continues to exist and that their cause is still considered to inferior to courses such as racism which only seem to count with the same type so of abuses because they are committed against men.

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