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  1. @EvenStar Why don't you convert then if you love it so much? hypocrite. We'll see how long you last as a submissive. LAST COMMENT. NOT WASTING MY ENERGY HERE WITH TWEEBS
  2. @EvenStar Yes, Muslim hater here. no shame, no guilt, no remorse. You'd hate it too if you were forcibly wrapped in a hijab as a man's slave. In Islam, a woman's testimony is worth half that of a man's. It is permissible to be raped by a man but not be able to make allegations on such man or men. They also stone their women to death if they don't comply. You haven't done your research. You're confused by "victim-control dynamic" and the media portraying muslims as victims. I hate all religious people. Their unconscious and should be removed from the planet because they're not spiritual enough I hope you like that!
  3. @Connie If Islam is so great, why don't muslims stay in Saudi, UAE, or Turkey? They're not war-torn. So why? Why remain devout to the "religion" and not your country of birth - that is predominantly muslim? Is it because Christian areas and countries are open, tolerant, and accepting? Because Christian countries have evolved past religion that now makes them easier to exploit? If they're seeking liberation, why carry the chains and shackles of this religion with them? It's not done out of fear and amateurism, it's deliberate. Islam is an ideology, not a race, and a total contradiction.
  4. @Connie Yes, I would out of sympathy and humor if I feel even their ideologies are based on ignorance, denial and not facts. It's a euphemism to me. "I don't know all of my friend's parents but either way your point doesn't stand because we're not all the same as our parents." - Error here. You're trying to defend your muslim friends, who you say were born in your country by their muslim parents. But then you say they're not all the same as their parents. But clearly they choose to remain devout to this religion that their PARENTS indoctrinated them with - Unless there's some undisclosed form of liberal muslimism (which then they wouldn't be in integrity to scripture and would completely be hypocrites), your logic doesn't make sense. It's a complete fallacy. You're trying to defend lies. Wearing a hijab in public is like wearing a cross. The people wearing them want people to know their religion. It's promotion. Same thing, no different. And if you use the argument that the hijab represents humility and submission - well then you've completely shot yourself in the foot in defending Islam as a modern woman. You seem like a "sweet" lady. Can't hate a Patriarchy and love Islam. It's an embarrassing contradiction.
  5. @Connie Living in denial sweetie. "I can only talk from my own experience but all the Muslims I know were born here, they didn't move here to convert anyone" LOL - Who do you think they were born from? (how stupid could you be) Their muslim parents who have alterior motives and deceptive agendas gained citizenship to slowly deteriorate your country. Did you even hear what Teal says in the video? or did you simply ignore it because you can't process cognitive dissonance?
  6. Agreed, and every organized "religion" could be considered a cult. A cult of "unconsciousness" - how's that? But my perception is the USA is becoming less religious and gravitating more towards alternative spirituality thanks to the internet and spiritual leaders like Teal. It's just not being broadcasted on mainstream media. The point I'm trying to make is: There's risk involved in shifting a majority into non-reaction consciousness while a dangerous minority threatens to exploit that shift.
  7. @Connie Here come the muslim sympathizer and propoganda police... If Islam is so great, why do they only move to Christian countries? They come to convert you and convince you submission is fun while being fake all in effort to gain some form of power or control. Knife crime, Acid, Terror attacks - you'd have to be blind & stupid to see London has fallen (under a muslim Mayor) You think gays should be killed? You think women should have less rights than a man? This is what you represent when you defend a muslim.
  8. You hit some good points Teal. But, Here in lies the problem(s) and issue(s) with this statement: "America is that domicile where you can practice any religion that you want." Some of these "religions" aren't religions at all, but dangerous, oppressive, barbaric, and primitve cults. AKA - Islam. What happens when religious consciousness is used to suppress and control? The worst is Islam. You even said so yourself in your video on religion. It is a negative "religious" consciousness that threatens the freedoms of people both in this country and elsewhere that many Americans and Christians have worked so hard to maintain. It is a religious consciousness that does not allow its followers to progress in any form of consciousness or sexuality. I don't understand how you can make American Christians look evil when a vast majority of them built and maintained the many amenities you have today in this country which you probably wouldn't have elsewhere. To imply that true patriots are "war-hungry" or "fake Christians" is simply wrong and not very insightful. It is the duty of this country to maintain sovereignty in its citizen's rights. Freedom isn't free. It comes with costs and sacrifices. You wouldn't have the capability to write your articles today if we didn't defend ourselves. If you can't understand this - Move to a supressed country and try living under Sharia Law or communist China.
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