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    Yesterday I had a big arguing with a friend of mine about the freedom of choice and stories that we create after the choice is made so we could justify ourselves ... I felt truly blessed when couple of hours later each of us pulled the frequency card that was referring to our trauma/triggers that came out during the arguing. I pulled #15 DIVERSITY upright "... stop trying to get others to agree with you and instead embrace diversity. You do not need them to be wrong for you to be right. There is a unity and a harmony that is possible when we let others be where they are and choose what they are choosing. The more you try to get them to agree, or be like you, the more they will resist you. You are making people feel disapproved of because they are different from you. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, thinking what they think and being who they are. Seek to understand them completely and with empathy whilst staying true to yourself. *Thank you for your teaching Teal*
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