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  1. Teal, You are irritating me so much with the cryptic messages. Right now DECEPTION is what is preventing people from OPENING THEIR EYES. At this very moment eliminating that deception and HELPING OTHERS SEE THE TRUTH, HEAR THE TRUTH, AND STAND SOLID IN THAT TRUTH should be our primary focus as seers. Integration be damned, at the moment. Stop the cryptic messages. Now is the time to share what you know, period. I love you, Suzanne
  2. ohsnapitssuz

    Tips For Now

    I have been taking lots of epsom salt baths. So nice.
  3. ohsnapitssuz


    I had a panic attack when I thought my mom brought the virus home from a quilting retreat. We talked through it. All I can do in this physical reality is be mindful of germs. So far, the statistics the so-called experts addressing congress are reporting don't match up with reports in case numbers we have access to ourselves from the CDC website. Regardless, I'll either miss catching it, catch it and survive or this will take me out and in any of those scenarios, I win. So...no fear anymore. But I am really not looking forward to the lung crap if I do get sick. Lol Stay well!!!!! ❤❤❤
  4. ohsnapitssuz

    The Truth About Triggers

    I wish I could share this.
  5. ohsnapitssuz

    What Would They Do?

    Teal, oh Teal. I am really really scared. So the rivers and waters are turning red. And there are these locusts swarms in Africa, Saudia Arabia, etc, and now the novel corona virus. This stuff was mentioned in the Bible and it is scaring me so much. Is Jesus going to come back? Am I going to get left behind to burn in hell and suffer? I am so very scared. There is a part of me that knows this isn't true but then there is another part of me that grew up in such complete fear of this being true that I obeyed. And now with these events happening, I can't bulldoze her anymore (which is good, and probably the point) and she is making life unlivable (again, probably the point.) I'm so anxious, and so scared, I cannot function (which isn't going to work.) And the part that thinks it knows its not true is questioning, "well what if it is true? panic!" Please, please, please, guidance for those of us feeling the same way. I know I am not alone. Completion process? Okay but... what exactly do I say to her to start this conversation? Because I am conflicted and all my parts are questioning now and in complete fear. This is such a mess.
  6. Im emulating people that are unhappy because i have been taught to live for your dreams will leave you hungry, homeless and not a penny to your name. Im putting my securuty over my happiness. While Im miserable at least I can support myself. At this point, I dont have any passions. I don't know why Im still here. I feel like every amount if energy spent living this life is a waste.
  7. ohsnapitssuz

    Teal On Candy

    #1 Starburst Tropical flavors #2 Strawberry Salt Water Taffy or Laffy Taffy #3 Strawberry Pop-Rocks #4 Watermelon and Cherry Jolly Ranchers #5 Nerds #6 Cherry or Strawberry Blow Pops #7 Blue Raspberry Ring Pops #8 Zero Bar #9 Dots Tropical flavor #10 Crunch Bar I don't eat a lot of sweets but I have drank Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper pretty much exclusively since I was two. It is ingrained and I don't know how to stop. I don't like water. This is my list for the rare occasion when I do get candy. My body has an averse reaction to the enzymes in powdered milk or cheese which is frequently used in chocolate candy. Sometimes it is worth the pain for that Zero bar or box of Kraft Mac N Cheese, though.
  8. ohsnapitssuz


    Please come to Dallas, TX.
  9. ohsnapitssuz

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    Most CP's will work with you on a financial plan that fits your budget where you are. You need only ask/explain the situation. But yes, it is a fair energy exchange.
  10. ohsnapitssuz

    Collective Blindspot

    Blame. Take responsibility. Got it. I have been using the app and its so accurate. Howwww????
  11. Wonderful to see your beautiful face in an update. Your energy is calming. Needed that today - thank you. My relationship with my parents was severely damaged when I told my truth as well. It's made things very awkward and me very cautious of my mother. At this point in my life, I can only tolerate being in her presence for short amounts of time. She doesn't understand at all. And it hurts her when I say no. Its her patterns I cannot escape and when I tried in the beginning to point them out it only caused more pain. So I don't do that anymore. Instead, we just have short visits.
  12. ohsnapitssuz

    Teal Tribe Down

    I know you are doing your Curveball Retreat... but I sure miss ya!!!!!!
  13. ohsnapitssuz

    Autoimmune Disease

    My parents were extremely loving and extremely passive but also sensitive. So..if I screwed up as a kid I could see it hurt them. And being empathic I couldn't stand to hurt them - it hurt me. Of course I did it ALL the time - not purposefully. But I ended up even as a child putting these pressures on myself. I'm dealing with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.
  14. ohsnapitssuz

    Beauty Products

    I use dial soap. No makeup. No moisturizer. I'd be hurting if I did. lol
  15. YASSS!! I am the obese one who can't do a back flip and can't get dinner!!! SOOO ACCURATE!!!
  16. ohsnapitssuz

    Today's Mission

    Just because some peice of information doesn't resonate with you doesn't mean it isn't true or reality. "This doesn't resonate with me" is a phrase that really strums a nerve for me. Drives me nuts!! People use that phrase and frame of thinking to deny reality or what is in front of them.
  17. ohsnapitssuz

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    The Chicago and the New York workshops are the BEST I have seen so far!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!
  18. ohsnapitssuz

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Thank you so much for this. I needes this so much. I am stuck and guides are pointing back to physical. I couldn't understand that!!!!
  19. I've been in hiding for a year as of Oct 4. I just can't. It's crazy!!! Would love to hear what advice you have for those of us who are struggling to find the energy and empowerment to step out there. Really just want to disappear.
  20. Ohhhh red! Frequency of personal power.
  21. I'd travel to your restaurant for that experience!!!!
  22. Exactly. And despite how much we may want to, we cannot make the 3D reality have the physical and universal laws of 4D and 5D. 3D is what it is. If you don't want to comply, your only ootion is to shift densities.
  23. ohsnapitssuz

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Ohhh that dress is so pretty and you look beautiful. Does modeling like this trigger bad memories? I am still working on shadows but I would personally be triggered. Break downs are pretty common around here.
  24. But.... the ice cores show our temperature is NOT nearly the highest it has ever been. They also show we are completely within normal ranges and there is a clear pattern in the data of the temperature rising and falling. Is the climate changing? Technically. But its part of the natural cycle!!! It's not caused by humans because it happened before humans ever settled here. And in that time before humans the C02 level reached WAY higher peaks than what we are experiencing. Teal you really triggered me this time. I hate seeing people fear monger about an impending doom of the earths habitable environment. The only thing I could agree with in this whole video is that earth is a being within her own right and humans don't have the power to destroy her. Yes, symbiotic relationships are needed in order to get through this period of evolution in the human collective. But the doomsday crap is just that. Crap. I know why you are saying this though - maybe fear of it will spark change. Doubt it.
  25. ohsnapitssuz

    Fear Of Intimacy

    That's OK. The message is good for eternity.
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