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  1. Exactly. And despite how much we may want to, we cannot make the 3D reality have the physical and universal laws of 4D and 5D. 3D is what it is. If you don't want to comply, your only ootion is to shift densities.
  2. ohsnapitssuz

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Ohhh that dress is so pretty and you look beautiful. Does modeling like this trigger bad memories? I am still working on shadows but I would personally be triggered. Break downs are pretty common around here.
  3. But.... the ice cores show our temperature is NOT nearly the highest it has ever been. They also show we are completely within normal ranges and there is a clear pattern in the data of the temperature rising and falling. Is the climate changing? Technically. But its part of the natural cycle!!! It's not caused by humans because it happened before humans ever settled here. And in that time before humans the C02 level reached WAY higher peaks than what we are experiencing. Teal you really triggered me this time. I hate seeing people fear monger about an impending doom of the earths habitable environment. The only thing I could agree with in this whole video is that earth is a being within her own right and humans don't have the power to destroy her. Yes, symbiotic relationships are needed in order to get through this period of evolution in the human collective. But the doomsday crap is just that. Crap. I know why you are saying this though - maybe fear of it will spark change. Doubt it.
  4. ohsnapitssuz

    Fear Of Intimacy

    That's OK. The message is good for eternity.
  5. Wow. I am adopted and have met my birth family. This is soooo true. Without me they would have no hope.
  6. ohsnapitssuz


    Its soo easy to do it and not realize it.
  7. ohsnapitssuz

    Is Source Really Love?

    Was that Candace Craw-Goldman asking the question?!
  8. ohsnapitssuz

    Bloods Lake

    What a beautiful space.
  9. This is from 8/8....

    "I have been using the How to Feel process and I have just had an aha moment.

    I wasn't allowed to say NO as a little girl. Frequently, if I said NO, I got my butt or leg popped. NO was not ok. So I learned to say YES, even when I didn't want to. This has led to numerous traumas throughout my life.

    As an adult, I feel euphoric when I say NO even though I know someone is going to get upset. So I have found myself saying NO, even when it is inappropriate. When I do say it at appropriate times, I empathize with them and can easily put myself on the other side of that NO. Then euphoria turns to guilt. I do not need to feel guilty when using NO appropriately.

    So happy this is working. I have revealed a fragment I can communicate with. 😁"

  10. ohsnapitssuz

    Shattered Glass

    I went back to that video and started implementing that process yesterday. Had a flash of intuition while working. Thank you for recommending this!!!
  11. ohsnapitssuz

    Shattered Glass

    I am still struggling to feel emotions so I can go backward and integrate. It is extremely frustrating. How do you know when you've integrated - or integrated fully?
  12. Oh no Blake!!! ohhh god!!!
  13. ohsnapitssuz

    Sleeping Habits

    T-shirt and panties. NO SOCKS, NO PANTS!!
  14. ohsnapitssuz

    Resistance Quote

    And if they don't believe in resistence.. you have to let them discover it on their own terms. Which is really difficult.
  15. So angry today!!! This current societal system needs to go!!! Can we just create the New Earth sans monetary system NOW please?!

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    2. ohsnapitssuz


      Are you talking absolute infinity like ... immortal? Or is Absolute Infinity a bitcoin mine?


    3. Mike Lopyrev

      Mike Lopyrev

      Absolute Infinity as a mathematical concept of God.

      Would you like to learn more about it?

      Here's a good collection of "Absolute Infinity" porn: https://qr.ae/TWGqUv

       I bet Teal would love to watch it together, as I've assembled it for her. But now I'm sharing it with her tribe lol. Enjoy!

    4. ohsnapitssuz


      HAHA My mind went off in lala land. 🙂 Thank you! Will check it out.

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