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  1. Im emulating people that are unhappy because i have been taught to live for your dreams will leave you hungry, homeless and not a penny to your name. Im putting my securuty over my happiness. While Im miserable at least I can support myself. At this point, I dont have any passions. I don't know why Im still here. I feel like every amount if energy spent living this life is a waste.
  2. ohsnapitssuz

    Teal On Candy

    #1 Starburst Tropical flavors #2 Strawberry Salt Water Taffy or Laffy Taffy #3 Strawberry Pop-Rocks #4 Watermelon and Cherry Jolly Ranchers #5 Nerds #6 Cherry or Strawberry Blow Pops #7 Blue Raspberry Ring Pops #8 Zero Bar #9 Dots Tropical flavor #10 Crunch Bar I don't eat a lot of sweets but I have drank Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper pretty much exclusively since I was two. It is ingrained and I don't know how to stop. I don't like water. This is my list for the rare occasion when I do get candy. My body has an averse reaction to the enzymes in powdered milk or cheese which is frequently used in chocolate candy. Sometimes it is worth the pain for that Zero bar or box of Kraft Mac N Cheese, though.
  3. ohsnapitssuz


    Please come to Dallas, TX.
  4. ohsnapitssuz

    Incompatible Inner Parts

    Most CP's will work with you on a financial plan that fits your budget where you are. You need only ask/explain the situation. But yes, it is a fair energy exchange.
  5. ohsnapitssuz

    Collective Blindspot

    Blame. Take responsibility. Got it. I have been using the app and its so accurate. Howwww????
  6. Wonderful to see your beautiful face in an update. Your energy is calming. Needed that today - thank you. My relationship with my parents was severely damaged when I told my truth as well. It's made things very awkward and me very cautious of my mother. At this point in my life, I can only tolerate being in her presence for short amounts of time. She doesn't understand at all. And it hurts her when I say no. Its her patterns I cannot escape and when I tried in the beginning to point them out it only caused more pain. So I don't do that anymore. Instead, we just have short visits.
  7. ohsnapitssuz

    Teal Tribe Down

    I know you are doing your Curveball Retreat... but I sure miss ya!!!!!!
  8. ohsnapitssuz

    Autoimmune Disease

    My parents were extremely loving and extremely passive but also sensitive. So..if I screwed up as a kid I could see it hurt them. And being empathic I couldn't stand to hurt them - it hurt me. Of course I did it ALL the time - not purposefully. But I ended up even as a child putting these pressures on myself. I'm dealing with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.
  9. ohsnapitssuz

    Beauty Products

    I use dial soap. No makeup. No moisturizer. I'd be hurting if I did. lol
  10. YASSS!! I am the obese one who can't do a back flip and can't get dinner!!! SOOO ACCURATE!!!
  11. ohsnapitssuz

    Today's Mission

    Just because some peice of information doesn't resonate with you doesn't mean it isn't true or reality. "This doesn't resonate with me" is a phrase that really strums a nerve for me. Drives me nuts!! People use that phrase and frame of thinking to deny reality or what is in front of them.
  12. ohsnapitssuz

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    The Chicago and the New York workshops are the BEST I have seen so far!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!!
  13. ohsnapitssuz

    New York Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Thank you so much for this. I needes this so much. I am stuck and guides are pointing back to physical. I couldn't understand that!!!!
  14. I've been in hiding for a year as of Oct 4. I just can't. It's crazy!!! Would love to hear what advice you have for those of us who are struggling to find the energy and empowerment to step out there. Really just want to disappear.
  15. Ohhhh red! Frequency of personal power.
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