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  1. Well that was accurate. Had my mid year review and assumed I was gonna get dragged back into the office or fired. Agree they are dangerous. No more assuming. Netflix keeps suggesting that series. May have to pay it a watch. Thank you for the reminder, Teal. ❤
  2. Thank you!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤
  3. ohsnapitssuz

    Liver Flush

    I just don't wear makeup. Problem solved. Thank you for letting us know about this.
  4. ohsnapitssuz

    Work Morning

    Looking forward to these videos. Mystical spaghetti squash. Ohhh myyyy!!!
  5. ohsnapitssuz

    Regular Job

    I am envious, Teal. Because you know what it is you have to contribute to the world. I don't. I'm clinging to uncertainty and learning to be with that until the rest of it makes sense. The rat race is driving me insane. 9-5 jobs SUCK!!!!!
  6. Did you just say enema?
  7. Yesterday I learned that I have been a teacher, and a spiritual teacher, in many "past" (or parallel) lives. This made so much sense.

    As a little girl, I was obsessed with becoming a teacher. I setup class rooms. Always had a chalkboard. Knew how to maintain and average a gradebook. And my favirite thing to do was a trip to the Teacher Supply Store, which my father obliged. One of my most prized posessions was an overhead projector. I felt legit. And my friends enjoyed playing school with me, too. It seemed my future was set.

    Then, sexual trauma happened. That little girl who had a zest for life, who knew who she was, where she was going, and what she was meant to do, deminished into a black hole, void of feeling anything but inadequate, broken, and hopeless.

    That little girl rose from the ashes after years of cognitive behavior therapy, numerous breakdowns and bouts of agoraphobia. But the dream was played out. It no longer captivated her because instead of just rainbows, she now saw darkness. The school system is broken. And still feeling broken herself, what chance did she have of changing it? So she tried on different hats. But none of them fit, and none of them made her feel passionate.

    I am that little girl. And it's okay to feel dispassionate. It's okay to realize a dream didn't come to fruition. It's okay to be afraid of going against the grain. And it's okay to change my mind. It's also okay to grieve the loss of the dream. I accept this aspect of myself and love it as part of me. We are going to get through this together and find our life spark again. ❤

    1. Mike Lopyrev

      Mike Lopyrev



      Ok, I'm getting a "light drop" for you, in synchronicity. I'm awakening my parents. It's such a pain in the ass!

      Check this out. I'm calling this "light work"! LOL




  8. ohsnapitssuz

    Positivity Crystals

    Citrine Honeycomb Calcite Blue Euclase Yellow Apatite Bustamite Rose Quartz Yellow Jasper Sun Stone Turquoise Chrysoprase Desert Rose Peridot
  9. Was reminded of something I used to do as a child - I used to guess how many seeds would be inside my green beans - tear them open and see if I was right and then eat them. My parents let me do this without fuss because of my accuracy. Was just reminded of this tonight as I am eating green beans for dinner. Decided to try it out again. Haven't gotten one correct, yet. 🤣

  10. Looking forward to it and to seeing this painting finished. No idea what the blue part would represent. But it appears we are getting "unstuck". I think of it much like anything else, people won't "change" until staying the same becomes more painful than doing so. Are you ok? How are you feeling? You came across very somber today. I love you. ❤
  11. So tired today. I very much would like to be bundled under the covers resting my mind. Instead I am sitting infront of a computer waiting on a phone call as my anxiety increases. The reality is, if I don't work I don't have money. If I don't have money I don't have a roof over my head. I feel so trapped! I feel like I cannot get ahead. I feel like I don't know what I have to contribute as myself that is valuable enough that someone would pay for it and I can support myself. 😭 Bad day. 

    1. Mike Lopyrev

      Mike Lopyrev

      I’m going camping later on this week!

      I don’t want a concrete roof over my head all the time!

    2. ohsnapitssuz


      So close but so far away. 😓

    3. Mike Lopyrev

      Mike Lopyrev

      Where do you live?

  12. ohsnapitssuz

    Anxiety Crystals

    Still integrating. All day. Every day. I know my purpose here is self-love. What that looks like inspires so much resistance that I have trouble existing at all. I cannot answer your inquiry at this time.
  13. ohsnapitssuz

    Anxiety Crystals

    I simply see community and sharing. Why is someone higher than? Why is someone lower than? Why should anything be abolished? The light exists because of contrasts to the dark. Let it be. It serves its purpose. When its purpose is complete, it transforms. "To change the world, start with yourself." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90M60PzmxEE
  14. ohsnapitssuz

    Anxiety Crystals

    Cult? And you're paying for premium participation in this community why exactly?
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