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  1. ohsnapitssuz

    Ghost Stories

    I went on a hoaky ghost train ride at night thinking it was the stupidest thing but the tracks were laid over an old industrial area where lots of workers died, and it was a civil war battle ground as well - still had army barracks. I went on the last train ride of the night to hear the stories about the war, about when it was a big river boat stop, the wild west days, and the old caboose train car they had. I saw a woman in a victorian era black dress standing by the tracks with no head, white hands clasped at waist, moonlight reflecting off the material of her dress. I had been investigating ghosts for several years by that time and had never seen anything. That night I was frozen stiff. I could have touched her if I had been able to move. I kept thinking "It's just a tree" until we got to her and it wasn't. No one else saw her - but several people saw shadows rushing up to meet the train. I haven't investigated since. It's still terrifying to think about.
  2. ohsnapitssuz

    Favorite Things List

    cats puppy breath peonies taco bell coca cola dr pepper youtube purple teal rainbow fluorite potatoes being on a dock over a lake in the mountains
  3. ohsnapitssuz

    Islands and Limits

    "I am a rock, I am an issssssllllland!!!"
  4. I have sexual trauma and can't DRINK water.... but I love swimming. My favorite body of water is the Caddo River because it's usually clear, it's freshwater, it's beautiful, and it's always flowing. It's a system that cleans itself but also provides a resource to all sorts of life.
  5. Isn't that what community service does? I am curious what weaving them back into society so that they are a part of us would look like. Especially for the ones with severe personality disorders like psychopaths.
  6. You would look really GOOD with a pixie cut.
  7. ohsnapitssuz

    Dreams and Purpose

    I don't have any recurring dreams. The dreams I remember are like apocalyptic and... for instance I got the term "operation redfox" which was referring to FEMA being infiltrated by aliens and duping so many people into being abducted during a pandemic. Or.. something like that happening will be in my awareness but I am floating down a river - no steering - being aware (go with the flow.) Another I remember is it being really windy and the sun going up and down in the sky pretty quickly.. I was watching this happen behind a plastic bag stuck in a dead tree in the desert while it blew in the wind... all from a glass room. Then the room started flooding, I felt the water on my ankles... Next thing I know I was floating on this big wave through a parking garage worried about my socks. But my close family and friends were all with me riding the wave. My dreams are all so different. I know a lot of times I just dream about being a wife. ^_^
  8. ohsnapitssuz

    June 16th

    Happy birthday, Teal.
  9. Teal, that was beautifully written. I could not agree more. I started off with a very politicized view but as of this morning my heart is open. Everything I see is within me. I take all of this as part of me and love it unconditionally. I hear the pain. I acknowledge the depth of despair, hopelessness, fear, and sorrow. I feel the anger. I feel it all. I stand beside everyone with an open heart. When you are roaming the ethers - are you seeing a dark flowering effect on plasma body level? FataLE invasion?
  10. The only thing I can think of is cooking but I know why I don't go for that and it's because I believe if cooking becomes a job I rely on for income, I will no longer enjoy it. I believe that the bureaucracy and corporatialistic rules and regulations would suffocate me to the extent that I became miserable. I believe this because that is what happened when I went for my dream of being a web designer. When I began to rely on doing that for income, I began to loathe it. I was also stuck with a ton of debt for a certificate that turned out useless because companies wanted graphic artists, not web designers. I can no longer see the benefits of following my passion outweighing the cons.
  11. My career is like extracting a tooth from a conscious feral cat.
  12. I want my own house. But it requires jumping through hoops and the system us setup against me. Everytime I get ahead something happens to my credit or savings and puts me 10 steps back. I feel like its impossible for me to own a house.
  13. I.... I am greatful for a feather pillow. Because it makes me feel safe. And supported.
  14. ohsnapitssuz


    Teal, do you know what Blake is going to say before he says it? Sometimes you're mouthing the words he is saying as he is saying them like you know.
  15. ohsnapitssuz


    I have Orion's belt on my face.
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