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  1. dely08


    I dont like cats. Dogs see/feel ghosts/spirits too. Id rather have a dog friend
  2. dely08

    Change Your Name?

    What is your take on 'parents' choosing names for their kids? I kind of feel as WE choose the names and spirit guides communicate the name to the parents. Teal, can you give insights on that?
  3. I love this! Thank you
  4. dely08

    Let's Talk About Death

    Iam looking forward to this video!!
  5. dely08

    Path Test: The Results

    I found this super interesting. I see the analogue behind many aspects (road there and back, maid) but I want to argue with two: red and white roses. In my mind I associated white roses with wanting peace and harmony in relationship, and red with wanting passion. Hence I chose a combination that fits me, and thought I saw through the game and found the secret of the universe... (why many people are in dramatic turbulent relationships - HA! They would all choose red roses). You can imagine my disappointment at the result. Secondly I wanted to argue on the placement of roses (bed or window). There I associated this with where do you put effort/show love. Bed in my mind represented "to the person, privatly" or window "as a show-off to the outer world". So yeah, I dont know. This game was intriguing but due to the potential for many associations I think its not the most accurate. Still I thank you for inspiring us!
  6. dely08

    Ear Candle: The Verdict

    Dear Teal, I think you did not have a professional with you. Its a big no-no to put the smoke in. You should wait 12 seconds until the smoke gets out, only THEN should you place the candle in. Second: you did the review a day after. Ear candles show their effect 3 days after they have been done. But I respect your opinion. I only wanted to add this information.
  7. dely08

    For Yourself

    I didnt know Teal, you had Candida. I have it too, Im doing everything that I can, which often means eating garlic after sugar All other stuff I cut out, sugar is just a sneaky one and Im not ready yet to complicate my life to that degree. As of what do I do for myself: vitamins and letting myself sleep a lot
  8. Yes yes yes Im only hoping that my timing will be good, and I will avoid the 'harsher' clues compared to the gentle ones. I also hope that my loved ones are going to be well. Wishing strength to you all!
  9. dely08

    A New Epoch

    Thank you Teal for giving us a bit on this! Thank you! I hope you will be able to say more on this later on. Blessings! I am also secretly cheering you will have a 2021 energy reading for us
  10. dely08

    One Virtue

    OMG, do you know how many times I DM-d her? ... I dont need to emphasize how much I adore her.... but these times when such a HUUUUGE thing is here, DAMN yeah, I would like to hear her inputs and her not reacting to many of us feels like a HUGE letdown.
  11. dely08

    What's Your Collection?

    Oh, I loooove single eyeshadows and collect them too. Same thoughts there! It bugs me too, to waste or to pay for something that I dont use. Funny we talk about such things here At the same time I cant stop myself to ask, which single eyeshadow brands do you like?
  12. I am so sorry this has happened to you! I hope you could heal from this. I am sending you positive energies
  13. OMG! I stumbled across this just now!! How come nobody gave a thanks for this? This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for your insights!!!
  14. dely08

    What's Your Collection?

    I collect eyeshadow palettes. I know... the epitome of spiritual depth. (I also collect crystals, but thats so standard and perfumes, and beautiful pictures from the internet)

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