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  1. Mike Lopyrev

    Anxiety Crystals

    I’m too busy to do in-person meetups. Lots of idiots to help out with ascension. Where do you live? I can make a video call when I’m driving to my drop zone tomorrow. I skydive.
  2. Omg, I have so many fucking stuffed toys left over. Want me to send you a box full? Give me your address. I’ve been mailing boxes to people, in synchronicity, across 3 states. Where do you live?
  3. Mike Lopyrev

    Anxiety Crystals

    Shhh.... She reached a new ascension level, as Ascended Master in flesh. Teal Archangel. I’m “leaking” it to her I’m hanging with other ascended masters here. A couple of archangels chose to embody as well. Has Teal been to Burning Man?
  4. Mike Lopyrev

    Anxiety Crystals

    Does Teal need to be reprimanded for doing crystals too much? Before I discuss her promotion result, that is, to her new ascension level.
  5. She isn’t into ‘Murican flags?
  6. Teal, is that you in the photo with the flag? I like that engagement ring. Are you still married? Got room for a fling with a gay guy?
  7. I do love the authenticity. I wasn’t expecting anything so authentic from you, Teal. You are blowing my mind that you are capable of this level of sincere expression at your level of realization.
  8. Teal, this is the last thing we need to know about you to be in total Nirvana here, on Earth. Also, by the way, a couple of days ago, I’ve almost disintegrated this reality. I had the exact same shadow moment as you did, with you. Your higher self you were pretty much the last thing that kept me going. You’ve definitely “saved me” from bailing out of this reality into the next one. I wonder why?
  9. Mike Lopyrev

    Brain Healing Day

    Have you tried Onnit’s Alpha Brain supplement? It’s like a steroid for astral travel, LoL. Aubrey Marcus invented it. Also, H_Earth, please don’t consider your brain your enemy. Your ego is your friend. Your brain is also your friend. Friends need attention sometimes.
  10. Mike Lopyrev

    Healing Is Not Linear

    Interesting. I had that exact exact spiral experience a couple of days ago. Each rung is a different manifestation of an aspect, occurring on both, shadow and light sides. I was just traversing the rungs and plucking out chunks of karma to release on each side. I need to develop a visual system for this spiral of creation. It’s not static. It’s constantly evolving and expanding, by the way.
  11. Mike Lopyrev

    Brain Healing Day

    Many people get paranoid smoking cannabis, because they feel like they will lose control. Did you feel more grounded in your body? More sensation? I like to get stoned to get out of my head, if I have too much ADHD. What shadow are you holding?
  12. Mike Lopyrev

    Brain Healing Day

    This is Wim Hof Method: belly-chest-head-let go. Are you guys also into DMT and out of body experiences? Have you tried hovering, as ghosts, around physical structures and narrating it, in real time? I had my energy guy guide my ghost avatar around his house. So cool when you have a lot of shadow energy to release.
  13. Mike Lopyrev

    Sports History

    How about skydiving, for the most spiritual sport, followed by wingsuit base?
  14. Mike Lopyrev

    New Lights

    FYI: Wall paint sheen is throwing off your white balance. Is it eggshell or semi-gloss?
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