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  1. Seriously? Zeppelin??? OMFG, this is good! I dunno what part of the process you are currently in. During some of my hottest “levitation” moments, I had to go into the cold shower several times a day, in addition to breathwork. I love cold showers! Wim Hof has really good techniques around cold exposure. He calls it “Winter Yoga”. Really great grounding stuff along with advanced pranayamas. Check out his Fundamentals class. I literally have 20 hours of his workshop and guided training videos on my phone. If I ever get stuck in my head too much, and nobody is around to blow my mind and laug
  2. Omg, are you still levitating? Stop whining already. Get grounded - take some cold showers! If that doesn’t help, take your shoes off and walk around on grass. If you feel like your mind goes out of sync with reality a lot, and you don’t feel like integrating in your sleep, just do one round of Wim Hof Method breathing. Let me know if it doesn’t help! Edit: adding a quick clarification on down-integrate and up-integrate scenarios in Source consciousness. Your “mind” contains your local copy of Source, localized to your brain. When you are ungrounded for too long, it gets c
  3. Just sharing some good tips on my end: - Rob Stuart, on YouTube, has some epic “gangster” methods for liver flushing and cleanses. If I ever feel like my digestive system goes out of alignment, I do a saltwater cleanse with Pink Himalayan Salt. Takes all of 30 minutes to completely reset your digestion - If you have colonics in your area, I definitely recommend that. Enemas are lame. Me and my wife play real battleshits with colonics. I’m the best! I usually win. She’s got nothing on my battleshit skills! - Track your sleep cycles, especially if you astral travel a lot with
  4. Have you seen her move her eyebrows, in sync? She promised to teach me how to do it! I'm still waiting!
  5. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Ok, pro tip (this is way beyond what most people will be able to handle): when you do your shrooms, after 3-4 hours, your energy will begin to integrate. Get a pack of whipped cream chargers and a cracker (just ask any any smoke shop - they have lots of these everywhere in the US). Nitrous oxide, added during the integration phase of any psychedelic trip, will take you straight to stratosphere, above Source consciousness. This is how we explore Source Prime. We have a bunch of realities and universes there. If you are doing good during your mushroom trip, definitely take it up a notch with nit
  6. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    You know, they have to face their truth no matter what. They don't have to accept it, but what counts is that you talked it out. I can send you some screenshots (in private) if you want, of my conversations with my mom and dad. They think I've completely lost it (because I microdose LSD to access collective consciousness - and "drugs" are bad, according to them, because they haven't tried anything), as I'm unloading all the karma I had with them (about some of the stuff they did to me back then). I keep telling them that I'm much better off than they think, and that I get to skydive and do wha
  7. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Nice! I tried to host a garage sale in the actual garage in my condo. People still haven't caught up on how to use Law of Attraction to get the stuff they want without buying it on Amazon. We have hundreds of Amazon boxes arriving every week into our building. So much waste! We are way too picky here in California, to get second-hand stuff. Even homeless people can't be bothered to go to Goodwill. They just break into cars and steal whatever they need. So lame. Steal a $30 trinket out of the car, break a $600 door window. What would be a good way to sort it out, in consciousne
  8. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    I have given my mom many nightmares this week. We are on great terms now. I’m helping helping her with her spiritual awakening and ascension. Need tips?
  9. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Hey Vincent, want to try doing a Law of Attraction demanifest? I have been shipping boxes of donations out, to folks whose higher selves swapped into my body and made some picks right off my shelves, in hypnosis. Shipped 4 boxes already to one guy in Nebraska who supports a family of 4 and works on a farm. Want me to connect you two?
  10. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    If Teal is still out with her healing, I can spell her out for you in hypnosis. I’m supposed to take a day off today, but it’s so many laughs with our angel girl! What do you why to hear? Online Tarot reading? Here to go: https://www.quora.com/topic/Tarot-Card-Readings-1?ch=10&share=93da8e01&srid=imy Send a Quora question to someone who can do a reading for free. We have a lot of masters there on Quora. Please don’t pay unless you get a good one.
  11. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Today’s spiritual funny. I’m still cracking up at Teal’s “completion”. How is that for some premium satirical content.
  12. Mike Lopyrev

    Brain Healing Day

    How so? I’m picking up the highest vibrations from people here. Are you taking about people channeling all the time in hypnosis? And speaking in half-sentences? It’s normal at this level of consciousness. I wish we spoke in complete sentences when we channeled. Can we try harder, guys? Also, could you try to identify whose higher self you are channeling? Ascended avatars usually have names. You can ask them before you interact. I have four in my body right now.
  13. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Add some full-on Psy Trance into the mix. To really give yourself a bad trip. Then it’s proper shadow work on nitrograde. Oh, and if that’s not enough, make sure to add some nitrous into the mix. Then you can twist reality inside out, like a washcloth, and shake out all the remaining ugly stuff from it, for everyone. Going to do some more of that crazy nitro shit tomorrow, for good measure. I take acid every day. Thanks for your help!
  14. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    I heard Teal will have a big crush on me. Lol crush on a gay dude?
  15. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Btw, Teal, babe, You won’t believe me. I found your solution, for human suffering. While doing my Nitro Savasana, in Target parking lot. In my Tesla. It’s easy as 2+2. Foundational Quantum Mechanics. Want me to give you a primer?
  16. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    You can also use Google: “site:tealswan.com mercury nitros” Can you go a lil’ bit faster with your nitro retrograde shenanigans? Send some more stuck energy to release, my way, Teal? I’m bored here. Just getting started with my Nitro Yoga while my car is charging... and already done? I got got some good music going, on my sound system: The Original Merkaba Acceleration. Must be my my Hebrew roots. Or the music? Try it: So: I was looking at all this boring, lonely, ugly, yuck, this whole humanity got us. Is that all of it? a
  17. Mike Lopyrev

    Mercury Retrograde

    Teal, ok, I have to explain to you how this works with consciousness, as you and I (along with our respective "teams"), are engineering it for the reduction phase. We have now defined TWO levels now that we work with, in relation to collective evolution: * Source consciousness - we have kicked it into contraction (or, "reduction") - for 2 months, as of yesterday. It's not really a "retrograde" - it doesn't get "worse". It gets better under reduction, as we are squeezing out all the bullshit karma out of it. We have developed a blockchain for Karma, to better manage it in next expan
  18. Do you guys want to coordinate some torpedoing of Teal’s haters? She dug up this site for me: https://tealswanblog.wordpress.com/ I’ve torpedoed a bunch of Elon Musk’s haters (short sellers on stock market) for profit. Happy to extend the courtesy to Teal as well. Got any leads for me for her biggest “enemies”? I have my way with them. I’m undercover.
  19. Playing it now. I’ve been dropping a lot of good music to our Tribal share: https://www.facebook.com/groups/818172265007923/?ref=share Check it out! A lot of Psy Tantra and other excellent stuff. Had a lot of artists “come out”. DMT. Have you tried it? You can produce it in your brain, if your pineal gland is open. On top of that, you can smoke it out of a vape pen. I need to get me some more. I ran out. Again. Of my DMT supplements. Related question (my twin flame is asking): how tall is Teal? She thinks Teal is 6ft. Seems a little too much, no? My twin
  20. Ok, buddy. I think you got too much apophenia. Not every “meaningful coincidence” is evidence of synchronicity. Lol what are you smoking? Source has much more important things to synchronize on, than birds and fishes. Whatever we are synchronizing into Teal’s painting is coming from a higher level than Source. I’m curious, myself, to see this thing flesh out. I wanted to comission a different painting from her, but she has 8-12 months lead time. So, it’s definitely not absolute infinity that she is painting. I’m commissioning absolute infinity from Android Jones
  21. Mike Lopyrev

    Anxiety Crystals

    The thing is: I haven't developed my ability to see auras. I'm pretty sure I want my vision to stay out of astigmatism. If you see auras of crystals, do you have astigmatism necessarily? I prefer my vision to be sharp.
  22. I wish! Lol I asked some hard questions there, about complex stuff, and I’m already blocked, I think. Only send the easy ones on social media. Hard questions, bring to her Synchronicity workshop. She will answer them on stage. I’m still undecided on coming to Portland. I think we have some good music performances there I’d love to attend instead.
  23. She used glint. According to Source. She has no enemies. Everyone is her friend here. Modulo some spiritual idiots who are too far from self realization, who are into her shiny resume and in love with her looks. I would be, too.
  24. Hey, Ms. “Source”, would you like to chime in on trees vs space travel? We don’t want to make any important decisions about Source consciousness without our main representative here. I don’t want to surprise you too much. (I’ll add details in a bit - heading out for meetings with my psychics) PS. Teal’s title is “Senior Product Manager” for Source Consciousness.
  25. Here’s some blue skies for you guys, to cheer you up. At about 3000ft above Earth. Davis, California, to be exact. SkyDance! “Blue layer” of expansion. Into stratosphere. I’m painting the blue with some purple. See it on the painting?
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