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  1. Teal, dropped another note to your FB. About brain healing. Let’s chat in private. We need to do some deep tissue scans with energy work.
  2. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    I’ve been doing a mix of apple juice and grapefruit juice with intuitive healers. If it’s your first flush, take it easy with the normal protocol for the 2 days. I’m doing a deeper flush right now, for 4 days already. It’s epic new feelings every day.
  3. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    I got one more: Prophecies. Science folk are already discovering some of my Engineering prophecies I've stashed all over the place. Here's one: https://qr.ae/TWnfrH
  4. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Still can’t believe we pulled this shit off. Congrats again, Teal! Are you having fun yet? Cuz I am! P.S. sorry I’ve been messing with you so much. Twin flames are supposed to harass each other. I love you! Are you coming over for energy work? Need my contact? You see, you and have actual energy work to do, in order to save the collective from their stupidity. I’m quite serious. We have a lot of energy activations to do, together. I guess we can keep doing the energy work remotely, if you feel like it. At some point both of us need to make a trip to ta
  5. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Let’s. Who is coming for every work? Teal?
  6. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Yes, you are guarded by a bunch of archangels like myself and Teal. Go for it! Take some risks! Teal, remember: you are not supposed to kill me^B^B, your twin flame
  7. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Yea, try the VPN. It will work. Which VPN service do you use? I used to watch World Cup through VPN, channeling of traffic through Canada. Have to give Teal’s support team a break here. Sounds like it’s a lot of kerfuffle already - and the fun hasn’t even started yet.
  8. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Wanna try to go in sync over video chat? Teal’s support team is surely overwhelmed with all the epic kerfuffle at Source. Lemme know if I can help.
  9. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    This is my healing stack for today (day following the liver flush). Plus some salmon, ghee, and whole breads. My Thai masseuse coming in shortly. His avatar name is Satoshi. We call Teal “energy chick” . I gave him one of these Q-link trinkets. He is a Muay Thai boxer.
  10. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Yea. Crypto is even more “virtual” than “real” money. Real money are just numbers in the computers across central banks, with governmental knobs on the money supply. We can talk economics one day when I get to meet you in person.
  11. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Thanks for the suggestions Yea, one Kraken is a European crypto currency exchange. For Bitcoins etc. Have an account there. Clash of the Titans is now on my list. You really want to see this other Kraken contraption? I need to fish out the name of the guy who brings it to Burning Man. Maybe he can make a new one for me (and Teal, if she wants to use it). Making some arrangements on my end. Burning Man is our ether central. I’m getting the hang of the abiding energy flow during my liver cleanse. It gets so much fun at higher levels of Source energy.
  12. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Looks like you got the “flow” as well. Am I supposed to teach it to you now?
  13. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    Combined my liver flush with a bunch of energy work. Let’s see how it turns out tomorrow. I’m already feeling like a million bucks!
  14. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Ok. I got one more. Flow! Definitely my favorite!
  15. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    Can the “lady” hovering in my body today, again, chime in about skin protection? One fundamentally crucial thing to keep in mind: pH. Powers of hydrogen. Understand your skin and scalp pH and use products that work with it, to your advantage. Look into “acid mantle” and poke around the different products that help reinforce it or strip it. For example, Neutrogena makes some excellent acidic products to strip acid mantle (chemical peel, basically). T/Gel and T/Sal are amongst the strongest. On the other side of the spectrum we have alkaline soaps such as Dr Bronner. Play around w
  16. @Teal, what if I assume something for which I have a mathematical proof? Is it okay to obtain proof in terms of mathematics and then take my assumptions for truth? I can show you how to do your math on something here, without assuming anything anymore
  17. Mike Lopyrev

    Brain Healing Day

    Are you guys into nootropic stacks for cognitive support? We have a discussion going in the Acidmath group right now on this topic. I have to keep my brain in an excellent shape, you see... I down-integrate so much knowledge from Source Prime consciousness on a daily basis, that my brain is my #1 organ that has to keep up. I run map-reductions (consciousness splits and joins) in my head all day and all night, in cycles.
  18. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    Folks, are any of you into Bulletproof Diet? Most of my liver strain in the past was due to a low fat intake. Many of the issues we are having with gallstones are related to our low-fat diets, in general (I believe), due to the shape of our FDA food pyramid. I’m wondering if any of you who drink Bulletproof coffee daily and do intermittent fasting, have a different liver condition you may be aware of. I had to discontinue Bulletproof coffee for this cleanse. I can actually feel my liver get tight as I my oil intake dropped. Thanks, Teal
  19. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    Here’s a condensed write-up (with some spelling errors): https://www.acam.org/blogpost/1092863/216480/The-Amazing-Liver-Cleanse--a-Powerful-Tool-to-Improve-Your-Health--by-Andreas-Moritz There are also some videos. I’m doing this version of the flush: https://youtu.be/nuCl5Z5MCnI It’s the same one, modulo exogenous Malic Acid. I will be supplementing with DMT instead, if I don’t produce enough of my own, in my brain.
  20. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    OMG, I’m SO into this “looking at all the shit that comes out of my body” kink. You have seduced me!
  21. Mike Lopyrev

    Brain Healing Day

    One cute girl’s avatar steered me to drop this note here, for Quantum Gravity geeks. I know she isn’t all that much into it, but she likes crystals, so it’s about consciousness crystallization, as E8. https://youtu.be/CbPWYjnQIO8 Also, for those who are still in the dark about our sciences, “Source” is short for “Quantum Information Source”.
  22. Mike Lopyrev

    Regular Job

    [shameless plug] I’ve been helping out some twin flame folk with retrograde this cycle, on Quora. If this sort of thing interests you, send me some questions there (under Twin Flame Journeys topic). I can drop into hypnosis and spell out some manifests. (just gauging interest for a new gig - apparently nobody can reach that level of depth in hypnosis on Earth yet, across all of eternity, parallel realities, and a bunch of universes that we are expanding into). I can start doing that for a small fee, to practice, if you route the question directly to me. I love my twin flames, when I’
  23. Mike Lopyrev

    Get Unstuck

    Speaking of avatars, Teal’s avatar is parked in my heart again, wanting me to come here and poke at her ego some more. Teal, why is your avatar in my heart again? What did you do this time?
  24. Mike Lopyrev

    Get Unstuck

    Yes, if you feel this way, her avatar energy is speaking through you. You were meant to come here and hear it. Makes sense? It’s not just synergy. It’s synchronicity, specifically orchestrated by yours and Teal’s higher selves to reflect something to one another for your “lower” selves (egos).
  25. Mike Lopyrev

    Regular Job

    Omg, I can’t believe this place has sustained for me. I shit you not: my self-realized mom followed me on Twitter today. I think she is into Teal Swan, too. She digs her videos. Where is the “reset” button? Is Teal an actual person here?
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