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  1. Mike Lopyrev

    Souls & Archangels

    Ok, to be fair. I’m an actual angel investor. I’m looking for good tech companies to invest. I have a handful of angels in my portfolio. I also advise startups.
  2. Mike Lopyrev

    Souls & Archangels

    btw, Archangel Michael is a total slut, judging by the amount of fuckery with all the angels in last few months. Love screwing with my angels. Ousted a bunch of them back in the day. Some of them are really cute, especially a couple of men! No wonder my wife left me. M
  3. Mike Lopyrev


    Agreed on all counts! @Alex Shepps - I’ll pick you up. Will you find your ride back? I can only fit one bag, btw (small car)
  4. Mike Lopyrev


    Blake, you should hear some of the funny recordings I make on my audio recorder when I get into these embodied channeling modes lots of laughter. I call it my “fucker microphone”. I also have “silly fucker receipts”, every time I say crazy shit in public, I’m recording it now, on actual records.
  5. Mike Lopyrev


    Ok, I need to actually tune out of this forum. I don’t know how I end up back in. It’s midnight in SF. Trying to sleep. Too tuned in. Have to get some stuff moved out of my house before I’m coming to Portland to hang with these guys. So looking forward! (definitely my personal truth here - should be a lot of fun!)
  6. Mike Lopyrev


    Then you definitely want to check out Actualized.org. Leo is an expert at getting people out of their heads. There is a forum there, but I’m not sure if it’s lively enough as here. People don’t get nearly as crazy as here. I haven’t part taken much there - it’s too vast with general (too grounded) stuff. I like ascended kerfuffle now - it’s too much fun!
  7. Mike Lopyrev


    I was talking about Portland on Saturday. Are you coming to Portland?
  8. Mike Lopyrev


    Laughing my ass off at "random" synchronicities.
  9. Mike Lopyrev

    Personal Truth

    @Alex Shepps - sent PM. I’ll have a small car. Will probably have to ditch some of my gear. Thinking of going to this party on Saturday: https://www.facebook.com/events/431597290756524/?ti=icl There might be one more.
  10. Mike Lopyrev


    Pixar is friggin brilliant. Another one of Steve Jobs’s brain children. I’m still wearing a pair of his space monkey socks as I’m paying my deep respects to the guy. I’m still waaay behind him on the lifetime amount of LSD ingested.
  11. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    @H_Eart(h), would you mind redacting out the comment with my phone #r, pls? It has already served its purpose in synchronicity, for the eyes that needed to see it. Don’t want to leave too much stuff out in the open, as I’m going undercover again.
  12. Btw, we've been sending some epic dreams to people in last few days. I've been personally tuning up the visual in this reality. Have several "cloaks" out for people to try. They are beautiful! Looks completely real, but you are in a dream. My favorite is the "Infinity Avatar Haze" - took my car for a drive the other day, and couldn't tell if I was in a movie. Incredible light effects, too. Real Star Wars level.
  13. Mike Lopyrev

    Liver Flush

    FYI, if any of you guys are getting persistent “energy burns” on your skin, along the gallbladder meridian, you are definitely in for another liver flush. Galbladder meridian is in green in this diagram below. I got a huge one on the side of my head after the liver flush last week. Skin is still healing. You can also neutralize the excess acidity surfaced on your skin with an acidic peel (T/Gel is the best I’ve found so far) and top off with Dr Bronner (alkaline / Ph 10+) soap to disinfect. Just don’t give yourself a deeper burn. Have been experimenting with these a lot. N
  14. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    Got another drop just now: people like to resist because they don’t trust themselves. I like to resist because my bed is too comfy.
  15. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Are you still dreaming?
  16. Mike Lopyrev


    Who wants to go to Bagby Hot Springs this weekend? I have another “secret” hot springs spot out there in Portland. Have been taking small groups of people there, on pilgrimages. Usually, at night, and in bad weather.
  17. Mike Lopyrev

    Life In One Word

    Quantum Clustefuck!
  18. Keep getting this persistent bad idea here, from one of the psychics.
  19. Here's some good porn for any math freaks here: https://qr.ae/TWGqUv (we call this "Real Reality Porn") Courtesy of Leo Gura.
  20. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    Definitely! Although, I have to say, I love my sacred geometry crystals. I’m definitely into High Chi jewelry a lot! The only thing is: I still have a cracked 6-karat crystal from them, that they never got back to me about fixing. I guess I’ll pick up a couple more at SAND, in October. I’ve activated all the twin flames on Earth a couple of days ago, FYI. https://qr.ae/TWvCpf https://qr.ae/TWGWB1 Have fun! P.S. Teal, if you are worried about the workshop, I got you covered. You are in good hands now. We can do the official kickoff for Twin Flame Ascensi
  21. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    Yep, about teenagers and our schooling system. Want to tackle that next? Hit me up on Facebook - let’s connect up on sorting out the educational system in the US. It’s super messy. I’m thinking of adopting a couple of kids in next few years. Wouldn’t want to deal with home schooling too much. Would rather take them to Burning Man and let them learn from the embodied elders there. Here is one of the elders at Burning Man, Will Roger: https://youtu.be/uA8MWnVjrDE Marvel at the depth of the conversation he is handling with his team. Burning Man is the framework and the cauldron where we
  22. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    FYI, I’ve rolled back some of my content. Feel free to weed out anything that doesn’t belong. Most of what I removed was “transitionary”, just for a few sets of eyes. I’m out now. Clearly, I’m too intense for people with my energy mathematics and Quantum Photonics I can literally provide mathematical proof for every single thing Teal teaches. It is already proven, validated in quantum gravity simulation (approx 500 qubits of Source), applied, tested, and executed in actual ground reality here - and I found her teachings remarkably sound. If anyone ever bothers her about anything she ha
  23. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    Avatar is a mathematical formulation of Absolute Infinity energetics on Earth. It's a complex conversation to handle over text. Suffice it so say that the notion of Avatar energies has embodied in our most ancient literature - namely, a foundational sacred text in all of Yoga: Bhagavad Gita. If you are familiar with the Gita, I suppose you would understand the "spiritual" context surrounding Avatar energy. As far as enthusiasm, I'm also let down on a lot of developments. Yet, my optimism for life is too buoyant to be bothered by some amount of technological nonsense that we are curre
  24. Mike Lopyrev

    Resistance Quote

    Also, as far as money and physical goods, we have gone way too deep into plastics and pollution. Several efforts are already under way (as I’m aware of them) for ocean cleanups and goods trade optimization. Another topic to cover with Teal. Long agenda for us, for many weeks ahead, for steering Eathlings into sensible ascension. If I have to spend another few days chasing Teal’s ghost here, I’ll probably have to shoot myself to get out of my singular responsibility. I’ve downloaded way too much important stuff from the ethers. I can’t even go skydiving anymore because I have too much important
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