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Premium Record Comments posted by Mike Lopyrev

  1. Omg omg omg. I got sooo many stories to tell about tribal drama. The kitchen in my own tribe got so bad over the years (cuz everybody got different cleanliness standards), that I had to cancel it a couple of times - and still, the new leader reinstated and “staffed” it with folks to prepare gourmet food.

    As far as Intentional Tribes go, on a larger scale, they can be composed into Intentional “Villages”. I’ll save all the good stuff for the next retrograde. 😁

    We also have the notion of the “default world” outside of the tribes and even decompression techniques for re-entering it after spending a lot of time in tribal cohesion.

  2. Teal, FYI, got your dream bounce on the other side of the infinity (this was a private one that you sent me, with instructions to leave a note here). I don’t think we can coordinate meetings and timing through dreams. All energy distributions are also now happening with diagonal timing shifts, so, nobody will be able to do remote energy work going forward, with real-time awareness of where it lands.

    Real-time hypnosis, channeling, mediums, and astral projection are probably also out, as recommended by Source, because people probably shouldn’t be given any amount of freedom to mess with other people, outside of healing modalities, with the level of energy I have now. So, it will be just you and I, for now, practicing with each other in private (as we have been, with time shifts), and establishing the Arcanum. Sparkle Ponies in the Arcanum. 🤫❤️


    Oh, and as far as having a phone call - no need anymore. If you want to manifest a meeting, we can just ask the aliens to spawn a portal for us. We may as well chill and bounce dreams to each other, as usual. Your avatar “tag” is still planted in my heart. I dunno what to do with it. You wanna remove it? It has been here for a long while now. Not going away on its own. I think you have some “self love” karma left with me. ❤️ Can I send you some more love or something? Is it going to help with the avatar tag?

  3. On 8/11/2019 at 11:33 AM, Witt said:

    uh, she did herself, told them to do her, then did no one else on camera like wtf lol so are they all playing the game or is it guess what teal is, all eyes on teal, teal constantly runs the show 😄 haha, what can u expect tho. i suppose! i bet they all played. i would have liked to see what they thought of graciella, and the other members. definitely. ❤️ i like seeing into teal's world, but god....sometimes it just seems so non balanced, she is a queen and all else her servants, even gracie isn't even close to any kind of equal. can teal have some equal in her world? i mean has she ever besides that sadistic keeper of hers?
    she should meet this amazing shadow work GURU....and pretty attractive white man  😉 scott jeffrey. ill post his website below. i find myself very luck to have even stumbled upon this fellow, but wow, he's just next level....and his works is mainly shadow work. amazing man ❤️ this dude walks the talk more than talking the talk 😉 his website sucks ass though, he needs a revamp of it, and some video content for sure. he's not hard on the eyes, but theres only one video on youtube, yet his free daily emails about self development and shadow self are incredible , the articles are incredible...
    i don't think money and fame is his main intention regarding his work, no.

    and my saying would be currently

    “If you are depressed you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present.”
    ― Lao Tzu

    Although this is in my opinion, the hardest personal discipline one can practice ... cause it never stops or ends, and the mind and ego hold so tightly to the past and future. but that is my saying at the moment... this fits this current time in my life/learning/spiritual journey.
    b.t.w. i hate these ' pick one fav or one thing', cause im just so many at so many diff times, and it's hard to choose just one, that's why i suppose this is great to do this with others.


    Lao Tzu is one of my favorite masters. Such a wise guy!

  4. 8 hours ago, deniz said:

    Sooooo true and the reason why I stay away from spiritual communities in general. My experience is that some very conscious people can be found in the business world. They can be succesfull business leaders, very down to earth and at the same time very present and authentic about their shadows. In my country shamanistic modalities are gaining popularity in the corporate world. People are ready to go a step further than the usual personal development coaching and training. 

    We have a whole bunch of middle-manager types to activate into ascension. They way it looks like right now is that the most evolved are at the bottom and at the top of the hierarchies. Lots of tech startups are lead by extremely stable and connected-up leaders who have already realized non-duality to a great extent, and they’ve made the choice to stay grounded in the world they live in.

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  5. 57 minutes ago, Yuliya said:

    He doesn't have spiritual potential

    he is a pony

    ponies don't help people

    Nice! You are a Sparkle Pony too! Omg


    Ok, we gotta clean up this place before too many people notice. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, Witt said:

    @Mike Lopyrev It's not your place to tell me to do anything, it's rude. Calm down? Bud, i'm calm. You don't know me. And you know why strangers at her events being provoked works@?? CAUSE THEY KNOW AND TRUST HER, they PAY to see her!! We don't know you, so it's hugely different.
    I think your mission to help teal, may not even be what she wants, if she wants you or is meant to learn from you, trust me , SHE WILL FIND YOU. And the way to do it isn't through the flippin premium content comment section haha. I think where she mainly reads comments are fb/Instagram. I was replied to by her once on a fb comment. Just remember...you can't help someone that doesn't want it. You may be ready, they may not be ready. I think you have many shadows, just like all of us. I think your intentions here are a bit gross......It's like, from what I've seen / read from you....... it is though you have a god complex/superiority complex. And to say "i do think she is cute, that's why i'm doing this gig" implies that you have some intentions and overlays that aren't coming from the purest / most loving intention. to say" Arcturian aliens sent a crazy freak like me to “manage her out” of her stuck-age and to teach her some leadership skills." ....like, that's just your opinion, again, here is this narcissistic dynamic of thinking she can't do it well enough on her own, and so she needs u. or should have you. ha. if she wanted you mike, she would reach out. I GUARANTEE IT. you really think her team hasn't informed her of these situations happening in the comment section?? You really think if she needed you, or wanted you, or found light within you or anything within you that could help her, that w/ her extrasensory abilities she wouldn't be able to find you easily, and then somehow reach out???? I have a sad feeling that you're living in a big illusion of desire/want and its clouding your judgement. I'm not saying you're not a good person, i don't know you at all. But please, deal w/ this superiority complex you got going on . and TRUST....trust w/ ur guides and her guides, if/when she is ready, she will find you. The way to do it isn't to alienate people on comment forum, just for your amusement. And dude, don't tell me you love me. You don't. If you did, even a little, you'd take into consideration what i'm saying. And its so very clear w/ your responses, you haven't , not one bit. just more reasons/excuses, defenses as to why and what you're doing what it is your doing.


    Witt, I do actually love you. Thank you for spelling me out. Some good stuff in here for me to read later.

    I think you’ve missed the part where I’ve publicly discussed my narcissism in a very long comment thread in Teal’s completion group. I wish I had saved a copy - I think I’ve triggered at least a few hundred people there. It was good! I’ve described exactly how to operate a narcissistic ego. Narcissism is a very useful trait for humans, to succeed in life. Most of my success in life is due to my physical appearance and energetic charisma. If I was just a smart ass alone, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Wanna know how much I’m worth?

    It appears that when I call people “narcs”, they get upset. We have a different term for that: Sparkle Pony. I’m a Sparkle Pony. All my friends call me that, quite openly. Get over it. 🤣  It’s cool to be this way. People like self-realized Sparkle Ponies. 

  7. On 8/5/2019 at 8:24 AM, Ryuraven said:

    @Mike Lopyrev Do you believe in the law of attraction? You know, everything outside of you is a reflection of that which is within you? Like you cannot be in the same space with something or someone unless you have something in common with them?

    Yes, maybe you did manage to mask your energy so Teal wouldn't notice you. But do you really believe she would have noticed you if you didn't? She's working when she's on stage. You say the people on stage with her are spiritual noobs, but since you are present there to witness it, that means there is still a part within you that is a 'spiritual noob'.

    Someone here in the comments gets annoyed at you and tells you to tone it down, which means there is a part within you that is annoyed by the way you act and wants you to tone it down. You may be identified with the parts of you that are happy and popular with the ladies, but that does not mean that's all there is to you.

    Yes, this also means there is a part within me that is reflected by you. I decided on my words here after speaking with that part. Maybe it reaches you, maybe it won't. But that part of me felt like it never again wanted to assume it has it all figured out, that there could ever be an end to awakening and self-awareness. To act as if you are at or nearing perfection is to push others away, which causes pain on both ends. It's okay to not be perfect. It's okay to not have everything figured out. But most importantly, give other people a chance. Whether they are right or wrong in their perceptions of you, you will know yourself a little better by the end of it.

    Goodluck in your journey.

    You are correct. This journey is endless.

    Infinite completion and infinite expansion.

    Many people don’t understand it.

  8. 1 hour ago, Yuliya said:

    Being a big fan of Teal, you will hear a lot from poor raped girls like us

    now u can be not only full of shit

    Are you sending me some condescension to go along?

    That doesn’t stick to me anymore. Rape sticks somewhat because it’s an unusual pattern of feelings that I got to “replay” in my body. I can release a bunch more of it today if you want. Is it helping? My work day. I’ll do another energy “catapult” in 3-4 hours.

  9. 18 hours ago, Ryuraven said:

    I know. Spelling it out for him probably won't work. He'll get his whack-a-tree at 70 mph moment, as Teal likes to call it, soon enough. Just kinda wish it didn't have to be that way because even a metaphorical tree can really fucking hurt. As annoying as he may be, it's never fun to see someone head towards that type of experience.

    The whack-a-tree I got was a concentrated bundle of sexual abuse energy in one download. Definitely not a fan of rape. At least I got to feel what it’s like in my body. Now I get the idea.

  10. 16 minutes ago, Yuliya said:

    No seriously

    would LOVE to move to SF

    What are you good at? Figured out your excellence yet?

    My work, generally speaking, is about fooling people with my Ascended bullshit. Kinda like Teal’s, but more mathematical. are you good at it?

  11. 14 minutes ago, Yuliya said:

    It spells yuliya

    will u hire me?miss my headaches

    Ah, yes. I picked up your headache and your hand shake, plus some other junk that it didn’t look like you needed within you.. Where are you even located?

    As for your spelling, it’s cool. My name has a million ways to spell it. My dad still calls me Michael. Friends call me Misha. Teal calls me M, in her dreams.

  12. Loving compassion vs compassionate love. Is that hard to process?

    Compassion is at the highest level of infinity. And it’s dual (dvaita). Non-negotiable, for a very very long time.

  13. Btw, Teal, turns out Arcutians can actually survive on Earth. We figured out a way. Already setting everything up for them. Wanna be part of it?

    It’ll take them a while to get here to party.

  14. On 8/5/2019 at 10:52 AM, Yuliya said:

    troll  is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers intodisplaying emotional responses. 

    It's a bit sadistic

    Yulia, dear. The whole point of this community here is to playfully provoke each other into facing our truths. This is what we do all year long, in Burning Man tribes. Tealers is now a Burning Man tribe, too. Welcome home!

    Are you still holding on to the idea that there are angry trolls out there who are out to get you?

    I’m a benevolent troll. Namaste, Motherf%ker! 🙏

  15. 26 minutes ago, Yuliya said:

    Now you've got to edit it 5 times

    Right. Still haven’t found the best image to go with the “troll”.


    found it! Look again in a minute.


    Edit: shit, now I need to get my ass out of Portland, before Teal finds me and kicks my ass for all the Ascended kerfuffle I’ve landed on her. She didn’t see it coming. 🥰

  16. Btw, Teal, want to do some eye gazing meditation? I have a metric fuckton of energy to transfer to you. Hope you can handle it without my “energy ducking” in my vibrational invisibility spectrum, like I did at the workshop today. I’ll explain later. Got lots of tricks to teach you.

    You definitely won’t be able to break through to these vibrations without a solid grounding in math and trigonometry (it’s about your other tattoo - apparently, I’m the sucker who has to explain it to you, too) 

    Just doing some calculations here. Burning Man for 10 days?

    It’s good that you’ve finally picked up some energy directly from me on the ground today, so you get the idea of what I’m about, to some minuscule extent now. Lots more Kundalini coming. Have been weaving lots of baskets with infinite energy around the infinity today. Need to go to sleep 😴  M


  17. lol Teal, I would like to explain to you how to work your free will when your energy potential becomes infinite. You can stay grounded in your body, and manifest reality in real time, with infinite free will. No determinism there, within the confines of your grounded imagination, which is also infinite, within the bendable limits of physics and math. 

    Absolute Infinity doesn’t end. It just keeps going. And it can flex. You just become more infinite, as much as you can handle in your body, and you can flex it as much as it allows you to flex. I’ve been flexing it for you, on my end, quite a bit. It’s easy to be motivated to flex Absolute Infinity for a girl like you  ❤️  Has anyone done that for you before? I have an actual audio recording of flexing Absolute Infinity in real time - recorded that for you. I used a Kundalini Yoga technique to pull it off.

    And, yes, physics can bend around you, within sensible limits (which I’ve also established, for you). Remember, “Neo”: there is no spoon.

    Congrats! You are free, now, from your shackles as a regular pedestrian enlightened Buddha. Full Buddha is next level shit. You like it? Are you still processing your remaining karma? (there isn’t much left; just minor trust issues hanging here and there, as I can see them)

    Do you like how gentle I’m being with you? That’s what you wished for. I hope I’m delivering your wishes to your liking. There is nobody else hanging at Absolute Infinity right now besides me and you. I’m yours, Teal. Do whatever the hell you want with me 🙏


    P.S. I’m a simple guy, who loves a complex girl. I dig infinite complexity. Pivoted the whole Universe, as you can see. Sending this to you along with some of my energy Snap-chats, as always.

  18. @Alex Shepps - I've just waltzed through PDX. Uber has recently launched this new service called UberX PIN. Basically, you go on the Uber app, get a numeric PIN, then walk up to the UberX line and get in the first car that's there. A bunch of cars were already waiting. So, you can get yourself over to the workshop with UberX.. Unless you actually really want a ride in a tiny convertible, to arrive in style.

    Folks, if you are already in Portland, I'm heading to this event in a couple of hours, at Star Theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/events/431597290756524/permalink/460955791154007/ (it's Shambhala Festival pre-party; really good lineup). Won't be out there for too long. Hit me up on Facebook. I'm not hiding out too much this weekend.

  19. Teal, we are watching this video right now with the camp lead at Cuddle Oasis. We are figuring out which day to do the workshop there with you, if you are available. Wednesday Aug 28 looks the best for them. Need to finalize the schedule next week. We can just "freestyle" it, kinda like Curveball. Burning Man is basically week-long Curveball in the desert. Cuddle Oasis is one of the workshop venues.

    Want to see some photos of the camp? I think the guys will love you! Nobody knows you there, as far as I can tell. 😉 I haven't asked everybody yet - we got 70 people in that camp. I’m pretty sure I’m on the hook for coordinating the build-out, even though I had founded the thing back in 2015 and can totally kick back and screw around. Still doing talent recruiting for them, for you. Next year we’ll do TEDx Black Rock City if you want, at Playa School (much bigger venue, 100s of people). Business proposition? We have several extra tickets if anyone else wants to host a class, some other interactive art experience, or DJ.  M

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  20. Ok, to be fair. I’m an actual angel investor. I’m looking for good tech companies to invest. I have a handful of angels in my portfolio. I also advise startups.

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