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  1. I've grown up with this Russian version of the story. Birds, bees, and honey. https://youtu.be/SvyZp0Xks54

    Got a word from our aliens that they are going to be learning Russian in addition to English. Still debating on Spanish vs. French. Paris isn't to my liking at all - need to change a bunch of things there. Their "Arch" is too small for my wings anyways. Didn't fit through it on my landing. Couldn't even spot it from the sky. They should have made it bigger. And their "tower" is too big, for what they got going. Plus, nobody knows how to do proper Tantra in Paris. They are still hung up on sex. Super obsolete.

    Want to learn to dance Salsa? Or Tango?

  2. I think Teal is too much into this spirituality thing.

    Too many stage appearances, too much spotlight. Too much ego.

    We need to tone her egoism down, like, 7 notches.

    She likes to "play chess" with people's egos, right? To "liberate" them from their egos? She has a "tribe" now, yes? Like, a personal tribe? We are here on Earth to experience the egos, not to "liberate" people from them.

    Let's see if her ego can handle this new game of chess we got going with her higher self in tow, along with a handful of ascended masters here with me.

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