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  1. Love sac Never been skinny dipping! Good for you!
  2. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    So ironic, I watched it. I don’t understand much of this. Just found out about it. I hope my sister Would work on her shadow work. I’m feeling creative. Thanks to you, Teal
  3. Teal, I don’t even know you as most do- thank you so much for your wisdom and courage. I wish everyone could see their own inherent worth/gifts to this world and that those gifts were acknowledged and treasured by all
  4. Dreamofpeace

    What Causes Bipolar?

    This makes me so encouraged to get back into my original path of being a social worker......I never “quit,” just focused on family and kids. There is so much work to be done-it’s overwhelming! Organically- there are shifts happening. In raising 6 highly sensitive kids/natural healers/society’s “marginalized,” including us parents-we’ve been able to find out how exceptional our kids are without labels of mental illness/disorders as well as having those labels removed permanently. So glad to have our own little village! We all need a village!
  5. I hope my sister can see this one day....she’s one person I will never give up on. I feel like she’s getting there-it’s hard being patient and not knowing what will happen on her journey.....and selfishly what impact it will make on our family. It will be ok....it’s just hard. Thanks
  6. I’m older than both of you and have never seen any of the Star Wars movies or Star Trek episodes.....or Harry Potter! My hubby and kids love those, though. I might have to try watching them again-or at least pay attention when they’re on. We do identify as nerds-and proud of it-we don’t pretend to be ordinary......why would you when you can be extraordinary
  7. Dreamofpeace

    4th Of July

    Yes, agree very much. Do you follow a pattern for your artwork? It’s amazing-love the brilliant colors. Sounds like a relaxing type of day...
  8. Dreamofpeace


    Wow-makes so much sense. I wish I could help heal my sister and think this may be a way for me to connect with her. In my own life, a major shift has happened and I’m waiting for those around me to feel it, too. It’s definitely happening-I just wish it could happen faster
  9. It’s my son’s 10th bday today-he’s our “firecracker” baby born on the 4th of July.....but I wasn’t the one in pain 10 years ago. His birth mom was and it’s also the day she passed away. I just realized that this day brings incredible joy and pain at the same time. We let him choose the festivities which means: Spider-Man and Black Panther Dairy Queen cake, decorations in red, blue and green, inviting friends/family over to celebrate, and a camping sleepover with a few close friends at a later date. Yay for double digits! Hope Winter had a good birthday!
  10. Dreamofpeace

    The Dark Crystal

    One of our family favorites I’m going to suggest that as one of our next movie night selections-it’s been a few years and would be interesting to see how my younger kids perceive it compared to my older.....and even how my own perceptions have changed of it over time. It really is an interesting movie with the history and timing of it as well
  11. Dreamofpeace

    Board Games

    I’m going to look into the Transformation game-it would be really interesting to play with my husband/friends. Other favorite games of ours are True Colors (from the 80’s), Apples to Apples and Balderdash. I grew up with tons of games and am finding myself drawn back in because of my kids.
  12. Dreamofpeace

    Funny Movies

    *Office Space *What About Bob *Borat *Liar, Liar Also love: Sixteen Candles Son-In-Law The Hangover What About Mary Workin 9-5 The Great Outdoors Three Men and a Baby
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