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  1. Is Teal available now?
  2. Sorry to be difficult-but what is next ? What happens now? How do we plan? We'd like to be there asap
  3. Yes-Teal-you have SO much to teach. I think I'm going to "teach" my doctor! Some "almost" get it but still have a way to go! Wow-learning so much myself-thanks!
  4. Dreamofpeace

    Sacred Maui

    Amazing!! Super amounts of positive energy
  5. I feel a bit screwed knowing I have opened my 3rd eye/pineal gland.....whatever is happening. Today is especially challenging......my dear sister’s birthday 7/7 and I can’t be with her to share in her joy. She has no joy-that’s my fear. I don’t know-I don’t know her anymore. I think Teal resonates so much with what I’m going through because she reminds me so much of my sister.....and myself.....and how my sister and I felt so connected when we were together/young/growing up before complex trauma hit. Teal reminds me of new relationships that are building as well which brings so much ho
  6. Dreamofpeace

    Welcome To Marwen

    Yes-you have so many gifts to bring to "modern" medicine:)
  7. Dreamofpeace

    3 Things

    So interesting and relatable
  8. Dreamofpeace

    Mother's Day

    It's exhausting......but worth it.
  9. Dreamofpeace


    Would love to know more about this. Thanks
  10. Dreamofpeace

    Teal & Winter

    What a loving and sweet soul-he reminds me of my kiddos:) Thanks for sharing
  11. Dreamofpeace

    Art Day

    I was in a "communal living" type program for a year when I was a young adult-it was amazing! I'd love to make that leap with my family-we have a perfect community in our little cul-de-sac but it's the general life of greed/oppression that we want to be away from. Healing has allowed me to reach back out and get in touch with dear friends that touched my heart in the past and were free-spirited and high on life.....we had very high vibrations back then-and thankfully many of us still do:) I was introduced to "Soul Collage" a few years back through our faith community and love to create art
  12. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    Thanks for the offer Mike. Skydiving! Cool! I'm in Minnesota-busy with family tomorrow:) I'm a newbie to all this-my family thinks I'm having a mid life crisis.....I know it's an awakening/enlightenment but can't talk about it because it's "weird!" Glad to have found this welcoming community:)
  13. Dreamofpeace

    Life Changing

    My youngest set me on the path, too.
  14. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    getting ready to get high with my husband-feel free to join us:) We'd love to hang out and talk to Teal....or anyone. In person.....please. We've got an agate:)
  15. I didn't learn how to feel my feelings until my 6 year old started therapy. Now, the "superflex" characters have taught me how to manage my own emotions......so sad it took me 35 years to learn this! This is amazing stuff.....seems like common sense. Teal....I hope you're impacting the political world....
  16. Dreamofpeace

    All About Codependents

    We are a master pair you can work with/practice on! A whole family!!!! We are an awesome family. I guess I'm looking for acceptance......which is my MO. Crap. Shit. Wake up! Fricking ironic! I was in "lala" land all the time. I was led to believe I was lazy. I was accused of liking sleep more than the real world! lol
  17. yes. I think in pictures. I want to understand our gifts. wow-I can do this, too. I thought you could see through me.....that's scary but I have nothing to hide.
  18. I'm worried about being bored! Money means nothing.....we have no currency other than Love....
  19. Thanks Teal love your vision
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