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  1. Dreamofpeace

    Frozen in Time

    I feel I’ve finally dealt and healed/grown up from my own developmental trauma and now I’m stuck in my relationship with my husband who hasn’t. Literally every other relationship that matters to me feels great and I can’t get there with him......it’s getting frustrating! We have 6 kids and I’m realizing how much mothering he needs and didn’t get and am exhausted mothering the others and him. Our marriage therapist has been saying for months to be patient and he’ll catch up. He has so much resistance to change/heal and it affects the whole household. I wish there was a way to raise hi
  2. Dreamofpeace

    Hampton Court

    Fascinating and fun!
  3. Dreamofpeace

    Sleeping Habits

    Haha . We’d all likely be naked sleepers if we lived outside the Midwest. Summer=mostly naked. Winter=completely covered head to toe with socks.....sometimes 2-3 pairs AND multiple layers of pajamas.
  4. Dreamofpeace

    The Voice of Women

    Thanks for sharing and I appreciate your authenticity. Mom of 6 here-it is hard!!
  5. Dreamofpeace

    Coffee Time

    Is coffee really unhealthy? I’ve learned to love it and truly enjoy it daily. My kiddo born in Ethiopia was “grown” of coffee as Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee and his family/culture typically drinks it at least 3 times/daily-even the kids. Hospitality there almost always involves coffee-and it’s rude to not have at least 3 cups (many times loaded with sugar!) and it’s roasted on a fire as part of their coffee ceremony. It’s an amazing experience and even my 8 year old has developed a love for it. Coffee ceremonies involve popcorn, too. We don’t do justice in our house
  6. Dreamofpeace

    The Puppies

    so sweet-love watching your life.
  7. Dreamofpeace

    Energy Technology

    Thanks-so interesting. Love that I found this community-so much learning and healing going on
  8. Dreamofpeace

    Brain Healing Day

    This has been very helpful and I like that it can be done virtually anywhere. Thanks!
  9. Dreamofpeace

    Work Morning

    This video made me laugh so much! You’re so relatable. I have no clue what’s going on in my dreams-maybe “time portals?!” I’ve always had strange dreams/sleep issues and this past month has been crazy! Hopefully it makes sense at some point or I’m able to harness it a little. Love Blake’s Buddha shirt, too. Looking forward to seeing the videos you’re working on
  10. Dreamofpeace

    Liver Flush

    This is so interesting-I’m going to look into this cleanse. These days I’m pretty open to anything that improves health. I rarely wear make-up but now I’m concerned about my kids-they are all boys but wear lots of makeup.......not for “beauty” necessarily but in much of their play. For their purposes, I imagine I could look into ways to use natural materials/dyes to make their make-up or invest in some natural products.....it’s not just for my kids as our awesome neighbor friends/community are obsessed with make-up, too. It’s fun but not when I think of the chemicals they’re being exp
  11. I’m struggling with wanting my life partner to make changes so he’s as content in life as I’ve become. He’s so resistant and I’ve realized we’ve never truly known each other since being together for 20 years. We really aren’t naturally attuned to each other but have learned to manage beautifully amongst much adversity through our journey and as parents. Thanks Teal for all your wisdom
  12. I watched the video about Disappointment you recommended and then got pulled into several other videos. Thanks-learning so much and so many things are making sense.
  13. Thanks- very uplifting and encouraging. Feeling inspired in so many ways and learning to slow down and enjoy the journey
  14. Dreamofpeace

    Work Morning

    Strange vivid dreams here last night, too!
  15. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    I don't wear them but have collected very healing crystals on the natural beaches near my home. Check out the "North Shore" in Minnesota sometime-between Duluth MN-Canadian Border. It is AMAZING! Beaches upon beaches of natural crystals.....not "pretty" to some but beautiful and magical:) The entire area is heaven....but then again-heaven is our "present" everyday
  16. Dreamofpeace


    Thanks Teal!
  17. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    Teal has to go to burning man this year
  18. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    yes, please Channel Teal. I don't know how this works. I'm not even sure I'm wearing a crystal?! Sorry-newbie here!
  19. Teal-how about watching the Dark Crystal?
  20. Dreamofpeace

    Toxic Masculinity

    We stand by Gillette and are grateful they are taking risks to educate and wake up the world! Genius Message! Let's all figure out how to be our authentic selves.
  21. How is her healing process going?
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