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  1. Dreamofpeace


    Bucket list #117: Eat strawberries in Costa Rica
  2. Thanks . I brewed my own kombucha for a few years-maybe I’ll look back into it.
  3. I hum all the time and didn’t realize it was therapeutic Wondering if Teal or others have recommendations on Probiotics?
  4. Dreamofpeace

    June 16th

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Teal! Enjoy your day off to celebrate
  5. Dreamofpeace


    Cozy= the space under our stairs that our 10 y/o has been using as an office/bedroom. We hung artwork and lights all over it to bring a sense of peace and whimsy. Creativity has been in the form of baking. Rhubarb has been abundant and we’ve had rhubarb cake, rhubarb bars and rhubarb punch. A friend gave us fiddlehead ferns and beets which will be in my next creations
  6. Dreamofpeace

    Waterfall Benefit

    Wish I was there!
  7. Dreamofpeace

    Childhood Story

    I watched the cartoon Dungeons and Dragons every Saturday morning. Favorite movies included Flight of the Navigator, The Neverending Story and ET. I was also obsessed with the “Faerie Tale Theatre” series of fairy tales. From a young age I also loved the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and Ray Bradbury shows.
  8. We are having heart shaped pizza for dinner and then movie night. If anyone has suggestions of movies for kids ages 7, 9, 10 and 13 please let me know
  9. Dreamofpeace


    Freshly mowed grass Thanksgiving dinner Ethiopian spices Lavender
  10. Happy Birthday Graci! Loved this video-enjoy your wonderful gifts.
  11. Dreamofpeace


    The only sports I can watch are those my kids are involved in. My favorites have been soccer, dance and gymnastics. My least favored are football and wrestling! I’d rather play than watch
  12. Dreamofpeace

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Would love the recipe for these!
  13. Dreamofpeace


    Interesting-will have to check it out the next time we’re in Chicago.
  14. Dreamofpeace

    Teal's New Book

    Thanks, looking forward to it!
  15. Interesting-I’m an adoptive mom of 5 kids. We have very open relationships with their bio families. One grandma even lives within a few houses away and has adopted us, too. My role is not to own my kids.....but to be able to share in their upbringing. It gets a little complicated-especially adding in cultural aspects (ie. Transgender child accepted in USA but not country of origin.). We’re working on it though.....
  16. Dreamofpeace

    Life In One Word

    Uffda!!! ✌✌✌✌✌✌......hopefully this message is clear!! Thank you, namaste
  17. Dreamofpeace


    I’m exhausted and going to bed. If Teal doesn’t get in touch, then we’ll just have to walk away. I thought she would be interested in partnering a new concept of intentional living.....I can’t stay awake. I’ll watch large. Thanks
  18. Dreamofpeace


    Yes, I have no clue why I’m doing half the things I am....when will the crazy end? I want this new life to take form......and I’m not leaving my kids behind.
  19. Dreamofpeace


    And no-I won’t be in Portland....
  20. Dreamofpeace


    Yes, this is one fucked up, hopefully epic journey.
  21. Dreamofpeace


    I just want my old life back.....well.....with the exception of world peace. These voices in my head need to stop soon.....
  22. Dreamofpeace


    No, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do next. I’m tired.....I’m sick of being channeled and on this crazy train. Is Teal even a real person or is she some simulation?
  23. Dreamofpeace


    Yes-the sooner the better!
  24. Dreamofpeace


    This isn’t funny.....I’m tired and persistent. C’mon, please?!

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