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  1. Dreamofpeace

    Work Morning

    Strange vivid dreams here last night, too!
  2. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    I don't wear them but have collected very healing crystals on the natural beaches near my home. Check out the "North Shore" in Minnesota sometime-between Duluth MN-Canadian Border. It is AMAZING! Beaches upon beaches of natural crystals.....not "pretty" to some but beautiful and magical:) The entire area is heaven....but then again-heaven is our "present" everyday
  3. Dreamofpeace


    Thanks Teal!
  4. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    Teal has to go to burning man this year
  5. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    Thanks Mike
  6. Dreamofpeace

    Anxiety Crystals

    yes, please Channel Teal. I don't know how this works. I'm not even sure I'm wearing a crystal?! Sorry-newbie here!
  7. Teal-how about watching Call the Midwife?
  8. Dreamofpeace

    Toxic Masculinity

    We stand by Gillette and are grateful they are taking risks to educate and wake up the world! Genius Message! Let's all figure out how to be our authentic selves. Matt will be a positive benefit to this community. We will be an asset to you and want to partner with you.....thanks Teal. Love you!! We are building their company up!
  9. How is her healing process going?
  10. Is Teal available now?
  11. Sorry to be difficult-but what is next ? What happens now? How do we plan? We'd like to be there asap
  12. Yes-Teal-you have SO much to teach. I think I'm going to "teach" my doctor! Some "almost" get it but still have a way to go! Wow-learning so much myself-thanks!
  13. Dreamofpeace

    Resistance Demo

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