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  1. I saw a translucent small cube on the ground of the hot desert. I walked to it and shrunk to its size, i imagined a door and thus created one. i walked inside and it was cool and hydrating. A blank cube, i touched its walls and it became mouldable so i pushed a wall and moulded a circular bed then i created a dome shaped roof, then a staircase down from the roof. I created windows and brought succulents and cactus inside. i soon bored of this shape and changed it from a cube to a translucent wheel. i rolled through the desert until i saw a wooden ragged old ladder lying flat on the dusty ground. i rolled into each gap of the ladder and made it a cube again, multiple cubes in each of the ladder gaps. i created doorways and bridges from each cube in the ladder gaps connecting them all. the cube then became singular and jumped out. the ladder stood talls and I (me in body from) climbing up the erect floating ladder to the tip before falling down in through the roof of my cube again. then i was riding bareback fast through the desert wind on horse. he was free and i was riding on his freedom, ecstatic. the cube was in my pocket. i fed it to the horse and reaching in my pocket found more and more sugar cubes. i fed him more and more. the stormy clouds filled the sky overhead. then wind almost took it away, i began feeling disappoint, stay. it stayed and i sat under the horse until the cube became a shelter on the ground again. the horse and i went inside the translucent cube and i rested on his body both laying down staring up into the storm protected and enjoying the emotions in the sky. then i was again in the cube alone, away from the ladder and no horse to be seen. i looked out the window and saw three pinkish reddy purple dark flowers. i climbed out to walk by them but as soon as i was near i grew lanky and my head was in the clouds. i was so tall i could barely reach them. they began to grow huge and blanketed the desert. i lay my large body on them and rolled in cheerful play together.
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