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  1. Cube - Large cube, as big as a tiny house, floating above the ground. Dark grey, matte chrome. Metal panel color, made me a sort of metal alloy. I feel neutral. It's a few meters away from me. I can walk closer. 5-10 meters. The desert is grand, stretching from horizon to horizon. The cube is much smaller in comparison, but larger than me. Ladder - There is a ladder under the cube, vertical, presumably allowing you to get in from below. It barely touches the desert floor but it's enough. It's metallic gray, slightly more chrome/silver than the dark grey cube. I feel neutral. The ladder is part of the cube, a function of it. Horse - First impression: WTF is a horse doing here? The horse is trotting around the cube, in front of it and on the sides. It's part of this dreamscape. The horse is white or cream colored. The horse is not saddled, it's completely free. It does as it wishes. I feel like the horse doesn't really belong there in the middle of the desert. How does it find water and shelter? I feel like it was placed there artificially to create a contrived dreamscape. This feels like an 80s postmodernist tableau. Storm - There's a thunderstorm in the horizon. It's still miles away. I can see lightning and rain. It will be another 20-30 minutes before it's here. I have time to leave in the other direction to seek shelter if I want to. There is wind. It's a cold storm, not a usual sand desert storm. It's large. Flowers - First impression: Flowers in the desert is just weird, but OK. Flowers are around the cube, but not under. They form a loose ring. They're low to the ground and sparse and patchy, but still visible with greenish leaves. They're like yellow buttercup flowers. The horse runs around them, kicking some away along with sand with its hooves. It doesn't care if they're beautiful or not. We used to have yellow buttercup flowers on our yard where I grew up. They were just there and grew on their own. In this picture, they're also de facto default flowers. They're cute, I suppose, but I don't feel extremely strongly about them either.
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