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  1. Mary Anderson


    Oh what mad genius did I just watch? Is that desert? Oh what happened next? New experience for me. Thanks. Hope you had a wonderful day.
  2. Mary Anderson

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Just about anything chocolate. And love angel food cake. Those cinnamon buns look yummy.
  3. Mary Anderson

    Teal's New Book

    Very cool. Hope it does exceptional.
  4. Mary Anderson

    Divine Masculine

    Are you ok Teal? What was it about Chicago that was a downer? Sorry to hear about the upside down frown. Thanks for the painting. It's difficult to be DM in a sensitively cold female body. Shadow of, 'not a real boy.' NieveNess, yeah almost had a bout of it this morning with someone. But fairly quickly, yelled at myself to not be so nieve and SEE exactly what is the truth of it. She chose a different train on day one. That pull that gets me every time...resisting. Really over anything cryptic or assumptions. Direct communication or nope, I don't know what you're getting at. A good nieveness. Big HUG. Hope you are ok.
  5. Mary Anderson


    The best thing for that I find is a tight sincere hug. I see you and your pain is not just yours. BIG HUG with love, peace and sincerity.
  6. Mary Anderson


    Ok... well not sure what all this is about. Sorry I used the word ravage? Peace to you.
  7. Mary Anderson


    ???? Are you being funny??
  8. Mary Anderson


    Skipping rocks, yeah I could get down with that. Again hope it went well. I would have enjoyed coming but the timing didn't align. Good to have your energy toward the east coast. I watched your video on Zero sum game. Yup Uh huh, Life from day one. Lack of communication feels the biggest contributor. I just don't wanna... commit fully if they are not going to try. So burnt right now on relationships. Thanks for the deeper explanation of Zero Sum Game that ravages the world. See ya in the ethers.
  9. Mary Anderson

    Chicago Bound

    Hope it went well.
  10. Kept singing that song from nowhere last week. My TF mention it and now I finally watch this extended version and its playing. Interesting.
  11. Mary Anderson

    Salt Flats Shoot

    Said with respect, WOWSER!!!!! Even being more so attracted to women than men 99% to 1%...I still am not affected that much by looks but um uhhh ummm uhhh LMAO! Guess that's the point of the photos...to feel and be recognized as attractive. Achieved.
  12. Mary Anderson

    Fear Of Intimacy

    Time for the intense Thursday throwback. I'm not sure I'm ready but all else has been stripped away and pretty naked now...must be time to bare...
  13. Mary Anderson

    Guard Puppy

    Yeah I'm more of a dog person. Cats just seem to follow me no matter where I'm at...animals are amazing! Been thinking about adopting a dog. We all need a friend to love and be loved by. Maybe all a girly-boy needs is a patch of Earth and a dog. A wife would be awesome but I'm not sure I have a match on this planet. I'm too complicated apparently and egocentric. Children and animals seem to be the ones that truly see me. More and more I understand why MJ tried so hard to create a land of safety. My truest Earth friend, Grace who is 3, reminded me yesterday of who I truly am when she held onto me not wanting to leave me because she loves&misses me and she knows I love her so much. She asked me a million questions about how baby animals are made. She thanked me for telling her all those stories and wish me a good day before she left. Made me really regret not having children of my own. Love the gentleness of this video.
  14. Mary Anderson


    Just need a very long innocent, silent hug. 'I see you. You don't have to be strong % of the time. You can be soft in this space and are completely safe!'
  15. Mary Anderson

    Personal Truth

    I will say most of the frequency paintings you do that I've seen definitely affect my vibs. Thanks for caring about humanity and taking time to paint and share. Expansion through love and not negativity and the one from last year pertaining to Ether were very powerful for me. Have a safe trip. Blessings of abundance to you&yours. Thanks again.
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