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  1. Mary Anderson

    Anxiety Crystals

    So today I could go for a 5th of crystal water full of all of these!! Something's up!!
  2. Mary Anderson

    4th Of July

    Laying in my bed after 12 hour shift, listening to and feeling my house vibrate from the booms. I think ppl stopped celebrating this day a long time ago. Americans just like to be loud, eat and blow shit up. Ha! Your sarcasm is awesome. And I love the colours of your painting.
  3. Ppl can be aholes! Yeah, told mine look like dude from Nightmare before Christmas. Haha! They say, the child that acts the worse is the one that needs the most love. Fun lessons huh? Chin up. You are beautiful and brilliant. They might eventually catch up. The polarities will split on ppl like that...the crowd of ppl like that will thin out and some abandoned b/c their ignorance. Wake up or be left behind. Imo. Big hug Teal.
  4. Mary Anderson

    Funny Movies

    Actually was thinking about a movie day...I'll have to check out some of these I haven't seen. Good list Teal and love seeing you laugh and smile.
  5. Mary Anderson

    New Lights

    Good luck with the debates. I'm trying to be more mindful of not blowing up the comment section.
  6. Mary Anderson

    Medium Roast

    We all have one of those bat shit crazy videos. Gives some flavour to life.
  7. Mary Anderson

    Sports History

    Ok A 2 my Q on volleyball. Probably should watch these before commenting on fb. Kentucky is known for horses. Long list. That's awesome. Me too. Played football one year. I'm in a newspaper article. Did you play basketball?
  8. Mary Anderson


    Sounds like a fabulous day. Really happy you are celebrated and treasured.
  9. Mary Anderson


    Metatron huh? Yeah that makes sense. Curious to what Metatron looks like to you Teal. I can see why you like those ear rings.Thanks for sharing your softer side. Beautiful jewelry.
  10. XO Hope you had some cake, maybe pie.
  11. Awww I missed it. Happy belated Birthday Winter! 10 is a great age. Chocolate is almost impossible to give up. Right there with ya kid on the Chocolate factory.
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