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  1. Mary Anderson


    Your enthusiasm is inspiring!!! Happy for you! Definitely not easy leaving those relationships. I cut a 20+ year, unbelievably complicated and bitter relationship over a year ago. NOT easy even if "toxic." Big hug to you. Wishing you an amazing 2020!!
  2. To be a motivational speaker but may have to settle for the 9 to 5.
  3. Mary Anderson


    Work, sleep and pack mostly. Thanks for the Cali energy.
  4. Mary Anderson

    Tornado Moonstone

    Beautiful stone! Great gift. I am sentimental too. Worked until 7am. Enjoyed the sunny warm weather , fed the birds, enjoyed spirit signs, slept, made a delicious quinoa salad for dinner and slept more.
  5. Dead man walking...yup...starved out. Making changes to this slowly for awhile. Spent most of the day alone as I usually do. Took time to rest my body. Wasn't good or bad day...just a day. Thank you.
  6. Mary Anderson

    Tamale Tradition

    Merry Christmas everyone. Love the Love. And yummmy.
  7. Again, I am sorry for your loss Teal. Fun, sweet Christmas memory. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Burritos for Xmas. My style.
  9. So true. We stand in front of a mirror looking at our image but insist on seeing ourselves through another person's point of view. Such a tightly woven web of loneliness being divided from self. Strange, the lack of resistance to hate ourselves....must be the incentive. One big chase to be accepted by our Earthly parental portals....to be validated as animated and "good." Lmao
  10. Love the info and dress is what I should say and Thanks for being here on planet Earth helping people-souls. Blessing
  11. Mary Anderson

    Grateful For

    Most grateful for food and water...the basics. My job and some people in life. Hope everyone had a good Thursday of Thanks.
  12. Yaaaa Yaaa Namaste Teal. What's that saying? 'If you want me to write good about you...should have acted better.' That's the jif of it. Not easy to choose your truth and be 'punished' for it. Do what you can today and perhaps tomorrow you all will bring one another a little closer. Push-pull...still a balance in that. X
  13. Is there anything we can do to help relieve some stress from you Teal? Sending you love&thanks. What I do for stress relief? What day and year is it? Ha! Once upon a time, a lot of smoke...being honest. Walking and outloud verbal rages. Used to do a lot of art and writing but feeling blocked right now. Have been making stars, braids and circles with copper wire lately. Your creations are beautiful especially forged from the raw roar. Your broken is beautiful. I will do what I can to help shift the barriers to win-win. Thanks for seeing people as the whole package and not just the expected end product. See you in the EthersHoping to give more to all than receive.
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