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  1. Florian S

    This Is A Sign

    I never remember any of my dream when I wake up and become conscious I already forgot what the dream was about so dream work seems like an impossibility for me.
  2. Uhhhh fuck relationships to a primary partner let alone marriage to me it is mostly a cut in freedom. I am creating expansion in my own way and don't need a partner for that at all.
  3. Florian S

    The Candy Store Trauma

    I have a theory on why that is but I don't think that any internet platform nor people in general are ready for that truth.
  4. 30 years old, never had a girlfriend, only child of my family, children are way too much for me personally, bye bye family line xD.
  5. Florian S

    Dreams and Purpose

    Unfortunately I never remember my dreams so any kind of dream work is out question. The upside to this is that I also don't remember if I ever had a nightmare.
  6. My preparation is to stay uncommited and watch this system burn down to its foundation and I realize that I might have to die too which I am ready for, I just want to see everything in flames so that someone can build something new.
  7. Florian S


    As long as people around me seem to don't show the slightest sign that they want to create something new and heal together to step into that empowerment to do so, I will not look into healing myself other then to serve myself. I think this will take A LOT more pain in the day to day life for the average human in my society but I am willing to wait and watch how this system falls apart. And when I see people crying the streets and really showing emotions I will start healing too but together not alone.
  8. This is all such a mind fuck that I don't even know what to believe anymore. I have a certain idea ever since childhood how I want to live but that never happened because our curent system isn't ready for that so it kind of seems too late to go for that dream but it is literally the only thing I would actually commit to. It is already hard enough to manifest anything that is considered impossible by todays standards but now with Corona my dream just went a notch further into the realm of unrealism. I mean if we live in the end times and basically most people gonna die in a decade or two or some shit, my dream seems irrelant and therefore I am just concerened with manifesting an effortless life that is okay for me which includes escaping in online games and basically living in a parallel reality until I die some day. How can we believe in any long term investment if the deeply flawed but seemingly omni potent system that is engrained in all people and expressed through authorities is about to enslave most humans on this planet even further. As a millenial this seems like another pipe dream so I guess further into coping and isolation we go.
  9. What is the difference between a master manifestation and the manifestation frequency and when to use which one ?
  10. Florian S


    I actually have a problem with you saying that the prisoner in a cell is only pretending to be king. I believe he is king if you look at it from a different angle then normally and it is also a valid reality. Every truth is part of objective reality therefore no one is ever wrong changing perspective. What I think you mean here is to deny certain details as truth so it would be more like a selective perception. And to this I would agree upon that if someone has the capacity to look at all the painful details that there are to a situation, it is a good thing to do to include these potentially unpleasent perspectives in order to make more solid choices.
  11. I think the combination of both focus on what is negative AND positive in a situation is a good way to base decisions on. For example I am not expecting that the corona stuff gets really this badly for me personally as you stated here. I believe that I will find a good way for me to live no matter what happens to the system at large. At the same time I understand that big changes might occure and for example it could be better to leave this place where I live at some point and I am open to such ideas.
  12. Florian S


    I am proud of my dream I have and even though I hardly made progress I still never give up.
  13. Florian S


    I am not going through a crisis right now, am I doing something wrong ?
  14. Florian S

    Terms Of Rescue

    I just want to work as a programmer and have chilled life and a good amout of money so I can eat healthy food and travel a lot and do lots of sports. I am not the "world savior" kind of person and therefore I will manifest in my reality where I can do this even if programmers might not be the first thing the comes to mind what is needed in a crisis like that.
  15. Florian S

    Acceptance Challenge

    The beautiful thing is that all these rules that in general will happen to humanity doesn't have to be a reality for yourself. We can absolutely create a reality where we can continue living like we wish to. Even if all the fear of massive change is going on there is always a way to our life we always dreamt of we just have to follow what feels good to us and you will see all the terror won't affect you anymore. So I will live in a intentional community with lots of money on a tropical island and will find a way how to be young as long as you want to, with a super nice body and lots of fun together and doing sports like surfing in the ocean and stuff like that, while having a beautiful girlfriend I share my life with. No matter how restrictive the world is going to be, this is what I am going to manifest .

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