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  1. Ebaby


    Stop enabling myself and other people and watch my manifestations grow.
  2. Ebaby


    I’m avoiding checking on my health like going to my primary doctor and even switching doctors. I’ve been in a dysfunctional relationship that I just left and now I can’t avoid taking care of myself because I’m not an island on my own and I’m allowing and accepting that I was traumatized and I am successful by transcending beliefs that no longer serve me. Self Validatiing myself so I take care of my health little everyday.
  3. Ebaby


    My priority is to stop suppressing who I am. And why it’s a priority? Because I’m in this awkward trance of fighting my parts. I started CP and just like everything I beat myself up for my inconsistency but I’m ready to get back. I’m ready to Please me! and make it a good thing.
  4. Ebaby


    Giving people multiple chances with me. I don’t hate you I can speak to you but if I’m not your friend I’m not gonna act like it. Which frees my mind and helps me work on speaking up for myself clear and direct.
  5. Ebaby


    That I get to choose myself.
  6. Ebaby


    The expectation I need to let go of is having the life I want right now even though I’ve lost the capability to want to network. I’m over life not being how I want it even though I’ll tell a loved one what I want and they’ll walk all over me. If I don’t have people close to me(putting energy in their unavailability/ lack of understanding of my emotions) then I can at least receive less manipulation while I build my individuality(that gets drowned out by having a identity crisis all my life) so I don’t get hurt relationally or hurt anyone relationally. Basically go to work and come back. And w
  7. Ebaby


    I hear a silence with the words unfulfilled unhappy ungrateful I know I’ve come too far to give up on myself How do I get to the next step? What is the next step?
  8. Ebaby


    I’ve lost people where if I wouldn’t have been bulldozing myself all my life, all the pain from loosing them when if I really did have even an ok sense of standards they wouldn’t had been in my life anyway. I’ve lost out on some me time and I realize that that’s the best time you can have. When you go through trauma. I remember trying to put my best foot forward and tearing it all down just because I couldn’t seem to understand self validation. Maybe because I never thought I could validate myself. I’ve lost the wanting of rules to which is a good thing. Why? Because I was neglected and puttin
  9. Ebaby


    I normalized pain and doing things even though I literally feel I can’t. I was told I was dropped down the stairs as an intuitive I feel the pain. Idk makes no sense how I’m still alive I’m gonna be doing Cp soon.! I have no other option because I used all the Spiritual techniques I can think of and I’m done blaming myself for being like this. I love the me I’m becoming no matter how painful it is. Someone pray for me
  10. Ebaby

    Squandering Sexual Energy

    I promise think that better thought and you are healed!
  11. Ebaby

    Teal Caught Red-Handed

    Is that Almond or cashew milk
  12. Ebaby

    Total BS

    Life’s good when you forgive yourself first and foremost. And like Teal teaches life becomes so beautiful all you do is treat the world how you want the world to be. I can only wish that for everyone to truly conceptualize this concept. Try to unlearn everything or question everything. Teal said use the positive intention frequency on your home screen. And I listen it’s been a hard week. That’s why you can’t think your way or act your way only in the world to get your desires. Sometimes trusting that things are working out for you in the background, as you manifest is my end a
  13. Ebaby

    Call To Action

    I’m sitting here. Not expecting the person who just invited me over to entertain me but wondering if it’s me who’s not giving of myself. So myself wants to keep aligning with my highest good. This person came from work but there sleeping and I’m just like would it be better if they gave me confirmation like ok I’m tired just wake me up in a hour. But I can’t expect someone who doesn’t usually do that to say that and I take responsibility. To maybe see what’s going on with them and either choosing to stay or leave. It’s already hard living in a world that you actively choose to feel everyt
  14. Ebaby

    Teal's Son

    Happy Birthday Winter. Your mother is amazing. I’m changing my life. I was traumatized. I finally just wanna be me and protect myself. I thought I could start a family but I can’t. I’m taking my time to be myself. I love your vibes. I came to your last workshop. You really don’t know what a person goes through you know. I don’t know where I fit in but letting go of toxic ties in my life has opened me up to learning how to solve my problems. And be with myself. You are the true mother. Here while I try and get up from this bed. I pray to never forget the mothering you gave to me and my em
  15. Ebaby

    The Burning

    This post helps me with my shame. I didn’t know how to speak up for myself. I felt stuck god have mercy on me. You keep amazing me Teal.

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