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    Phoenix Workshop 2016 - 1/2

    Thank you I cannot wait that’s great advice thank you
  2. Ebaby


    Your so accurate. I literally watched your 2019 video a week ago and even then I was aligning to this message today. I use your teachings everyday. If I couldn’t help myself this whole time and now I can I’m damn sure gonna take responsibility for my life. Because this is my life Thank you I laughed so hard when you make spiritual jokes. Your jokes are funny Teal lol
  3. Love it I’m gonna check it out
  4. Ebaby

    4th Of July

    Happy 4th of July!!!
  5. Ebaby

    Phoenix Workshop 2016 - 1/2

    I love this workshop can’t wait to watch part two. And how cute is teal with that outfit!!! Too meet you Teal would be a dream. Happy Birthday it’s Gemini season when writing this!!! This video truly represents a lot of my traumas. Thank you for being my daily reminder to exspress!!! What we don’t allow ourselves to exspress we won’t be able to heal.(quoted from you) I’m slowly but surely working with my apathy so I can commit to life. Because trying to force it wasn’t working. Thank you.
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