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  1. Ebaby

    Teal Caught Red-Handed

    Is that Almond or cashew milk
  2. Ebaby

    Total BS

    Life’s good when you forgive yourself first and foremost. And like Teal teaches life becomes so beautiful all you do is treat the world how you want the world to be. I can only wish that for everyone to truly conceptualize this concept. Try to unlearn everything or question everything. Teal said use the positive intention frequency on your home screen. And I listen it’s been a hard week. That’s why you can’t think your way or act your way only in the world to get your desires. Sometimes trusting that things are working out for you in the background, as you manifest is my end all be all even though I still choose not to have one. I train my mind to always think a better thought as I heal. Much love everyone.
  3. Ebaby

    Call To Action

    I’m sitting here. Not expecting the person who just invited me over to entertain me but wondering if it’s me who’s not giving of myself. So myself wants to keep aligning with my highest good. This person came from work but there sleeping and I’m just like would it be better if they gave me confirmation like ok I’m tired just wake me up in a hour. But I can’t expect someone who doesn’t usually do that to say that and I take responsibility. To maybe see what’s going on with them and either choosing to stay or leave. It’s already hard living in a world that you actively choose to feel everything that comes up. I know I am to help unlock myself in every moment and be better. As I breathe deeper and settle into the energy I realize that I want to be acknowledged. And I have a whole home I can go and just lay down in. I wanted to go to the park they said it’s too hot. But I do have the option to choose something different but. Going home sounds like a good alternative. The other day I was talking to a friend and they were so logical. Like he had everything figured out but I questioned him and these men. They hurt in ways I can’t come to understand but I’ll be damned if I let a man get off with the excuse of oh I’m insecure of I’m this I’m that. No WTF. Woman have been fighting hard just to be acknowledged by men. Somehow I feel as if it’s a down grade to just let anyone put their insecurities on others. In the past I feel like nobody cared. And it has truth to it because we are truly focusing on ourselves more hours of the day trying to manifest what we want by any means. But I get it. For so long I feel woman were trying to be understood as well as men w.e the situation. But did I really elevate my mindset to keep taking a little bit of pain or sacrificing for someone else. I’m such a free spirit. I just wish peace for everyone. But I gotta get my needs satisfied as well. Three days off back to back from my job really makes me love the thought of. Getting prepared to go out and make money. I’m glad I love what I do. But there’s this lack of energy that is just daunting. It makes me think this friend that was an ex before really needs to stay an ex. Cusz I don’t get much from even a friendship. How would you think somebody just wants to sit here without you saying anything. They are an ex. I don’t come into your space acting as if everything’s normal. All I can do is continue my business. Dance, play video games, and be happy with the hopes of truly having my Prince Charming. Because I know it’s possible. And no matter how anyone treats me that’s still my dream.
  4. Ebaby

    Teal's Son

    Happy Birthday Winter. Your mother is amazing. I’m changing my life. I was traumatized. I finally just wanna be me and protect myself. I thought I could start a family but I can’t. I’m taking my time to be myself. I love your vibes. I came to your last workshop. You really don’t know what a person goes through you know. I don’t know where I fit in but letting go of toxic ties in my life has opened me up to learning how to solve my problems. And be with myself. You are the true mother. Here while I try and get up from this bed. I pray to never forget the mothering you gave to me and my emotions. Thank you! Have fun Teal
  5. Ebaby

    The Burning

    This post helps me with my shame. I didn’t know how to speak up for myself. I felt stuck god have mercy on me. You keep amazing me Teal.
  6. Ebaby

    Quarantine Fatigue

    I love it
  7. Ebaby

    What Gets You In Trouble?

    I’m aggressive Saturn in Aries here And so I wasn’t attuned too so I was called mean, conceited, evil witch, b*t!h. Now that I’ve been doing shadow work I notice that I have a certain voice that gets wraspy at times and I love to sing too. I’ve always been like that. But when I was depressed because I cared more about my family accepting me then the people who loved me like friends. I now have been getting out of relationships that suppress that part of me. And I actually can control my impatience now. I also am honest like you Teal I can few the heavy ness of the universe and I honestly I’ve always been sensitive towards it and I felt other people feel the same but they don’t so now I wanna start my spiritual business. I am a healer but idk where my life is going to head soon. I’m just excited.
  8. Ebaby


    Not letting up enforcing my boundaries. “We teach people how to respect our greatness” Trent Shelton. Former foot ball player turned to motivational and personal trainer. Follow him on YouTube for strength. Thank you Teal this was so beneficial.
  9. Ebaby


    Cook it up
  10. Ebaby

    Taking For Granted

    I’m taking for granted the power of positive emotions, I fought hard to feel this way. And the same as you said Teal I’m grateful to have a roff over my head and I’m blessed. Finding your work has lead me to honoring my own extrasensory abilities. And I’m not a slave to anyone we have free will thanks guys. The liberation I feel is so warming like I said yesterday I got that fire in my soul my momentum back.
  11. Ebaby


    Yeah I found this post for a reason. I pulled #56 for my partner. With energy of #78. He doesn’t see how his comfort zone is not only damaging him but others around him. He doesn’t want to be intimate with others reality. But all I’ve feel I’ve done is prolong the end. Good luck another hidden gem.
  12. Ebaby

    Going For Your Purpose

    I’m not going for what I want because I keep telling myself that I’m happy with my partner just because he says he loves me. I believe I’m fed up. He wants nothing to do with nothing and I just ask why am I here. I’m blessed all the pain we put each other through helped us evolve. I don’t wanna pull my energy out entirely and still be with him because that’s neglecting him. But he’s neglecting me. It’s like he acts as if he doesn’t need to see how you feel. In anyway shape or form. And I’m not ok with that anymore. I want to express to him that but it doesn’t seem worth it no more. It’s sad because I know it’s draining me.
  13. Ebaby

    Going For Your Purpose

    Keep up the good work I rewatch Teals videos over and over and over only when I can
  14. Ebaby

    Going For Your Purpose

    I’m not going for what I want because, I know I want a better relationship with my body because that’s what my body is calling for. So I can embrace my body while also holding my learning mindset because this free time with the pandemic is helping me actually intergrate. I’m becoming ok with lots and lots of integration the more I trust myself to know what I need. Because I know that the time is now and I use Teals work for a lot of things. Today I had a watch party in the tribe group and it was about using orgasm to manifest, to change a belief. I posted it because sometimes we work so hard when our body just wants us to be with the body. Its this feeling I I got back The momentum Teal talks about and I wish that for everyone. Completion is what completions feels in you. Not anyone else.
  15. So beautiful Thank you!!!!
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