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  1. alicejoanirene

    Useless Talent

    My useless talent is finding uses for useless talents. PS: I use mirror writing with my non dominant hand to log my dreamscapes upon waking and for strength gains in my corpus callosum and to open new unforseen portals to magic dimensional shit. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” Reply here with your useless talent if you’d like me to name the precious resource in your uselessness.
  2. alicejoanirene


    Teal Swan isn’t a spiritual teacher she’s really an energy investment economist and a shark to boot. Thanks Teal this doesn’t sound narcissistic at all. It sounds like breaking the dark cursy magic of self betrayal that detrimentally alchemizes into suppressed resentment which further turns into compromised incompetent social organization from people’s insides to out. I am on board with this receive what works and release the unworkable train. In my best interests AND for the highest good of all concerned. Totally satisfying totally harmonious (when courageously facing fears).
  3. alicejoanirene

    Thank You!

    You’re welcome from the bottom of my heart.
  4. Happy birthday to all your features!
  5. alicejoanirene


    Thank you for the cosmic tip Teal. An extra boost to save a couple blips of energy is appreciated. Efficiency is appreciated. Releasing attachment (and the disappointment that comes with it) to sky high rigid expectations of self and others to make abundant room for daily* discipline to meet desired standards with joy and lightness in my heart. Also releasing whatever else my can’t see but my higher self does that needs releasing.
  6. alicejoanirene

    Blank Slate

    It’s not your feedback— it’s your indirect poorly aimed non relevant placement of a non related idea that added zero value to the actual post itself, with an added disregard of actual accessible value. I desire Teal to have high quality, profitable customers in her life. I wrote way more with even more very clever insults, but deleted it. This trigger aka reflection aka shadow teacher moment reminded me — my words are sacred. I consciously choose to honor every particle of every sentence. The attention I pay is priceless. I mean why are we even here with Teal if we aren’t wanting to evolve? Take that seriously. The tip for you would be to directly contact customer service with your suggestion — to honor your attention with a well placed set of words to quit striking out with bases loaded. (Traumatic childhood memory for you yea?)
  7. “Getting my dress all wet”. :::Splashes in ankle deep::: Cute! Will check it out now. Been loving this awful Mercury retrograde, very much an opportunity to travel into the past and address some unresolved things. Also taking time to really embrace what my Virgo in Mercury means to my life. Some clarity has arrived And I’m looking forward to you Clarity mini course coming up, thank you! Hope you attract many new premium subscribers Alice Mercury Virgo
  8. alicejoanirene

    Blank Slate

    If you like Teal enough to get premium then I assume you appreciate her reflections. If you are ready to put on your shadow reception pants and see if they make your ass look fat, please read in, if not. I had expressing my truth regardless, in the heart of of Teals Los Angeles vision of her clean slate. That’s some shit attitude, this isn’t the customer service comment section. There is a stroke flow to this video and you’re missing the beat . Quit being indirect and ineffective with your needs which aren’t clearly stated. Though your general trust deserve some therapeutic attention. Have you thought about starting from the beginning of these daily updates and watching one daily to catch up? Have you consumed every piece of content on premium. Her poetry, her paintings her workshops. Gratitude is the attitude of being able to receive greatness and your ass is out of shape for that. I truly suggest a therapist, who’s whole job is to earn your trust and build it up from scratch. If you need something guaranteed from Teal she posted a FREE video every week for the last 13 years NO absences. Sorry not sorry for being harsh, you’re giving me a big disrespectful Teal fan target to press my trigger on.
  9. alicejoanirene

    Blank Slate

    Well Teal, When I consume your frequencies I do what I can in that moment to internally tune into them in real time so I’m acting on and prepared to field this prompt. Blank Slate and instant manifestation? Manifesting into ninja warrior pain free pleasure goddess body with sweet even tan, tasteful abs driving a bad ass over lander van life rig (l with an exquisite interior made of organic materials and outfitted with emf protection, plants, fully stocked fruit baskets and high tech equipment to remotely hack the planet web from any place on earth. Having full access to my central imagination, laser focused frontal cortex and complete physical, emotional and mental mobility earthly resistances thwarting low vibes on my internal and external worlds is I what I exhale. Fear is fuel, joy is calibrated compass and all the other 14,000 emotions are resourced with honor and integrity. What does this lady do with her spare time?- it depends on the scenario nothing and no one in her path lacks a taste of liberation and/or rapture. Playing the co-creative human earth game to see how much transparency, intimacy, competence, bounteousness, resolve, presence can be cultivated before heading into other more dispersed energetic states. Sun sets, sun rises and just the right of naked yoga/movement in the mid day sun to pay respects to source light bringer. Slate isn’t blank, though I’m vibing this out. “Good things are coming”. xo -Alice
  10. alicejoanirene


    Was just explaining to my relationship teacher (therapist) my “life’s work” Gene Key. “Commitment”. With a shadow of half heartedness and a Siddhi of devotion. I the. explained to her how I coped with cycling through the shadow and gifts by directing my obsessive tendency toward Internet spiritual YouTuber instead of rando’s that hit my co-dependency button. Teal’s YouTube channel is a safe way to get these frequencies sorted out.
  11. Thanks T. On it. Surfs up. Oh this is one of my favorite of your suggested exercises!!! I made a edm video remix of it! I’m so happy to be reminded of all of it.
  12. This is like getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar. P..p..p... ah... lan.. plan...
  13. alicejoanirene

    Inner Child Work

    Fantastic Teal, I see a really wonderful therapist (consistent place practicing a healthy relationship). Today she taught my inner children that “No” and “I’m not comfortable” are okay to say to “adults”. I have spent my life saving the inner children of adults and real children. Today I met with my inner children and are directing my competence, ability and skill to protect them from harm and enrich their play and foster their prosperity. -Alice
  14. alicejoanirene

    Skipping Rocks

    Gorgeous Teal. P.S. Unimpressed Pod Cast was my favorite so far. I know you can feel how the Teal energy is cracking into other sectors of reality. Episode evidenced that. Resources and power directing to Headway. You’re ready for the responsibility. That 175 is there to hold the perceptive range needed for justice reconstruction. Working on my end of the implicate into explicate, in my way to get your ass into phase 2 sooner rather then later so our meat bodies can enjoy the fruits of their labor before they expire. Energy efficient and effective resources to enrich your community right now. 1. Oxygen Advantage/Breathing cure for person behind camera (and whole community especially if their BOLT score is under 30) 2. GOATA/Weck Method For Winter’s inside ankle bone low gait. 3. SPEAR System for your executive protection detail and for volunteers at Teal events. I’ll see you on top of the mountain.

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