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  1. alicejoanirene

    Ear Candle

    Birthday cake Teal is yum. I did the same you did. Tried the ear candle and using my feelings and senses it felt warm and “good”. Burning it outside of the ear I noticed how it shot smoke down out of its ear hole side. The question of the residue of smoke and effects on the ear came into play. The dramatic debris is entertainment and discussion distraction from diving deeper into how it actually benefits some. For example the vestibular system that’s connected to the hearing is our first system that’s developed in utero and stimulating it in different ways
  2. alicejoanirene

    Sun Dog Prophecy

    999 Teal Eyes Reflected Sun Dog. Splendid omen of the beloved indeed. Spreading that wisdom requires the divine will resolve that a wise personal energy economy brings. Tasks I’m taking home here are checking fuel gauge and tank by the breath. Resting when tired moving when inspired into what’s desired. Fuck yea my desire is mastering resiliency! Bring it on Snow Queen. Grateful for your personally enjoyed regeneratively sourced past time of busting out weekly video insights and maintaining a form that is delectable. The information helps me expand and cryst
  3. alicejoanirene


    You’re asses want some tactical and practical mental/emotional/physical resiliency? Sunday Spear with Alice I spent 2020 redefining my resiliency training directly with Tony Blauer celebrated master of the only real world Personal Defense Readiness System. It’s a brain based training model that helps me claim my inner authority and cultivate courage to authentically respond to beloved Teals questions above and be a better follower of her teachings . I’m offering free Zoom classes every week during winter to help drive me to organize my coaching style. Join me or
  4. alicejoanirene

    Throw A Blanket

    Ah yes the ancient spiritual practice of Blanket Fort Mediation. You’re compassion for the dejected is admirable and precious dear beloved.
  5. alicejoanirene

    One Virtue

    Hitchhiker’s Guide is one of my favorites. Really just spells out the universe. The movie uses humor to help understanding “point of view gun” commissioned by “Consortium of Inter Galactic Angry House Wives”. During my morning ritual my eyes wander on 64 Gene Key glossary to contemplate. With feeling and saying the single selection into my water activating and embodying it into my DNA. Today’s was: Gene Key 4 Intolerance – Understanding – Forgiveness “If we have this Gene Key prominently in our profile, we’re going to stop needing to know, and finally und
  6. alicejoanirene

    The Tea Room

    Glad to have you breaking tradition now and again. “no longer craving the taste of straight lines” They do taste pretty bland, huh? Thank for reading your heart in words beloved Teal.
  7. Cool. Sounds like we are looking at the same thing and calling it by different names. I’ll take it as agreement energetically with an incompatibility in semantics.
  8. Thanks for your perspective, it brought some interesting reflections to the surface. Read on if you are up for a perspective challenge or stop here as I got a lot out of just typing this out for myself to read. I want help understanding how it works differently . If you are game - feel free to elaborate to clarify your feelings. Your example supports my thesis in this way: Tea in exchange for Family time is assigning value. (This activity is desirable to me, a measure on a scale of more and less desirable) Valuing morning tea and family time is part of the ego which is defi
  9. Was about to drop a “Thanks for normalizing this behavior on the internet Teal”
  10. Interesting usage of the transactional term “bids”. Implies emotional value system and economy. The stock exchange of a smile from a Teal vs. a smile from a Epstien. The skill of taking the offer and measuring the return on investment. To keep it light, staying present and receiving what is with as novel expansion, hold the shadow.
  11. It’s happening now and tomorrow as I become certified Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Trainer after training 8 hours a week for 6 months with the master and creator of the S.P.E.A.R System (Tony Blauer). This is one of a kind wholistic non-violence oriented self defense system that extensively involved the psychology, physics and physiology of violent encounters. His mission “Make the world Safer” curtails nicely into (one of) beloved Teal’s missions. “End zero sum games”. And I know Teal and Teal fans know violence happens deep with in our aura in our spiritual, emotio
  12. My mind box is Teal in color. I’m ecstatic with this choice de-vote-tion 🗳 . My attention is the most valuable thing in the universe. I set the exchange rate and my trading partners, my economy is robust and flourishing. “Possession in great measure”. Better it gets the better it gets.
  13. alicejoanirene


    Right on dude! High Five! We are in agreement. I got set on a path being A LOT more honest with myself reflecting on and contemplating Teal’s output. Her old nick name “spiritual catalyst” is on the money, though her scope does reach far beyond the industrialized spiritual world.
  14. alicejoanirene


    Yippie!!! Cheers! My deck really highlights underlines and punctuates how little I know . Curiosity is a basic survival skill in this reality! Mastering curiosity is thrive territory. So glad you got a deck. How are you getting on with your newest teachers?
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