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  1. Dear Teal, GUS And I are putting bets down to see how enabling we can be to your teachings in this lifespan, anything less of infinite expansion is.... well against the laws this particular reality. “They” have been rotten spoiled sports for at least as long as recorded history. We agree it’s high time for the divine feminine to be fully recognized and enlivened by her impactful efforts in the life time she does it in. Henceforth putting a huge cramp in zero sum game in significant ways. (GUS=god universe source) Dear Me, My fear is that I will suffer in the next 1 millisecond into future of not being able to KNOW every step and aspect of how to honorably serve my best interests in next 1 second, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 1 decade, 1 century. And be distracted out of the space time reality to the point I forget what my best interests are and suffering of self and others goes on unchecked and is more and more normalized. Dear Blake, Cicada timing! Did you remember any of the cicada language from your special trip? When he flew over and snapped some sounds In this video. I heard “hey dude you are on track! What will you choose to move your caboose with this realization? Will it move past that one dimensional movie character in the long haul— IMHO” It’s something that you have to change your current self in order to not be a self that changes for others. I pulled sigil #40 today, maybe you can have Teal paint it on your forehead. I find myself sometimes missing the reflective wisdom of my friends due to their proximity (like being right on top of the radar beacon) . Imagine me doing the wide eyed signaling motion from you to Teal here. Happy skill acquisitions through the treacherous shadow level. You are a valiant explorer, imagine turning that external skill internal, boom your frozen auroras and stranded in mud adventures will cost allot less and really do a doozy on your soul stuff. love, Alice
  2. alicejoanirene

    Taking For Granted

    Teal it’s good to hear you are building awareness of your rare position in life. I see that it will benefit the effectiveness of your teachings as well as your vision for the Headway Foundation. Blake, you took the words out of my mouth. Note: the following reasoning comes from my perspective bias so my level of conscious awareness might be a little shaky in this reply (just so happened my blind spot #49 of the day popped up as I started to type here and I’ve yet to contemplate its meaningful meaning) For a couple years I worked as a skills trainer for kiddos. I stood along side them in the real life in real time in the real environments they were suffering in. And in those moments my part was co-regulating with them holding space for their being, practicing coping skills and problem solving skills relevant to the stressor. Essentially unearthing the compassionate, calm, competent voice buried deep in their developmental traumas. In order to genuinely meet the expectations of the job (to end suffering in my clients) I collected an abundance of modalities and techniques across disciplines in physical and mental and social health. A intensely challenging and severely complex thing to do is recalling and choosing the appropriate concept and pragmatically applying it to specific life situations of the individual in the present moment. With kids in abusive homes and in abusive school systems with incompetent adults making incompetent choices, one can only imagine the pressure on the genius of It’s criminal and it’s also the “battle ground” demographic of the population where the transition of ending the zero sum dwells. Looking forward to this weeks video, I’m about to go take gardening and reading Completion Process in a safe back yard for granted.
  3. To respond to this question accurately. I’ll have to make sure our meanings for course correction are on the same page. Can you give me your definition and an example? -Alice
  4. My career metaphor. “The Crone’s Fork” I am hired to carry a trunk of eggs (odd job, but contributing to a group is my primary need) My boss and superior team members in front are blind folded. I follow their lead to to our destination (the town). The large group is at a fork in the road. The road in the left suffered suffered a landslide. I see them talking to a crone, and can’t hear what they say, they strike her down and choose to go left. I trust thier judgment and don’t believe it either. My heart is crushed walking passed the bleeding crone and I can’t make sense of the circumstance. Heart filling with guilt and disgust. I clearly see the dangers ahead and sprint and scramble to the front with the load on my back. Hastily building structures and making paths to prevent my groups from blindly moving forward into their physical demise. The perils of the doomed way left and my efforts go unseen, we take a rest on the side of the road. A few of the eggs in my back are broken during the ordeal. They take their blindfolds off just enough to see just the broken eggs. I am scolded by my boss and disregarded by my the group, demoted and disheartened and enraged. Their blind folds go back up. And on and the dumb cycle continues no town in sight. Eventually I drop the eggs leave the group and take the long journey back alone and unemployed retracing my steps to the crone’s fork in the road. I come across other groups along the way. I carry water, carry wine, carry grains, carry fruit on and on... different groups, different ways, different loads same blind folds, same incompetent strolls into the perils of ignorance. “Please come with me back to the crone’s fork”, she showed us a way to town. I plead to ears that can’t hear the pitch of my voice. Tears fill my eyes. The value market for a load carrying course corrector is slim.
  5. I wrote a rhyming poem from the quote to help the sentiment stick. Each death I grieve My corpses stacked high Crumbles, breaks, falls out of the sky Who I am rising from the lies This what is to be truly alive
  6. alicejoanirene


    After watching. Applicable relevant vital insight to break the inertia! I love Teal’s use cursing emphasize the point! The move from fed-up to momentum frequency is !
  7. alicejoanirene


    Reading the title before watching video what cane to mind was Blake — coffee and Slim Jim’s.
  8. alicejoanirene

    Waterfall Benefit

    This reminded me I live to Niagara Falls and moved me to take a drive and have a picnic with the negative ions! After the falls water:
  9. alicejoanirene


    Each fractured part of me is envious of something man, we got a list 5 miles long. An excerpt from my favorite emotions book “ Language is emotions” ”envy arises in response to the unfair distribution of resources or recognition... it contains a mixture of anger (including hatred so check your shadow!) and attempts to set or restore boundaries after they’ve intuitively assessed an authentic risk to your security or your position. Perspectives of objective reality and belief systems seem flipping balls important. I giving priority to getting this baby I check as it’s directing resources and recognition, security and position are important AF to me. Thank Teal, your cute in your oversized green envy polo.
  10. alicejoanirene


    This music video is doing my overwhelm some good. Time lapse of the end of the universe Song by Noah Cyrus Video by Joshua Boswell. Lyrics Verse 1] Everyone you love is gonna die But, darlin', so is everything, don't cry The stars will blink out one by one in time And everyone you love is gonna die Everything you fear is gonna end All your hate and hurt lost to the wind And it's hard, I know the universe could be each other's friend Everything you fear is gonna end [Chorus] And there might not be a sadder thing Than watchin' Saturn lose her rings And black holes slowly dancin' in the dark It's a song that they were born to sing About the end of everything Until it all goes up in one last spark [Verse 2] Everyone you love is gonna die But so is everything so wipe your eyes You know nothin' lasts forever, but Lord, I try Everyone you love is gonna die [Bridge] All the saints and sinners are the same We're blessed and we obliterate And that's how it was written from the start It's a song that we were born to sing About the end of everything Until it all goes up in one last spark [Outro] Everyone you love is gonna die So don't you let the moment pass you by And man, there really ain't no sadder thing There really ain't no sweeter thing
  11. alicejoanirene


    RESTLESSNESS of the solution oriented soul in an age of problem addiction. Overwhelmed by traversing my uncompromising judgment of myself and people perpetuating suffering in myself/themselves and suffering in others. Saying the opposite what they are doing. Not embodying mission statements.... inaccuracy.... AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Overwhelmed by the massive gravitational force of resolving problems and problems that cause and problems that cause problems that cause problems in my mental world. Tangled in the dynamic social systems theory and pattern recognition. Tortured by desire for pragmatic application. At times so distracted and confused by where I end and the you (world) begin that I leave my physical world behind and end up living what I despise. Overwhelmend at how slow the emotional and physical process of getting to individual/collective satisfying and harmonious zero sum free zones. Suffering and exceptions are bedfellows. The pressure crushes diamonds into coal. (Purposeful reversed the saying for dramatic poetry effect, understanding Newtonian physics can’t compute such a phenomenon) Wondering how team Teal navigated frequency’s of the day/week/collective conscious.
  12. Teal-oh-Teal! good lord god YES! THIS is my jam. THIS is my bag of chips. I am so on for this. Devotion swimming in lightness of presence. And joy-oh-joy! PLAYing in the exquisite rapturous NOW. Majesty is today.
  13. alicejoanirene

    Childhood Story

    Xena: Warrior Princess pretty much tethered me to a reality that wasn’t validated by main stream media or my abusive home environments. In a real world way I thought - wow this show proves that women can be the main character of an on screen production, do cool shit and not live life compromising authentic self for the incompetent violence of men, also not allow said violence happen to other women by looking the other way. Skilled, powerful, flipping ninja flips, leather, sharp things, going on adventures with trusty evolving and capable blond side kick. With assistance from variously talented friends from time to time. The alluring intimacy between two female leads. Partnership, interdependence, team work, overcoming adversity and so forth. Defeating bad guys, stopping the suffering of innocents in practical and direct ways. I was so excited for new episodes to come one every Saturday on broadcast TV. Its deep subconscious reason I have little conscious resistance to anything a Xena viby lady would put out there (good for obvious Teal teaching applications, not so good in some overlay situations of shady ladies of the past) Much like Xena, Gabriel and their crew I learned and adapt to beat the monsters, warlords and evil gods, some in the outside world, now mostly in the inside world! I found myself identifying and being different characters at different times. Ah the good old days.
  14. It was morally and ethically challenging being a “Skills Trainer” for children with mental health diagnosis’s. I was tasked to teach coping and problem solving skills by any means effective. My job was my coping skill. Saving lives at work, losing life outside of work. The environments and adults immaturity these kiddos inherited before they came out the womb put them at an extreme disadvantage. Coping to simply survive emotionally, with more problems that entire industrialized system of adults have extreme difficulty to resolve. The nuanced skill of when it’s appropriate and beneficial to cope? When appropriate and beneficial to resolve? Gosh what a mess. End job and fast forward to two years to now. I’m leveraging my coping skill with a little more awareness, nudging the scale more and more to benefits/resolution from detriments/coping. What (m)akes me feel better? Gathering billions of terabytes of info on self development, self mastery, integration, social reconstruction etc. Seeking other(s) who are intensely interested and capable in applying it in a individual to global way as a primary community building past time. And it sloppily manifests something like “authenticity provocation trolling” in comment sections online. What's the downside of those things?Bleeding out before I apply the techniques to achieve real life results. Overlaying potentials onto objective reality stunting authentic growth of relationships and connection with other humans and falling back into attachment patterns. To be honest. I’m using Teal as a “Guru” archetype to focus my insatiable need to be in love and devote myself to something/one. So far it’s been a reasonable choice due to the depth and breadth of content to consume, the pre-packages organization of it all and alignment of value systems. Though I have caught myself and recognized and I using Teal overlay reality as coping mechanism or am I applying her teaching to benefit my life on earth? Also sometimes my liberation trolling on the tribe has found me some internet friends I can practice improving my reflective skills with.... What’s my Pain? Tying my self confidence to high expectations of relationship and high need to be validated for specific qualities revolving around intellect, strength and evolution and yet when I have opportunity to receive it there is shadow wiring that physically rejects, denies, minimizes the sentiments of compliment. My divine feminine is needing some TLC . Giving mixed messages. It’s been a wiggly bitch man! I had a therpist years ago who put it perfectly in arm gestures. She put one palm up like a stop sign and the other hand up like a “come here” pointer finger curl gesture. Two opposite signals one body.
  15. alicejoanirene

    The Most Difficult

    Most difficult thing for me is how boring, dangerous and uninteresting dishonored fear makes people. Explained: Seeing the Dystopia Snow Ball Pattern. This is the frequency disconnection chaos I see in standard American Kindergarten class room except scaled up massively. Steps to Dystopia: Step 1. Increase manipulation, corruption and gate keeping of empowering information access. Example: putting restrictions and blocks on stuff like Teal Content. Step 2. Collective and individuation Trauma farther reducing the individuals ability to build life skills and problem solve. Example: Lagging frustration tolerance and executive functioning in an individual with access to Teal content has difficult learning/ applying/ understanding it pragmatically. Step 3. Increased amounts of adult population without mature integrated mind, body, emotions and spirit limit perceptions of shared reality into fewer potentials. Example a.) Blakes fear - coupling relationships (the first most intimate social group) will suffer resonating in turn resonating to the global social group. I relate with his optimism because imagining personally being in a loving relationship I can trace and travel the frequency movement from the first social group (couple) to last social group (collective) Example b.) Teals fear- at great cost dystopian oriented focus exalts zero sum games thru sensationalized main stream media and social structures. People can’t watch Trump without getting triggered, people can’t talk about vaccines without getting triggered. “And consciousness” takes a heavy damages. And Teal ends up swimming in contaminated nasty swampy smelly collective consciousness waters.
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