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  1. jam


    Authentic freedom…
  2. jam


    I knew this was coming love the energetic delivery
  3. jam

    Skipping Rocks

    OMG! That area is beautiful...I have to go back to Utah soon...I felt that in my heart chakra
  4. jam

    What's Your Collection?

    Miniature versions of tools, toys, mugs, etc. anything that actually functions and is of the same material as the life size version. Also, journals, crystals and stones, slag glass, poetry and quotes.
  5. jam

    Volunteering Mission

    I wouldn’t have chosen this way of saying it but its how it was presented...I was told, after an energy session I had, “some people were just meant to go into the ghetto” and I’ve thought about coaching kids/young adults many times so I love Teal’s choice. Also love building things and working with wood so charities like Habitat for Humanity would also be of interest.
  6. jam

    Transcendental Escapism

    Much needed clarification and validation...thank you
  7. jam

    Morning & Night Routine

    Morning - awake between 3-5 every morning, tea(Yerba Mate), meditate, channel or journal/dream journal, brush teeth, rinse face w/cool water & lightly tap all over with fingertips, feed my dog, inversion table, morning walk, short weight lift routine, Yoga stretches, protein shake (hemp, chia, flax, cinnamon, turmeric, banana, strawberries, blueberries & oat or coconut milk), supplements (spirulina, chlorella, aminos, vitamin D3, B-complex), shower (cool water) Night - feed my dog, shower & salt cleanse (light scrub after soap rinse), relax & reflect on the day w/detox tea, mugwort, brush teeth, apply rose hip oil to face, spray feet with magnesium oil, lip balm, lay in bed until I fall asleep.
  8. jam

    Feeling Supported

    That’s a complex question for me...it depends on what the support is needed for as to what kind works best for me. But if I have to sum it up so that all parts win, I would have to go with having the willingness to acknowledge and be present with me.
  9. jam

    Hunger Of The Pine

    Genius! Love the idea in how the people she meets will reflect society. You’re pretty swell
  10. Very helpful reflection of my own feminine/masculine and where attention is needed.
  11. jam

    Sweet Grass

    Lol...I was in bed this morning burning mugwort and raise your vibration is already the screen saver in my phone.
  12. No worries at all! You are very welcome and thank you as well. It does feel good and it is rare yet I am learning that the more I choose to truly see myself, the more I line up with people who truly see me. Some may never see me but at the end of the day, whomever is seeing who, its all a matter of self perspective...If I see my polarities, they will both manifest, then I can choose...If I don’t, they will still both manifest but I may not feel I have a choice. Gandalf and Frodo but I can relate to many characters in the trilogy.

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