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    Wow, it really brings things into perspective. Simultaneously the enormity of life and our existence on this planet but also the atomity. All wrapped up on one and all interconnected. It's a beautiful reminder of how much we really do all have in common and how things could be if we, as a collective consciousness could all come together in unison, what we could accomplish!
  2. Wow, very thought provoking and soooo true! A wonderful boss I once had said that when he was a little boy his mom gave him advice he'd take with him for life. That was that to worry about something before it happens means you will have worried about it twice. It's in the same vein as what you're saying here. What good does worrying about something happening do a person even if that thing happens?!
  3. I loved this post! It is so current to something I'm going through and gives me new and fresh perspective on it. I have gone from feeling very heavy, insecure and ashamed to feeling empowered, loving and compassionate. I'm proud of expressing my love and no longer regretting it. Thank you for posting!
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