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  1. Happy birthday Winter.y son has the same birthdate. So he s triple water sign too? Or does it depend on birth place? Also does he have crystal aura too ?how can i know?

  2. Overwhelmed by uncertainty about where i am now..feels like i healed parts of me but feels also i have much more work to do on myself..being a mother that doesn t know yet how to discipline her kids without hurting them..being not very disciplined myself..

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  3. 5 hours ago, Garnet said:

    I usually ask mine if he has a better plan.

    None? This is why we stick back to the old one... 


    his better plan is playing at home..maybe read some letters and draw..:)

  4. 12 minutes ago, vatya said:

    If I understand you correctly, the false altruism is a self serving motive under the pretense of being for others.

    yes..i mean do we have to not use false altruism as a self serving motive..for ex i have to convince my kid to go to school everyday..i hate doing that  but i have to..so i tell myself that it s for his good bc after all he would need to read and write..

  5. i feel like there could be a nuance between false altruism and the self serving motivation tip that Teal made lately...in other words when it is false altruism and when it s the self serving motivation?


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