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  1. Fati


    forgive myself and let go
  2. Fati


    my kids, my cat, my skin care time, my soon to be house
  3. Fati


    to get attention and appreciation why hidden..i learned it s selfish
  4. Fati


    clarity, confidence
  5. Fati


    i appreciate my faith, my innocence, my empathy n compassion, my smart brain
  6. Fati


    be compassionate and present when i experience negative feelings
  7. Fati


    silence, dissociation
  8. Fati

    One Virtue

    patience..i think to understand people you need first to be patient with them to not fall in reactivity
  9. Fati


    I had to unlearn that i disapproval means death..that i can never have me and you the same time..
  10. Fati

    Teal's Son

    Happy birthday Winter.y son has the same birthdate. So he s triple water sign too? Or does it depend on birth place? Also does he have crystal aura too ?how can i know?
  11. Fati

    Taking For Granted

    I take for granted that i am provided for..my pretty good health..the natural lanscape view from window..the variety of fruits i have access to..
  12. I have diamonds..yet everyone says these are mere rocks..and as they didn t value them for a very long time i believed they re really just rocks.
  13. Fati


    Overwhelmed by uncertainty about where i am now..feels like i healed parts of me but feels also i have much more work to do on myself..being a mother that doesn t know yet how to discipline her kids without hurting them..being not very disciplined myself..

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