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  1. WOW! this was so interesting to read! Yes Teal us earthling physicals have so much curiosity around all things esoteric! So reading this felt like watching an ep of the midwife for you
  2. Valentina8

    Sacral Chakra Minerals

    Please share your media perspective!!
  3. Valentina8

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Yeeessss!! I find this very difficult to remember to do especially when i'm in a cooking rush. Hopefully you give us a breakdown of your routine in your future cookbook. Love seeing Teal be Teal going about her day. Thanks for the importance of this reminder
  4. Valentina8

    Obsessed With Cooking

    YAAAAASSSS!!! Can hardly wait! I've just recently got into cooking, sometimes its daunting, you get the hang on one dish and then you're like now what?? .. cant eat the same dish forever, the recipe market online is so saturated, i get so overwhelmed when i need to choose something else, there's no surefire way of knowing what you choose will be good, but if Teal with her extrasensory tastebuds has been through all the trial and error I'm super stoked to follow her recipes and interested in tasting what she deems delicious ? bring on the cook book
  5. Valentina8


    Yes Please make one
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