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  1. Ana Matos

    London 2014 - 2/2

    I am so glad that I found this workshop. I can resonate with the third girl so much and also with the guy with the yellow cap. I am trying to find my desires at the moment and I could not understand why I feel so lost if I was so supported my whole life. When Teal said that the most subconscious way of not being supported is the most painfu one because you can't get angry at it I felt such a relief! I finally know I'm not crazy ...
  2. Ana Matos

    Prague Workshop 2016 - 3/3

    I need that too ...
  3. Ana Matos

    San Francisco 2015

    Why is the sound so bad, I really want to hear what they're saying ? Ohh just my headphones ?
  4. Oh gosh! That second conversation ... I can't describe it differently than just actively cringing with my whole body while I'm watching it. I am literally shaking my whole body just wants to get it out like I'm in a very disgusting liquid or covered with bugs or something. I've never trully trusted myself like this before in relation to my dad being a gaslighter. In general I have trouble trusting in anything that I do and I've been seeing myself as disgusting and never knowing why I felt this way. Because everyone else always says, your dad is so loving to you and such a good dad and a good listener for a man. Reality is he's never ever in m life looked at me and saw something nice. Never ever! Oh gosh that's so disgusting.
  5. Teal, come to Slovenia at some point, please
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