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    Makes me feel apprehensive listening to you speak about it but it sounds like one I'd like to try,i always get nervous before plant medicines,sounds like one would need a lot of tobacco to stay present with that one,i mastered the not purging the last few time i took Auyascha but i need to smoke lots of tobacco to stay grounded,i think if a person has good mind and body control they can handle any trip,I'd like to go without tobacco the next time i take something just to see how present i can realy be,that plant sounds pretty far out.
  2. VeronicaAdonai

    False Humility

    Lol,maybe i should choose my words a little more wisely❤ My F..king days are behind me?
  3. VeronicaAdonai

    False Humility

    Best Mother Fucking video ever,true humility is expressing your raw and authentic self,inspite how ugly the emotion i love when my authenic anger comes out or rage if needed it when i feel most alive and free of human restraint shaming and conditioing,i won't fuck with others if they don't fuck with me,i might fuck with someone if i think it will benifit them in someway but i wouldn't fuck with someone for no reason,but its good to pull the rug from under people and have it pulled from under ourselves if it keeps us fresh and vibrant as a species,were all going to die,might as well die trying to be vibriant.
  4. Some times i wear Knickers but don't tell anyone?
  5. VeronicaAdonai

    Sacred Snow

    My inner perspective changes from flight to flight,one thing about an airplne it is like a sweat lodge in the sky,everyone has a little thing with flying it brings up emotion for everyone whether its excitment or fear or surrender or control and if your sensitive to others then you will naturally feel into others on the plane it,i don't give it to much thought anymore i must be turning into an old man that isn't concerned about my mortality,were imortal on the higher planes so once we know that its half the battle,theres supposed to be some beatiful views from the plane on the approach to the Islands,Safe Journey
  6. Totally Awesome,i was only thinking earlier i wish you would do a video on Wemon and on how they portray there sexuality to the world and other thing i was thinking is how Wemon should stop using manipulation as a tool to get attention from Men and if a Woman realy needs attention in some area just say can i have your attention in this area for however long its needed if for some reason the Man overlooks something or can't feel into something and Vice Versa if the Man needs help in some area he should be able to speak up and say hey can i talk about this for a minute also,it going to be a pretty sad existence if we can't convey to each other as humams what kind of help we need to progrees forward.
  7. VeronicaAdonai

    Hot Seat

    Im pretty sure when your Son grows up to be a wise man he'll look back and think i had a super hero as as a Mom,not many people get to say that.
  8. VeronicaAdonai

    Hot Seat

    ? i want to be Santa for a day,preferably the 25th if he wants a day off,i could ride reindeer through the air if i tried hard enough,all i have to do is close my eyes see it in my mind and its a done deal.
  9. Lucky child to have such a smart Mother to teach him probably the most valuable lesson all humams need to learn to get to the Full ascension process and im only assuming the younger one learns that valuable lesson the more pain that is avoided in the long run the key to complete freedom and responsibility for any male and total alignment with source is to learn to stand apart from the crowd and to be soverign in oneself then one can have the greatest impact on a group or collective/good to recieve that kind of teaching early from the Mother i can only assume,its taken me 38 years to figure out that im not responsible for others and its the most liberating thing I've every figured out im only responsible for my actions and other people are no reflection of who i am no matter how close they have been to me or even if they are my blood family unless i chose to agree with what they line up with when one lives in that kind of truth one is living in alignment with source.
  10. Legends of the Fall,good taste in movies.
  11. VeronicaAdonai

    Ted Bundy

    One lesson I've learned in life to date is examine the fuck out of people and i notice we are all dependent on some bullshit belief handed down to us i went to a Catholic School where i was beaten as a young fella,thank God i wasn't sexually abused becuse if i was they could possibly be making a film about me and the killing of a few Catholic priests and there was a time in the past i wanted to take revenge on one particular priest for beatings but he was to old to fuck up at that stage,but the point im trying to make is as a collective we are all giving or power to some external force as a result of our conditioning and to reverse this way of being you have to be a ruthless fucker,my mother was a Catholic and in my eyes she is a supporter of a paedophilic agenda and for that reason we don't speak i don't give much of my time to people with third party agendas,i would urge people not to watch the Ted Bundy movie and further promote his shitty name what happened to old fashioned guys would just fuck you up if you steped out of line why do we glorify pieces of shit by keeping there names alive and what kind of Cuck wakes up in the morning and thinks well today im going to produce a film about a serial killer,if you want to have a look inside the mind of what its like to kill go join the fucking army,i run my own business and i used to be that charming fucker you speak about but not so much anymore now i just be me,my energy is not for sale its mine and the only agenda that it is going towards is my agenda and i try and keep my employees on that agenda,good service and good product but we don't sell ourselves we ain't hookers thats the mentality i try and get across to people around me don't be anybodys fool and don't be weak,i think Bundy was disgruntled probably couldn't stand his job knew he was on a hiding to no where and decided to sell himself short,theres lots of people that have been in the same position as him and they didn't do what he did,he was a fucking pussy that took the easy way out and the best thing people could do around people like that is pretend they never existed and don't produce anything to make there name live on. If people take there heads out of there asses and stop supporting hand down agenda coated with deception and fear we'd have a better world,i walked into a store today to buy some tiles,didn't like the dude behind the counters agenda so i quickly took my business elsewhere where there was a better agenda its easy realy we just got to wake the fuck up,and that shit hurts but its better than being murdered by a cuck or a shitty Goverment.
  12. VeronicaAdonai

    Ted Bundy

    I remember seeing the Ted bundy movie the old version about 20 years ago and the bit i remember most is the bit where he recieved fan mail in the end from a lot of Wemon,what puzzles me is why people would even want to watch this movie or to get straight to the point why do people even want to produce such a movie and what and who are the producers???!!! Its not that hard to to know why he did it,he did it for kicks and he thought he would get away with it,the bit im stuck on is why are people glorifying it and promoting it,we all have a good and evil side but we all don't end as mass murders,he was just a rat behind it all,he couldn't discipline himself,i would ask myself for what good reason would i want to watch this movie? By watching something like that you are only supporting and giving rise to that kind of agenda,why not watch a movie on someone who lived a life of purpose and meaning???
  13. VeronicaAdonai


    A lot of the Jews are fucking lazy ignorant scam artists,funded by the Rockerfeller and Rotzchilds as a means to create publicity and War and that sense of right versus wrong that you speak about technically the Jews were there long before the Palestines so it is there land but in my humble opinion at this stage i think war is actually good for the world there is too maný of us on the planet and a lot of not so intelligent people,the 2nd coming that the Jews believe in is the coming of the leader of the new world order,its interesting that that particular country was actually the country that gave rise to the counciousness of Christ/coincidence or not!That whole story is a mine field still waiting to go off,the whole Israel thing just comes down to money and war at the end of the day,the conciuosness of Christ is every where in every one waiting to be tapped into it is a planetary thing for everyone to work toward,i was in Israel once its got some nice cities,ie Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but it is just an area used on it History to create more war and more money,if the Palestinians were gone tommorow it wouldn't be long before the Jew would have a problem with someone else to create more publicity to create more war the place is a was machine,Fuck all to do with Christ and im qualified to speak about this shit I've been to a lot of Holy places,i wish i was Holy?
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