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  1. apfelsine


    the conflict that those I love feel like turning away because they have completely different views of the world then I and it feels like a complete incompatability. I then feel so disconnected. I know on the other side we are not. I can feel that too. But it is like that part of me that feels disconnected has no knowlege about it.
  2. Today I felt really giddy to act and encourage people to some things. Maybe I will think rather not to do this.... I am really concerned to cause harm in some way.
  3. apfelsine


    to fulfill what I came here for and be happy, enjoy life. And as profane it may seem : more room to live and a bigger car
  4. I am having this question with what I saw as an incompatability and this morning turned out to be about giving each one the space to be who they are and what they need at the specific moment and that it does not always create a feeling of consistency. When I think that a partner should be there and they decide (following their gut ) not to be there it creates a sense of not being reliable while I completely agree they should be true to themselves, I still feel like that and knowing that this will repeat one day or another, I ask myself about the consequences and if it is even possible that this does not turn up with really anybody. So if the universe is sharpening the senses in this case it is about the question "can I have me and a partner without those inconsistencies or are they just matter of any relationship we will ever have."
  5. apfelsine


    Trying to get milk from an empty bottle
  6. apfelsine


    Finish writing my book
  7. apfelsine


    creating art, make music support help groups for mental health, give people access to courses they would love to go. Invite homeless to eat. do things that would make me and people around me happy. Buy a big house where people can meet, make workshops together, meditate, create craftmanship, art and music together without fees, live together, share resources.
  8. At 1:44:00 Teal talks about how to recognize your boundaries. I have issues when I am in a room with people recognizing my own preferences and I am so sad, that at this particular minute there is a soundfailure. I do not hear what Teal says how to learn to distinguish. I feel like she is saying that I should ask myself if for example we choose our dinner, what would I like ... ? Its that thing I have noticed, that "what I would like" most of the times correlates with what the other person would pick. It seems never to be about what would be healthy or good for my body.... or so. I really would appreciate help on this question.
  9. apfelsine

    Brain Healing Day

    I just realized that this food I refer to, are the seeds that teal mentions in facebook video, not in here, I thought I try to put the question here, maybe someone can tell me what seeds she was talking of at 29th minute in this : https://web.facebook.com/tealswanofficial/videos/388766745089009/
  10. apfelsine

    Brain Healing Day

    where is the forum ? Are you refering to these comments? There was a forum and the link is gone...
  11. I so love Star Trek. Gene Roddenberry once said that he wanted to create something that people had like a role model for their society - I liked that. It inspired me in so many ways. I also loved Star Wars. When I was 3 or 4 years old I used to watch it over and over. It felt like it had some old truth in it. the old films, when they made the first new film I hated it. Because it felt like they had never watched the original movies and never even intended to make a connection. To me it was all too much set up for children. They had to do some very much transforming in the 3rd film that eventually made a crossover to the old movies.
  12. apfelsine

    Brain Healing Day

    can anyone please write the list of food she mentions I have a hard time finding it because I do not know how it is written in order to translate it.
  13. Before they made the page new, there was a link somewhere but it is gone or I can not find it, it was a bit hidden, try this https://web.facebook.com/tealswanchannel/ EDIT: Found it: https://tealswan.com/forms/6-request-ask-teal-episodes/
  14. apfelsine


    click on the bell and select settings in the window that opens (at the top right) if you mean this thread, unselect notification at the bottom of the writing window

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