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  1. Elie

    Synchronicity is Coming

    I genuinely needed this... thank you Teal! I felt like I might have taken a wrong turn recently but ironically I've seen a lot of angel numbers so I was confused but I guess I'll trust universe and myself and do what I can do. Thank you!
  2. Elie

    London 2014 - 2/2

    2:33:19-2:33:23 I can't hear what teal is saying Could anybody tell me what she's saying about eyesight please?
  3. Elie


    Thank you!! I've read half of your forecast and I'm excited for 2021. Because I kinda feel relief to know that the world is demanding change which I've always wanted. I feel like I'm with this world. Have a nice day
  4. Elie

    Two Dominant Shadows

    I'm so excited for today's update!! I'll watch for the signs. And I'm dying to read your forecast for 2021 too! Thank you so much Teal
  5. Elie

    Never Get It Done

    Yeah. Maybe it's similar to learning a foreign laungage. Even the native speakers don't know every words of their mother tongue and on top of that, every day every new words are born. So the beginners feeling pressure or depressed because they want to know EVERY words but feel like can't... it looks quite odd to the native speakers. haha Thank you Teal!
  6. Elie


    I love this kind of daily update so much!! I'll definitely try it right away.
  7. Elie

    Expanding Your Family Line

    Wow. Amazing. Thanks for the information!
  8. Elie

    Feeling Supported

    People's validation! Their validation makes me feel like I'm doing well, that I'm on the right path. It sounds a bit codependent but it's true that it makes me feel like I'm supported by universe!
  9. Elie

    Expanding Your Family Line

    Wow. Like, how do you know what your ancestors have been through or what their social statuses were hundreds years ago...?
  10. Elie

    June 16th

    Happy Birthday!! ♡
  11. Elie

    What Gets You In Trouble?

    I'm glad to see someone who feels the same way too!
  12. Elie

    What Gets You In Trouble?

    Oh my god.... Reading this, I felt like you are the other me.... Until I found Teal, I had thought that even thinking that way was a shameful thing so I'd always tried not to think that way.
  13. Elie

    What Gets You In Trouble?

    I am kind of a person who tries to save everyone in everywhere. And that got me into a lot of trouble with myself. Because I just wanted to fix people instead of really healing people. And I didn't know the difference between fixing and genuine healing. So everytime I tried to fix someone, it always backfired and I was hurt. And another personality trait that made things difficult for me was my obsession with details. I always cared so much about small things which most of the people don't even recognize. And I was super confused because I couldn't decide to what degree I should care.

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