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  1. Uuree

    Energy Technology

    What about pandora star Teal do u guys still use it?
  2. While reading I forgot to breath. My birth experience wasnt by fae as bad as yours, but it was still very traumatizing. I am feeling soo angry at the cruel nurse and doctors who scared you during your pregnancy. I am so so sorry that you went through this shit. Soo sorry and angry that we women are being denied natural birth experience. I love you.
  3. Uuree

    Gucci Guru

    Cool that you feel this way about it Teal. Very bad journalism I thought while reading the article. She didnt know your content at all, it was just really too bad to even feel angry or write a comment. I felt bad for the writer that she is losing a huge chance to get to know herself by truly getting know your intention, instead she just copied what your haters say. Had an epiphany after reading it. My coping mechanism is hiding. Because I am afraid of being attacked or misjudged by people, I just want to be loved by everyone. I thought then if someone soo amazing and intelligent (and loved by lots of people) is being attacked, its not possible to be safe from attacks at all when you put yourself out there and maybe its part of human life to disagree with each other and being disliked by few sometimes because of "their"projection or my fears and I felt being attacked was maybe not that a bad thing if the most lovable and admirable person also gets attacked. Dont get me wrong, I dont want you attacked, I get angry and protective against your haters when I see their effort to bring you down. It just didnt feel bad yesterday, I just thought as mentioned that it was a very biased and terrible journalism.
  4. Uuree


    enjoyed reading it. Thank you Teal
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